Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 25, 2008

Kat-tun’s personality check with a dog

Video: ZaiYeon @ Youtube

I promised to post this two weeks ago XD But I’ve been super busy with school *tries to find more excuses* :PP


Basically, each Kat-tun boy had to go into a sealed room with a big black dog, and they were given 60 seconds to befriend the dog. The method they used to try befriend the dog was then analysed and they got told what their personalities were like. One catch, none of them knew about the dog XDDD.

Maru and Kame sat outside and watched everything that went on from their own little tv, and gave out instructions. Not sure why they didn’t have to do the experiment…it can’t be because of allergies, cos I KNOW that Kame owns a dog….(a little sausage dog XD)

Jin (<3333) went first, and XDDD he is SUCH a big wuuuuss. He LEAPED back as soon as the dog entered the room XD But omg, LOOK AT THE SMILE ON HIS FACE <333333333333. Jin named the dog “John” (???) and whistled and clapped, to attract “John”‘s attention. It worked though, cos the dog sat for him :DD [Later, Jin explained that he wanted to call the dog “Jun”, but he didn’t want Jun Matsumoto (Arashi) to get angry again XDD]

Ueda went next, and I remember when I first watched it, and how I thought “omg, Ueda’s going to be so much fail at this”, cos yea, Ueda fails at LIFE XD And he totally didn’t let me down XDDD He SAT on the dog, and then made it hug him XDD LMAO @ how Maru went “now we can’t tell which one is the dog” XDDDDD He then tried to make the dog STAND, and idk, it looked like he was trying to DANCE with the dog XD

Then it was Junno’s turn, and he made me crack up even BEFORE he entered the room. Idk, he just seemed TOO HAPPY to be going into the room XDDD HE IS SUCH A DORK, ROFLOL. Kame said that he was the only KT member who didn’t own a pet dog, but surprise surprise, he was the only one to NOT leap back when the dog came in XD I don’t know why, but Junno also called the dog “John” XD It must be a KT thing….. Anyway, he failed to befriend “John” in the time limit :((

Koki went last, and omg, he’s soooooooooo brave. He tried to befriend the dog by using a puppet, putting a frisbee on his head, and KISSING the dog. HE LET THE DOG LICK HIS MOUTH XDDDDD I would be way too scared to do that O___O

So what did this test say about their personalities? You’ll just have to watch it to find out :PP [But watch it even if you’re not interested in finding out, cos they were all SO CUTE with the dog :DD]


  1. ROFL thats so CUTTTTEEE!!

    Jin definitely had the BEST reaction when the dog came out..haha the way he leaped and yelped and omg lolol, totally priceless…But Ueda was soooo funny. He was riding the dog like a horse haha. What a dork! Then i have no idea what he was doing afterwards because it looked like he was doing a combination of hugging/walking/dancing with the dog but omg the poor thing was probably thinking “Is this guy mental?!?!” hahaha..

  2. thank you so so so much for this video!

    It had me in stitches XD

  3. … personality check with a dog? lol.

    i don’t know kat – tun too well.
    i like yamapi though! ^^
    everybody in class knows about yamapi now, thanks to me… ^^”
    HUGE YAMAPI FAN! lol, i really like NEWS. and arashi.

    but i’m going to have to check out kat – tun more, but too many celebs i stalk. can’t handle them all….

    i’m really behind on hw….

    i shouldn’t be here, lol

    *scurries off*

  4. oo now i know more about KAT-TUN! lol ! they’re really fun to watch .. i’m shocked by Ueda’s actions.. and somehow his looks reminds me of L from DN -.-” interesting show ~~ ^^

  5. beckery:
    roflol, I felt sorry for the DOG XDDD Poor thing.

    I have noooo idea what Ueda was doing, it looked like he was teaching the dog to WALTZ ^^|||

    Don’t you agree that Jinjin has THE BEST smile?? HE’S SO CUTE, I WUV HIM :DDD

    Glad you liked it!!

    *hugs you because you like Junno*

    I LOVE YAMAPI :DDDDDDDDDDDD Out of all the NewS boys, i only know him and Ryo XD.

    I don’t know much about Arashi, I just know that Jun Matsumoto is in it ^^.

    People in your class know about Yamapi? Lol, my friends refuse to listen to my asian boyband spazzing XD

    I just did a intro post on KT, hopefully you’ll be able to recognise them now :DDD

    And yes, they are fun to watch, cos they’re all so fuuuuunny XDDDD

    yeah, half the time, nobody listens to me when i go off spazzing. =.=

  7. I think it’s John because they are from Johnny’s

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