Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 24, 2008

Pictures from SHINee’s official gallery

Pictures: SHINee’s Baidu Bar

THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME ;____________________; But that’s okay, NOONA STILL WUVS YOU <3333~~~~ (puts on best pedo face XDDDDD)

I thought I could distinguish Key and Taemin, from the rest, but now I can’t tell the difference between Key and Jonghyun, and Taemin and Minho look the same XDD (I have no idea what Onew looks like, he just HAD to wear sunglasses in that profile picture =.=)

But I dibs the one with the lime headphones around his neck. He looks friendly :P But green shirt boy is still my favourite, just because I love all his emo expressions XD

I stand by what I said about bowl cuts being the root of all evil; that hairstyle isn’t flattering on ANYONE. Except maybe the Beatles, cos that’s their trademark.

Edit: Okay, according to Candychu, in the picture with all of them standing up, the order goes like this: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Key. They should just wear name tags =.=. But it’s ok, I managed to learn all of Suju’s names, so nothing is impossible XDDD


    Because maths sucks, that’s why T_T

    Hehe the one with the headphones is Key … or is it Onew? LOL No wonder they stand on opposite ends XDDD
    Okay, it’s Key. Look at his eyebrows xPPP

    And okay, why does Minho look different EVERYTIME I see him!?!?!?!?

    I think Onew is the pic next to the individual one of Jonghyun in the green shirt. He’s really smiley :) *squish*

    Actually, Taemin’s hair looks alright when he’s in the grey shirt.

    But Jonghyun is still my fav <3333

    *frantically saves pictures*

    Ooh and in the group pic I think they’re standing L to R: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho (OMGosh so tall), Key.
    Then in the one where some are sitting L to R: Onew, Taemin, Minho, Jonghyun, Key

    Grrr, if only I could learn my products to sums of sine and cosine functions this well too.

    Ok, I won’t edit this comment anymore xD

  2. HOW can you tell them apart????

    That must be your super power :P

    Jonghyun is still MY favourite, tooooooooooo (mainly because Key look really gay in some pictures XDDDDDDD I DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT)


    I think i’ve forgotten all my highschool maths. Hmm, what’s that line called again? The “A______” line????? I remember that it was the line that you can’t cross. I think I did it in Trig…hm….

  3. Lol that’s a wonderful super power XDD

    AHAHAA but HE DOES and I didn’t just say that either especially in the first promo pic. SOMETHING WAS UP WITH THAT !!! But he does look really cute in these pictures ^^

    LOL it’s called the asymptote. the graph approaches it but never touches haha. at least u rmbr that xD

    Gah, ok I’d better go before the BB starts eating tissues

    *whizzes away*

  4. Ah! Hi ^^;;;;;; I’ve been stalking reading your wordpress for a while.. it’s always so exciting to read your new updates 8DDDD;;

    but but but but but I think TaeMin and MinHo are still cute, even with the bowl cut DD:!

    Aiya~ You need to look at more pictures and study them, girl! XPP I so wasted my time yesterday studying them lol The one with the lime headphones is Key *nods* I can’t believe he has the SAME name as SJ!KiBum o__o;;

    I agree with candychu up there about MinHo… He looks like a different person everytime D:!

  5. LOLOL PINKANDSPARKLee!?!? I LIKE!! I very very like, that sounds awesome.ROFL…anyways dont worry, your not the only confused soul out there cuz i cant tell them apart either =.= (so lets all bow down to candychu for being able to tell them apart). Actually i dont even know all their names. Yes, i know, i fail big time..

    BUT i could tell Jonghyun apart from the others cuz his my favourite too! And i’ve been staring at a picture of him for like an hour trying to figure out who he reminds me of.I cant seem to put my finger on it, but he seriously reminds me of someone o_o but yea i havent figured out who yet. However, i did manage to practically memorise his face XD haha…

    Although his younger than me, he looks older than his age so im just going to conveniently forget that his younger than me and pretend his at least my age or a bit older so i cant still check him out ^^ smart yea?! lol

  6. CANDee:
    Lol, I reckon it was the shirt..and the pose…and the hair.. XDDDDD

    Aaahhh, the asymptote! I knew it was something like that XD Lol, when my class was learning it, my friends and I kept going up to people and saying “Omg! You’re crossing the sacred asymptote!” XD WE WERE SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

    Tissues…..? I knew someone who loved eating paper :SSS

    Hii, thanks for commenting~!!

