Posted by: lovediaries | May 24, 2008

DBSK’s new single – “Why I fell in love with you” mp3


Apparently, this will be released July 23th 2008. It’s called どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (doushite kimi o suki ni natteshimattandarou?) which translates to something like ‘Why I have fallen love with you?’ Why have I fallen for you?’ (But don’t quote me on that because I kinda just changed it to make the title actually a question…LOL XD)

I’m listening to it right now and I really like it :D To me, it’s more appealing than Beautiful You. The title is a long one, but it’s a nice one ^^ At least it doesn’t involve the world Beautiful! Lol.

Anyways I’ll come back (or PINKANDSPARKLee will) to write more but I’m babysitting atm and I don’t have eyes at the back of my head!!! But thought I’d post this now especially for libby96 (who, like the rest of us, has been DBSK deprived XD)!

Okay, I is back!! I LOVE the piano playing <3333 And it’s a really cute song! Sometimes you get the heartbreaking love songs and then you get the overly excited ones. This one lies in between. It’s kinda like Rainbow but softer and yet, the pace of the song is quicker. If that makes sense? No it doesn’t XDD LOL I SUCK at describing music coz my terminology is so limited XD But Junsu and Changmin sound really really cute in this!

It’s good! GO LISTEN!! Lol, so much good music is coming out these days :)


I really really like this song, and the title is so sweet~!!

I really like the tune of this song! The piano melody is beaaauuuutiful <333 I like this a lot more than “Beautiful You”. It’s so catchy! But not too happy :DDDDD WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~

Hmm, maybe it’s because I haven’t listened to DBSK in awhile (like, a week XD) but I’m having a bit of trouble distinguishing each person’s voice…? They all sound really nasally in this =.= But I’m hoping that it’s because this is a demo version, and they want you to hear nasal voices so you’ll get fed up with it and go buy the single ^^ See, smart thinking.

Let’s hope that no genius will choreograph a dance to this :P

Download here

DON’T direct link the download link! Otherwise we’ll make you sit down and write 20 pages of the original Japanese song title with a twig and no ink.


  1. I FCKINNNNNN LOVE THIS SONG! actually i didnt really ADORE beautiful you. it was simple but this song is the shit yo! lol ahahah I LOVE THIS. its reallyy calming (?) lol idk, theres the feeling in this song tht make me go “:))))))))))))”

  2. aha…thanks! you’re so sweet! ^^
    its a cute song! (i’m listening now)
    but… yeah… is does sound rather nasal.
    and fuzzy. but it hasn’t been released yet, so maybe thats why.

    DBSK OPPAS! WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK! I MISS YOU! (but they probably are having a well – deserved holiday to rest)

    btw… PINKANDSPARKLee, ‘beihoudegushi’ might not air…i keep on checking it up on the site, and it doesn’t mention it anymore. :(
    and because of the sichuan earthquake tragedy; hunan tv is completely focussing on the earthquake.
    my mum and big sister saw suju – m on tv for about 2 seconds. i ran out too late and missed them… :(

    i’m putting this all into one commet since i feel like typing…… :p
    what will happen to henry and zhou mi once suju – m goes back to korea? suju – m can’t remain in china forever…suju is split in half now…
    but when suju – m activities do stop, what will henry and zhou mi do? since they aren’t really part of suju, they can’t really have activities in korea, since suju – m is for the chinese market.

    sorry if i am being really confusing…

  3. Let’s hope that no genius will choreograph a dance to this :P


  4. koreanchocolate
    Hahaha yeah it’s a good song to relax to ^^ I’ve been listening to it while I study…let’s hope I do well in my exam XD

    lol i actually don’t know if we should be worried or not? Like, not trying to be one of those fans who make a big deal out of everything, but can’t DBSK or SM at least leave a msg to say that they’re safe? I duno, I’m getting a bit paranoid :S Hopefully everything IS alright and they’re on some secret island, tanning on the beach and drinking out of coconuts XDD

    Hmm, I think that’s something every SJM fan has been thinking about. TBH, I have no idea nor have I put much thought to it. But think of it this way, Henry and Zhou Mi are both under SM and so whether they’re in Korea or China they’re still part of that company so I’m sure they’d be given other things to do. I think the difference b/t SJM and the other sub-groups is that this one is for real. Like, I don’t know how to explain it but because there are 2 non SJ members, they can’t just have one album and forget about it! Especially since there was so much hype and the promotion for this sub group is probably greater than what SJT + KRY got? Lol, IDK, I think I’m now confusing both you and me.

    Anyways, don’t worry too much about it! I mean, if worse comes to worse, Henry can just play the violin in EVERY song SM releases and then Zhou Mi can be one of those backup vocalists or whatever!? Lol, but I doubt SM would put such talent to waste :DDDD

    Long live SJM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they really did have some choreography XD

  5. Potensvita:

    I’m pretty sure i got the spelling correct this time. Lols! i don’t wanna get kicked by you. how are you??Where have u been?


    yes!i so agree. why can’t SM leave a message to tell us that they are safe? lols..being paranoid is okay. kekekez!

    i thought Beautiful you will be their last single for the year! new single means they will do promotion in Japan again..oinks

  6. candychu:
    lol, yeah, maybe dbsk is in AUSTRALIA??? bondi, maybe? (but its too cold…)

    nevertheless, (i love that word!!! XD – i learnt it in yr 4!), i’m worried about henry and zhoumi… WHAT IF I NEVER GET TO SEE HENRY AND HIS CUTE CHEEKS AGAIN? *poke poke*. AND ZHOUMI’S CHARM! AND HIS SMILE!!
    i actually haven’t seen them for a long time. (well, a long time to me). AND I MISSED THE 2 – SECOND BROADCAST OF THEM TODAY!!!

