Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 24, 2008

New DBSK Yamaha pictures

Pictures: Baidu DBSK Bar

They probably took these pictures at the start of the year (when they took the other ones), but the uploader on Baidu said that they’re new, and I’ve never seen them, therefore, they’re new :P

Hang on, on the profile type pictures, it says ‘”1-10″ June 2008’…does that mean that the boys will be in Thailand during that time??

Lol, I love how under each of their names, it says “vocal” XD Normally, they’d have “lead vocalist”, “backup vocalist” etc, but since the DBSK boys are all equally awesome, they had to just put “vocal” under everyone’s names XDD

These pictures would make really good wallies ^^

I miss Micky’s normal hair :'((((((


  1. Y’know… maybe the Japanese/Korean people just have different tastes… but didn’t they realize that Micky’s fanbase shot up like +1million-bajillion when he got that short hair (like the cover of AADBSK2, HOMG. *drools* that’s jus smexy)?! keep it that way, PLEASE. Unless Micky likes his long hair (ew), then please introduce him to me and I will teach him the ways of short hair. and how it makes him look 100million times more sexy and mature and hot.

  2. 1- 10 june is the time that will be a DBSK & YAMAHA event in thailand. it’s like an exhibition about DBSK (they said that it’s the first time in the world and it’s gonna be huge.) this event is gonna held in the Big Department store which will turn to DBSK land cos the will be DBSK zone on many floor

    they have 7 zones such as TVXQ! Empire – showing DBSK’s exclusive picture and photo book, TVXQ! Auction – DBSK’s personal items for an auction, TVXQ! Of Fame – Displaying all the single release etc.(all the works) of DBSK, TVXQ! Theater – showing exclusive DBSK’s movie 3 times a day (TVXQ! Episode I : The Difference Beyond The Scene – Behind the scene of Yamaha CF.- never shown before, TVXQ! Episode II : Interview Of The Gods – summing an interview, TVXQ! Episode III : The Raising Of Performance – collecting lots of Live Performance) and they also have all the prop. and items that use in the CF display there.and have a TVXQ! Cover Dance contest.

    and DBSK will be there on 8 june and has some sort of fan meeting there.

    hope this will clear things up for u.

    ps. u have to try to understand my english – i’ve try my best .

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