    Lol, okay, I’m gonna go download an HQ version of their MV and STUDY XDDD Lol, I feel like SUCH a pedo whenever I fangirl them xD WHY MUST THEY BE SO YOUNG :'(((((((

    Key has the same name as Kibum?? No wonder SM gave him a new stage name. But Key is a bit of an odd name XDDD

    I can’t agree with you guys about Minho, cos…..I don’t know which one he is XDDD

    Everyone should SHINee-ise their name :P

    I know their names :DDD Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key, Taemin ^____________^ I AM COOL. It’s cos their names are so different (and special XD)

    I think Taemin and Jonghyun are currently the most popular members…I can understand why Jonghyun is, but I can’t fangirl Taemin, I really can’t. HE’S YOUNGER THAN MY LITTLE COUSIN >_______________<

    They ALL look older than their age. Especially Taemin. There’s also a 14 year old in FTI (can’t remember his name XD) and he looks so much younger compared to Taemin! Sigh….SM and their packaging skills……

    Though I still think that they should be in schooooooooool. I had to suffer through all those years of highschool, so it’s really only fair that they get that same experience :P

  7. xD I think the one with the lime green headphones is Key. I /think/ (note think) I can tell them apart. =] If I can, then Candychu’s right. XD I was using her method for telling them apart on the MV anyway. >.>

    Green shirt boy’s Jonghyun. =] So, I guess your favorite hasn’t changed. I still think Jonghyun’s the hottest. =] But Onew’s looks still appeal to me the most (okay, yeah, that makes no sense. >.>)

    =D I’m still hyper over having someone to fangirl over that isn’t 9 years older than me (*coughcoughTEUKIEcough*).

  8. lol… i still uneasy…
    and i’m meant to be doing my homework…
    but…i’m feel really weird about SHINee… i keep thinking that they are all 14 / 15…

    and 5 of the 6 recent posts were about SHINee…

    everybody seems to be focussing on SHINee.

  9. Voicelessdoll:
    Lol, I NEED to watch that MV again ^^””

    Hahahaha, awww, poor Teuk XDDD But he doesn’t look his age! SM should’ve just given him a fake age, cos he would totally be able to pull it off :P

    Onew’s turning 19 this year :D He’s only a few months younger than me, MWAHAHHAHA

    Lol, we’re not purposely avoiding DBSK/SJ for SHINee. It’s just that DBSK have disappeared off the face of the earth, and SJ are…somewhere XDD But we’ll definitely write posts on them as soon as we see some new stuff~! ^^

  10. lol… yeah…
    but everytime i think of SHINee, i think of the word ‘young’. lol, i can’t be helped…my mind must work weirdly…

    lol, i have a new name now? LIBee… ^^”
    libby isn’t the name i use at school though…
    LIBee seems ok though…
    a new trend inspired by SHINee? *and created by PINKANDSPARKLee?*

  11. Oh my gosh, so true. When I first found out their ages, I was in total denial. “What? He’s not the oldest. Nope, wikipedia, you are WRONG. He’s just not. It’s not possible.” Except it was. xD

    Okay, I’m officially fangirling Jonghyun/Onew. Because, Jonghyun’s rebel look is QUITE attractive, and Onew has SUCH A PRETTY SMILE.

    Thank, you, Let’s All Eat Candy. >.> The count of boys I stalk has just moved up to 28. T_T (well, if you count all the members…which I usually do).

    So much for focusing on school now that science fair’s over. xD

  12. i love them already..still a bit confused between taemin and minho..but getting to you to recognize ALL 13 or 15? of this must be easy..haha!

    thanks for the Jonghyun!!haha

  13. Libeee:
    Lol, I’m having fun adding “ee” to everyone’s names XD

    Wee, I started a new trend ^_________________^

    *floats away on a cloud*

    Science fair? I remember when I used to do them, though mine were all really weird XD I remember doing an investigation to see which chocolate bar had the most sugar XD another one about how watering plants with water mixed with dishwashing liquid is bad, and another one comparing the absorbency of different paper towels XDDDDDD Bear in mind that I did all these before year 8, which is why they all sound kinda brainless :P

    28??? 13+5+2+5= 25…… who are the other three?