    SUPER JUNIOR – M WILL HAVE TO GO ON HIATUS SOME TIME! *cries* *slaps self for thinking negatively*

    lol, maybe my ideas are getting crazy…

  7. OMG THIS SONG IS SOOO LOVE!! I definitely prefer it more than Beautiful You XXDD The piano part is awesome..haha im having an instrumental fetish atm after watching henry own that stage with his violin, so yes im paying extra attention to the instrumental part lol. But wow this song is nice.Not to sad, not overly jumpy. Guess its gonna be another song on my repeats list (YES One love is still on my repeat list ^^)

    Whens it released?! Ohh right, 23rd July =_= Can it be any later?!? grr i want a good version like about NOW!!!

  8. OMG. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. It’s so beautifulll. I can’t believe this is coming out in JULY. I like how this song is catchy but not in an upbeat way, and it also sounds a bit sad some reason.

  9. erv
    i wished it was their last single of the year too XDD *sigh* I don’t want them overworking themselves and being all tired out by the time their 4th Korean album is due. Grrrr. SM really needs to rethink how to take care of DBSK XD I mean this “break” they’re on doesn’t sound so great anymore when we don’t kno what’s happening to them !?!??!?!??!

    NOOOO UR STRESSING ME OUT NW XDDD Haha, jks. Dw, it’s all good! Maybe I’m not completely understanding you right now because I’ve been stressing/studying for my exams so either way I wouldn’t have been seeing them (on the internet) anyway. So if you busy yourself you won’t worry? hahaa. Nah, you’re still young, you don’t need to worry about school yet LOL XDD Go listen to this DBSK song and everything will be alright *pats you on the head and feeds you cookies* (I hope you like cookies ^^)

    Haha, I know eh. If they’re gonna release more Jap goodies they should do it sooner so that they’ll have a bigger gap between then and their comeback album. SHEESH SM BE MORE CONSIDERATE of us fans dying for the releases

    I KNOW IT’S GORGEOUS <3333 Exactly! It has like a gazillion emotions mushed into one fantastic song. I love it :D

  10. OH.MI.EFF.GEE.

    WHAT IS ZIS SONG AND WHEN IS THE FULL VERSION RELEASING?! Actually, I kinda like this blurry demo version because it brings to life the thoughts of nostalgic photographs and the like (which fit really well with the mood of the song). As you can tell, I’m on my TOTALLY HUGE R&B high right now (Nicky Lee, FTW is my favoritest singer right now. I love EVERY SINGLE FECKIN ONE OF HIS SONGS) and this song goes right up there. I downloaded it, but discovered Nicky Lee almost immediately after so I *forgot* to listen to that song and was going through my d/l folders and cleaning my mp3 player and decided to play this and OMG. It sounds *so friggin* familiar… so I’m still trying to place something to what it sounds like. It’s just so sosoososososo familiar and I can’t figure it out. The electronica is just SCREAMING.. it sounds a bit like “Life Goes On” by Leann Rimes. Not the same beat (or key).. but the chord progression is the same (a bit). Just the chorus though, the rest of the song… it sounds so familiar. Or maybe just because it’s so catchy, that it just sounds familiar. Like one of those “songs you never want to end” because it’s that good (I think this may be one of them).

    AND HOMG. HARMONY. RAWR~ I LOOOOOOVE their harmonizing (it’s been such a long time; I’ve missed you!!!) in this song and it really displays their vocals. I wait for the day they’ll sing this to me live. And who cares if it’s in a huge stadium with a million another fans. At least Japanese fans have the decency to be quiet. GOOD RELEASE SM *thumbs up*. You’ve got a WINNAR with this one!!! And this is just begging for some piano sheets (right naow!). If this is the direction that (either) DBSK’s next Japanese and/or Korean album is going in… *dies and goes to vocal heaven*

  11. nanshi
    Yeah this is one of those songs you never want to end. I duno, there’s something twinkling + magical about it where you just want it to play on for all eternity xDDD Omg I can’t wait for this to be sung live ^____^ and yes, I love the Jap fans more than Krn in the way that they’re able to be polite and KEEP QUIET while DBSK are singing. Which, really, is the POINT of listening to a performance T__T

    OMG YES. I’d love for DBSK’s coming album to have songs like this :))))

  12. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう translates to “Why did I fall in love with you?” as an actual question. There is no question marker in Japanese, except for “か” which acts as a question mark. The だろう in the song title is lifted in accent, showing a sign that one is unsure–or is softening the question, and makes the phrase a question. どうして is “why,” which should be indicative of the question.

    Just in case you wanted to know. I am forever grateful for the song–I’ve put the pv on repeat for about the hundredth time now. God knows I have the thing memorized =)

  13. ^Ooh thank you for that! Are you Japanese? See, this is exactly why I should’ve kept Japanese ;____; I wouldn’t be all muddled up and could actually be of some use!
    Lol the song is so beautiful, I’m glad they’ve done so well <3

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