Posted by: lovediaries | May 25, 2008

SHINEE’s Debut Performance

{credit: HEENIMisLOVE @ youtube}

Argh, I really should be studying, but I just read over at Pretty Boy Power their debut performance is up so I couldn’t resist XD

Okay, for a debut performance which is LIVE and involves dancing, I think SHINee did an EXCELLENT JOB :DDD

They all look sooo cute and their voices are absolutely gorgeous! I really like Onew’s voice because it’s fairly deep and kinda sexy. Lol but omg aslkjasdlkjasldfjaslfjas I know I made fun of their dancing saying they looked like monkeys but now I take it back XDD They don’t look like monkeys anymore but they’re still really skinny except their moves are so smooth I love it <3

Also, spazzes was going nuts over the mic pass from Taemin to Key and I had noooo idea what she was on about but now I completely understand. Before Taemin gets into his own little solo routine he’s carrying a mic. But then when he’s dancing, where did the mic go? I had no idea until Key actually passed it back and…WOW…it was just…and I quote from her post “THE SLICKEST ONE IN THE HISTORY OF MIC PASSES

And if you think we’re weird for writing about a mic pass then GO WATCH AND YOU WILL BE PROVEN WRONG :D … either that or we really are weird!?

I never realised they sung this many english lines in their song but fortunately the english makes sense!! I’m not too sure what ‘shake up’ means but THATS OK because their english pronounciation is really good and they deserve a pat on the back. Though I’d like to give Jonghyun more than a pat……..LOL, what? A hug was all I meant…*kekeke*




  2. i watched it!

    i got over the ‘awkward’ phase!

    thats pretty much all i can say.

    they are talented…


  3. So gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

    I’m going to have selective amnesia and forget that they’re all younger than me XDDDDD

    THEY ARE SO SKINNY :'((((((((((((((((((((((


  4. Darn that was really impressive for their first performance!! It was live too!! And live performances always earns brownie points with me especially when their dancing <333

    But omg taemin looks so young here…arghhh im trying to have selective amnesia like PASee but its not working =_=!!!! And But that mic thing was pretty darn cool hahaha…

  5. Is, errrrr, the guy with the oversized blue sweatshirt and the fedora Onew? Because his voice is LURVE. Especially from 1:47 to 1:51. I want it. I really want it.

    HELLO HEECHUL-LOOKALIKE. You dance like a girl and you look like one too, but still, you’re smile is QUITE NICE. Unfortunately, you’re only 14, so I’ll stick with the cracked-up catlover, because he’s older. XDDDDD

    Omg, I must’ve paused, rewinded and played that mic pass a MILLION times. It was so slick. I actually think it was my favourite part of the performance, because I’ve never seen mic passes so slick and because if it were me doing the mic pass, I would’ve dropped it on someone’s foot. XD

    This was an excellent debut perf. Even better than DBSK’s, in fact. Yes, DBSK can sing acapella and yes, they pwn everyone in terms of harmonizing, BUT they lipsync when they dance (HELLO PURPLE LINE. I WOULD’VE LOVED TO SEE YOU PERFORMED LIVE MORE TIMES). SO, these SHINee boys have gone way way WAY up in my books, because I love live performances that are GOOD and worth watching. And I LOVE the choreography – there’s a ridiculous amount of twisting and they stick their bums out an awful lot, but still, it’s SO GREAT for the song.

    Beautiful You SUCKED compared to this.

    … I still love my Dong Bang boys though. XD Even though I diss them a ridiculous amount.

  6. I tried to resist fangirling them, but it’s REALLY hard. I love Jonghyun and Taemin. Taemin was smiling a lot throughout the performance and that mic pass WAS “slick”. Why does Taemin have to be so young??? T_T They really are talented though and they sang wonderfully live.

  7. Gah! That mic pass..i watched it like a million times.

    It was really nice.

    The only one i can recognize…is Taemin..its the hair, but hes cute!
    And…younger than me…. T_T

    They all look alike..hopefully they get more meat on them..
    LOL That made me think of Yunho’s..moobs!