    I stalk DBSK(5) + SJ (15) + KT (6) + Yamapi (1) + SHINee (5) = 31 XDDD I AM SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME :PPPPP

    They need to all dye their hair a different colour, then I’d be able to tell them apart :P

    Hmm, Jonghyun seems to be the most popular member (at least among the readers here) I wish he was older than me :(((

  14. I still get confused between Minho and erm… I forgot who’s the other one.. Onew? Lol. They need more exposure!!! :D


    I think Jonghyun’s voice is the greatest draw, imo. :)

  15. I couldn’t help but add the ee to my nickname.
    I’ve listen to replay about..34095340985 times.


    They are all so cute..and again..only too are younger than me..

    I like the one with the glasses..still they all confuse me..the only name i can remember is Key..


  16. i heard something went down? key was insulting a sunbae of his? whats all this about, do you know?

    didn’t read the other comments yet so sorry if its up there.

  17. xD Science fair = my life. I must be the nerdiest person in my school. T_T Except the chess club guys. Can’t forget about them. xDDDD

    The count is Suju (13) + DBSK (5) +SS501 (5) + SHINee (5) = 28. Again, we’re assuming that if I stalk anyone in SHINee, I end up stalking all. xD

    Alternatively we could actually make that last 5 more like this: Onew, Jonghyun, Akanishi Jin (Thank you again for that one, xD), Henry (Because he is the CUTEST DUMPLING EVAR <3), and Zhoumi. =]

  18. :(((( Don’t feel like a pedo! DD:
    The boys know that you’re older than them, why else would they make a song devoted to us noona fans? 8DDD! *dances and sings* We’re so pretty~ ya la la la la♥~

    But I feel sad, TaeMin is my favorite, and he’s the only one that I’m older than DD8!


  19. Oh dang, the comment didn’t let me post images? O__O!!!
    here’s the links instead D:

  20. Pedo-noona, pedo-noona, pedo-noona –> This was what went through my mind as I drool at Jonghyun’s pictures. I told my sister to whack my head for staring at a younger guy in a joking manner but she ACTUALLY did it and told me to stick with older guys my age (I’m ONLY 18 damnit!!!)
    SM likes us to think we/I are old but in fact we’re/I’m NOT that old!!! I’m ranting a bit but only because my sisters and cousins thinks it’s funny how I’m stalking a group of boys who are waaaay younger than I am. They think I’m gonna be air on a close version of Dateline: How To Catch A Predator that’s call Dateline: When You Know You’re A Pedo-Noona XD
    I don’t get a break from any of them since they’re barely teenagers *shakes fist* and to them I’m the “older sister” >_<

    I can’t tell the difference between SHINee (YETdamnit, if I can remember ALL of Super Junior/M’s names, DBSK’s names, Big Bang’s names, etc’s names, and my sticking co-worker’s names, I CAN do it!!!) but I do have a favorite-Jonghyun-already even if that seems illogical even to myself

    I admit that I do wanna see a blondie or red-haired in the group. It’s hard to know who’s who’s when they all look like they’re clones of each other with different bad hair-styles :[

  21. I saw SHINee in School of rock..
    All of them acted to be girl.. and i think taemin is the most beautiful “girl” of them.
    OMG, I can’t believe that them wanna be “girl”..
    I Like Minho and Key in SHINee.
    Do you like Jonghyun, i don’t like him bcuz i think he’s so ……..
    Sorry for Jonghyun’s fans, but i don’t know why i don’t like him, maybe bcuz jonghyun a little bit over acting….

  22. LOL the guy with the lime headphones and the guy with the green shirt are the same person hahaha!! that part about how they should wear nametags is funny though! LOL

  23. The one with green headphones is Key; Jonghyun is the one with the green shirt ^^|||

  24. heyy does anybody know the difference between SHINee’s new album versions…A & B?

