Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 25, 2008

Another Haptic “Making Of” Video

Video: Ev7816 @ Youtube

I chose to embed Part two, cos I found it more interesting XD But you can watch Part One, here

This is the version that was aired on Mnet, but I think I still prefer the other one ^^|||

No Candy floss-eating Junsu, in this one :(( But you get to see him totally wreck his umbrella XDDDD

Oo, and you also get to see how Micky and Yoona filmed their scenes. You know the close ups they did? Yea, they weren’t speaking to each other, they were speaking to the camera O____O how awkward. Lol, I think I’d just sit there laughing non-stop if I had to do that XDDD

And you see Jaemin filming their escalator bit :D I think Jae forgot the actions to the game….? And Changmin shoved him to the side XDDDD I <3 Jaemin XDDDDD

OO, and BTW, DBSK ARE BACK IN KOREA :DDDD There, Candychu and Libby, they weren’t stuck in the Bermuda Triangle :PPP


  1. Have to watch this later, but just wanted to comment and said HI THERE, PINKANDSPARKLee XDDD.

    I fell so fast for that damn group. :(. Where does SM get this power? I can match names with faces and I … just bought their mini-album off yesasia DD:. And then, instead of studying, I’m totally going to figure out how to use tvants again so I can watch their debut performance DDD:.

    Are Dong Bangs already back in Korea already? I’ve read so many crazy thing about them flying to Las Vegas and New York, lols.


    I tried to resist against SHINee, but it’s TOO HARD. They’re all toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute :'((((

    You can match names with faces???? BUT THEY LOOK THE SAME XDDDDD They’re such good dancers *———* but SO YOUNG. WHYYYYYY.

    Their debut performance is airing on Mnet tonight, yes? I’ll just youtube it tomorrow XD

    You should get Yesasia to issue you a VIP card :P

    Yep, the boys are back :D I wonder where they were…..

    ROFLOL, I’m picturing Junsu in Las Vegas with a bling bling pimp suit and trying to gamble XDDDD OH THE IMAGE IS TOO FUNNY. I thought that they would’ve gone to a nice tropical island…but the only island I could think of was Hawaii, and you definitely would’ve seen them if they were there ^____^

  3. I CAN MATCH NAMES WITH FACES DDDDDDDDDDDD:. I GET TWO OF THEM CONFUSED SOMETIMES, THOUGH. LOL. But they’re all so cute and so talented guhhhhhh. The Heechul look a like is really cute ~ so tall and he probably hasn’t even hit puberty yet XD. And yeah, I’m pedo-ing over a 14 year old. Okay, stopping now.

    Their debut performance is like in three hours! It’s gonna be on SBS Inkigayo (first one to be aired; although I think their MNet performance was the first PERFORMANCE, but it’s gonna be aired later) … live :D. I can’t wait. They’re gonna be so good <333333333. Their noona song just hit 200 plays on my iTunes…

    Damn you, SM. *cries* *hands over more money*

  4. spazzes n PinkandsparkLee :

    u guys fell in love for SHINee already? i was reading lotsa comments about them being younger than us and it’s harder for me to fangirl over them. that’s why i haven actually watch their videos. Since you guys said that it’s hard to resist, well. i’ll go have a look later.

    btw, i’ve seen the Haptic CF subbed version. All i can say is i think SM wants to see the fans’ reaction towards them having a girlfriend cause there’s one part where Junsu yelled ” i’m gonna tell the manager” after seeing ChangMin, U-know, JaeJoong and Micky holding hands with the girls.

  5. Good, I was starting to worry about them XD SO then, where were they?
    LMAO PASee @ the image you had because as I was reading I COULD SEE IT TOO :DDDD

    spazzes OMG UR SO QUICK LOL. Theres like a 40 pg booklet, isn’t there? Once again, I’m going to wait for a repackaged version. Except since it’s just a mini album, there isn’t much to repackage anyway, is there? Do you reckon their First actual album would have these songs? Gah, I don’t know XDD Haha, yeah Taemin is reeeeeeeeally popular. I watched a fancam of their “secret” debut performance (whatever that means) and people were just screaming TAEMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN. Actually it got annoying coz half the girls there were just screaming ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHH’ in a really high pitched voice. HURTED MY EARS :(

    YES SHINEE ARE GREAT <3333 Seriously, I think they’re out to get noonas (lucky I’m one to only half the group *cackles*) but they really are talented! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten into a group this quickly, unless SJM counts? Lol, go listen to their songs on youtube, they’re great! ^^

    Okay, back to this post (lmao, I just come on here to have a chat with everyone XD)…Em. I’ll watch it tonight :P I still have an ENTIRE chapter of maths to study AND I HATE POLYNOMIALS D:

  6. candychu :

    hehe. after hearing u said that, i decided to listen to their songs on youtube.

    btw, will anyone do a pimp post on Henry? Haha… been noticing him more often now. he’s so cute!!!

  7. erv
    DID YOU SAY HENRY??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol, I previously did (very brief) post on him. Well, here’s the entire SJM category
    You should watch 越策越开心 (on pg2) Henry is THE CUTEST THING EVER :DDD And more specifically:

    Usually we wait for their bdays because, I’m not sure about PASee, but I’m too lazy XDDD But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HENRY <33
    Where were you when SJM came out? You must’ve been busy with your SATs (I think!?) Or you just overlooked all my spazzing over Henry xD haha


    and, yeah, it is really hard for me to fangirl over SHINee, i just feel really weird!! and they’re all OLDER THAN ME! maybe i’ll just settle for feeling like a proud mum? *my mind is seriously weird*
    i need to learn their names. >.<
    i can only get taemin’s name and face matched up…

  9. candychu :

    haha. thanks for the links dear. Henry’s birthday is in October..lols. can’t believe i’m drooling (XX) nono..i mean fangirling over henry. it’s 8 months younger than me. wakakaka. and if we happen to walk together, he’ll look like my baby brother…sob..

    no!! oh no..i didn’t overlooked all your spazzing over Henry. I was “craving” for more of his picture and his information though. kekekez * turns on stalker mode.

    i better chill now.

    lols. btw, SHINee’s members look all the same to me. I can’t match any of them. :P Well, that’s what i first thought when i first approached SUJU, now i can remember all their names well. XD XD XD

    越策越开心? hehe.. i guess betta start watching now
    *runs off..

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