    Anyway, i can’t wait ’till they release a full album.
    I want to see what more these boys can give us.

  8. GIRLS!!!!

    PINKANDSPARKLee, candychu, playmeagain :

    haha. u guys gotta help me from being a pedo .-.-

    haha. the song Replay is catchy. like it. haven listened to other songs yet.

    Hmm..wonder whether they’ll be as popular as Dong Bang and SuJu?

    gosh. youngest Taemin is 14? I don’t remember what was I doing when i was 14? Perhaps playing hard? And he has already started working?


    smart SM. He knows what the fans want. Especially catered for us. :D

  9. by the way.
    what’s SHINee’s name in Chinese?
    Liang Liang? Liang Jing Jing??

  10. wait!!
    i just though of stg

    i wonder whether they will be joining the SM town summer album this year?
    another new family!

  11. omg, i stared intently at taemin’s arm so i could see the mic pass HAHAHHAA
    omg #2, i fall more & more “in love” with them everyday T_______T
    omg #3, jonghyun is so hot.
    omg #4, taemin’s so cute.
    omg #5, i’d give jonghyun more than a hug.
    they sound soooo good live :)

  12. @ pinkandsparklee – “I’m going to have selective amnesia and forget that they’re all younger than me XDDDDD”

    i think that’s the excuse i’ll use…. ^_^

  13. libby96
    haha what do you have to complain about?? you’re younger than all of them!!! and as if you can resist their talent anyway, right? ^^

    I was worried Taemin’s arms might snap off during his solo XD

    Impressive, it was!! And their dancing isn’t exactly ‘Miduhyo’ type choreography XD Ahaha, yeah and we have to give Key some credit for that mic pass. Lol I’m finding reasons to like them all more and more XDD

    YES THAT IS ONEW. HOW MUCH LOVE IS HIS VOICE??? I want him, I really want him. LOL XDD And I LOVED those few seconds as well *sighs in adoration*

    I know! Which is why I’m so impressed! I mean, DBSK’s debut performance wasn’t bad but um…Junsu slipping cracked me up. Except everytime I rewatch it, I can no longer find the part where he slipped. how does that even work? Anyways DBSK turned out to be what they are now, can you imagine how these boys are gonna turn out? They have a looooooooooong road ahead of them ^____^

    Everyone who has tried resisting has failed miserable BECAUSE THEYRE THAT AWESOME :DDD I rewatched it and seeing Taemin’s smile just made me smile with him !! Hes so cute <33 Yep, I think they did a wonderful job.

    THE MIC PASS WAS AWESOME <3 Haha, dw, learning them isn’t that hard! You’ll be able to do it soon ^^
    I’m excited for a full album too! I’m contemplating whether I should get their mini one or not…xDD

    I don’t doubt SM’s marketing tactics and I’m sure they’ll aim to get this group as popular as DBSK/SJ especially since they’re a contemporary band and there aren’t taht many of them yet. TBH, I don’t actually get the difference XD HAHAHA
    Omg that is SUCH a cute Chinese name! See, I knew you were chinese :P
    Lol, SMTOWN is just getting BIGGER and BIGGER :DDD

    If this was only their debut then I can’t wait for more! They’re sooo good!! And Jonghyun is gorgeous <3

    well they’re obviously aware they’re all really young which is why the song is directed at all noonas :P SM is too smart XD

  14. *high fives* the cool people spazz about an awesome microphone pass XDD!

    but seriously, they are SO good *____*. and they can only get better <33.

  15. spazzes
    *hi5* if you hadn’t had pointed it out, I probably wouldn’t have noticed though XDDD

    I know! I can’t wait to see them years later. They will blow an entire stadium away !!!!


    That was so great.
    You can barely even notice it.
    You only see Key’s arm swiftly pass the mic to Taemin.
    And Taemin only held out his hand, and he wasn’t even looking or anything.

    They’re so awesomee!

  17. boomboompower
    COZ IT WAS SO SUBTLE!!!!! Hehehee But yeah, Taemin didn’t even have to look. That’s excellent teamwork for you :P

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