  25. Jong Hyun is cute I like all of them haha but favorite Jong Hyun the most…
    not liking Jong Hyun is CRAZY MADNESS!!~ The guy is so hot with the head phones haha <3 him in the MV!!!

  26. shinee is so cute …. reply2

  27. omg omg omg omg omg what do you guys mean they all look different from eachother. not all asians look alike ok haha =]

    well yea i can’t believe taemin is on 14 yr old ( in USA ),i’m only a few days older then him, but he looks so tall and is deff. cuteee! =]

    shinee is so young yet their so talented =]

    key is so sweet, i can’t believe he’s the mother of the group but isn’t the group’s leader.

    everytime i look at a blooper or vid. it seems like onew and key doesn’t get along well.look s like key doesn’t like onew

  28. my fav’s are KEY and ONEW..
    key is like the hottest one of them all and he can cook and onew has that killer smile that make ever one melt and to top it off he has onew condition…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. who do you think is the most popular?
    personally i like key the most :P
    but i think JongHyun is pretty popular with everyone else.

    lol is it wrong to have an order? cuz mine goes :key, minho, taemin, onew, and then jong hyun.

  30. SHINee rocks

  31. Onew looks very cute.Minho looks simple.Jong hyun looks style.Key looks very cool.Taemin is a good dancer.

  32. alL i can say is that…fOr me th3y’r3 alL go0d…i m3an th3y’r3 alL th3 b3st…but fOr m3 th3 b3st Of th3 b3st is jOnghyun-oppa.wahh…sO cut3…and sO chOurvaa…welL.hav3 tO gO…just ke3p On suppOrting SHINee…especialLy jOnghyun && ta3min…and k3y…that’s alL…by3 3v3ryOn3…ann3yOng.!!!

  33. The difference between Jonghyun & Key are their eyebrows. Key looks more mefiant than Jonghyun.
    The difference Between Taemin and Minho are their hair, lips & taller. Minho is the tallest member of the gang, and his lips are totally kissable. He looks also a little bit naive, but in the cute way. Taemin is little, have a “round” haircut, and he looks younger then Minho.
    Onew has special eyes, like really amost no eyelid. His smile is wonderful; he’s always laughing, it’s part of his charm. Also, His front teeth are “weird”, too straight, but it’s unbelievable when he smiles. <3~

  34. hey shinee,
    you guys really rock and i love you guys. m from bhutan but your big fan.minho, really rocks and i admire you.bye……

  35. i donot know the birthday of shinee members except taemin. so please let me know…..

  36. OMG…I LOOOVEEE shinEE!!!
    im sorry but..its kinda pathetic that u dont know their names…
    ive only known them for 5 days….and i know their names
    in order from the 2nd row…
    jonghyun, onew, minho
    taemin, minho, jonghyun
    (onew jonghyun, taemin), key, minho
    3 group pics…
    minho, (jonghyun,taemin,onew),jonghyun
    key, minho…
    yeahhh thats the order…
    and for everyones reference…KEY’S MINE!!!

  37. the photos r brilliant n i agree wit u that the one wit the headphones is KEY but don worry i like KEY as a mother but i like onew the best.SHINee fighting!

  38. you cant tell the difference? they look so different tho.


  39. All of them are really cool and i love all of them. they look almost same. There isn’t any difference.

  40. There is little bit difference but any ways i love all of them. bye! bye!

  41. only one of shinee’s member is cute…luv u all:)

  42. taemin you so cute!!! minho you so handsome!! onew you are the best!!

  43. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loooooooooooooooooooooove uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu shinee

  44. shinee love ….. my favuret star of shinee is min hoo

  45. I LOVE SHINee!!!:D
    specially ONEW!!andTAEMIN!!

  46. I LOVE YOU SHINEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    be care everyday eat well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and onew i love you so much………………………………………….
    minhoo,taemin,jonghyung, and also key…………………………………………..
    all of you i love you………………………………………………………………………..
    I LOVE YOUR SONGS…………..also the lucifer,hello,jojo,juliet,ready or not,ringdingdong,up&down and so on………………………………………………

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