Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 26, 2008


After I wrote my KT post yesterday, I realised that 80% of the people who read this blog have no idea who they actually are (aside from the fact that they’re Japanese) XD|||

BUT, because I’m waiting till my midyear break to do a mega spazz post on them with Playmeagain, I’ll just help you match names to faces for now, so you’ll at least know who I’m writing about when you read things like “OMG, JUNNO IS THE BIGGEST FAILURE IN THE WORLD” etc. :P

These pictures are scans from their recent TV Guide photoshoot~

[The majority of these pictures are HUMONGOUS, all you need to do is open it, move your mouse over it, and click when you see the magnifying glass symbol]

I love the writing on each of their pictures, they’re soo funny XDD (well, I found them funny ^^||).

Okay, the first boy, is Kamenashi Kazuya (I’m using the Japanese order for names, so last name then first name). Kame’s the youngest member, but he’s the unofficial leader, cos…I guess he’s the most charismatic? You might’ve seen him in J-dramas, eg. “Nobuta wo Produce”, “Gokusen 2”, “One Pound Gospel”, and “Tatta Hitotsu no Koi”. Very hard working boy, but his eyebrows are always really funny XD. ANYWAY, the writing on his, says “Touch me – Kazuya” XDDD ROFLOL AHAHAHAHAHA. He looks nice with those cherries.

Second boy is Akanishi Jin <3333333333333333333 (yes, the hearts will always come with the mention of Akanishi Jin :P). He’s just one of those people whom the sun will shine on, even when it’s raining :PP. He has the best smile out of all the boys I stalk (I’m fully serious). Aaannnd, he composes songs, writes “wholesome” lyrics (XDDD), plays guitar, and DANCES REALLY WELL *___*. But I’ll shutup now before I turn this into a Jin pimp post XDDD The writing on Jin’s picture is “Believe me – Jin”. I LOVE the way he’s “posing” with his cherries, his pose is almost as if he’s saying “pffffft, who needs cherries when you have a face like mine” XDD

Next boy, Taguchi Junnosuke. He reminds me of Junsu, cos he gets bullied soooo much by the other members (though he kinda asks for it) and he’s SUCH A HUUUUUUUUGE DORK XDDD But I must say, he’s been looking better and better lately ;) OO, and, Junno’s a really good dancer; unlike Jin’s fluidness, Junno’s dance-style is more technical (he can tap! how cute ^^). Junno looks really puzzled in this picture, his expression makes it look like he’s trying to x-ray vision the cherries XDD The words on his picture is “Tell me – Junnosuke”

Tanaka Koki. He looks like SUCH a gangsta XDD But he’s not even though he plated his four front teeth silver I think he would actually be the most easy-going guy out of the group~ If you’ve watched some KT variety shows, you’d know that Koki’s a huuuuuuuge teddy bear (figuratively speaking), he’s sooo cute, and you just want to pat him on the head and feed him chips XDDD But I don’t like this picture of him. He needs to shave, like NOW. His line says “Kiss me – Koki” which is something that he won’t be doing for a long time if he insists on keeping that facial hair =.=.

Fifth one is Ueda Tatsuya. He is………a lot of fail XDDD Lol, first time I saw him, I thought he was a she XD He’s soooo shy, just like a little girl :PPP. But even though he’s not very smart when it comes to life, Ueda’s really book-smart. He’s learning english and FRENCH (:DDD) and is teaching himself guitar and boxing. He also wrote some of KAT-TUN’S songs. I really love his face in that picture, it’s like he’s saying “look, Mummy, I have CHERRIES ^_____^” XDDDD. The line on his picture is “Call me – Tatsuya” [ROFLOL, WHY ARE ALL THESE TITLES SO WEIRD XDD]

Nakamaru Yuichi. I read heaps of comments about how he’s the least popular member in KAT-TUN, but I have no idea why, cos he’s actually my second favourite member XD When I first watched their MVs, I didn’t like Maru. Idk, he just looked so….normal. He kinda just blends in with the props when he’s standing next to funkyeyebrowedKame, toosexyforhisowngoodJin, prettyshygirlUeda, crazytapdancingJunno, and wannabegangsta Koki XDDD. But he’s talented, just heard one of his solos and I was really impressed :DD Aannnndddd, he has AWESOME beat boxing skills! They always appear in KT songs, and I keep thinking that it’s just the DJ playing around with the turntable XD Speaking of beatboxing, here’s a really cute cut from one of their MV making clips, Maru was meant to film his solo bit where he beatboxes, but the other guys [Jin, Koki and Kame (who looked disturbingly good with so much eyeliner] kept doing it when it came up in their filming bits, so Maru was all “HAY, THAT’S MY PART!!! STOP IIIIITTTTT” XDDDD I wasn’t going to include any videos in this post, but Maru is special and he needs more <333. No love for his picture, though. He looks really awkward, kinda like he’s not sure why he’s holding the cherries XD. His line is, “Give me – Yuichi”. Edit: Just found another video of Jin (<333333333) imitating Maru. He did a really good job, imo :P I love how Maru went “don’t take my selling point” XDDD ROFLOL. Oo, and at the start of the video, you get to see more eyelinered Kame + gangsta Koki, singing~ (Koki surprised me, I never knew he could sing XDDD)

K + A + T + T+ U + N = KATTUN

YAY, so now everyone should be able to match names with faces, yes? :DDDDD


  1. ASDFGHJKL; those are OMGSOBIG pics XDD
    I opened Kazuya’s then magnified it the BAM! His lips are so cute XPP

    Yay~ now I know them.. kinda. XDD

    But is it me.. or Kazuya looks different? I mean, he got cuter XP

  2. XD After Don’t U Ever Stop, I learned to tell them apart, but the background information’s nice. =] Kame is in a lot of dramas, isn’t he? And HOMG JIN IS SO GORGEOUS. xD I was totally stalking him last night. >.> (Another obsession to blame on you. xD) I didn’t even notice he HAD the cherries until you pointed them out. xD I was all, “What? Cherries? Where?” His face is just too pretty. xD

    =O Can’t wait till the mega spazz post! =DDDD I love spazz posts. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. xD


    ROFL @ *funkyeyebrowedKame*. I wrote the same in one of my replies to you, so *hi5*. GMTA, yes?

    Ooooh, Koki doesn’t need that excessive facial hair. In fact, much like Heechul, he should stay away from facial hair altogether, because it makes both look like sleazy, greasy old men who should subscribe to a lifetime’s supply of razors.

    I LOVE MARU. He’s probably going to push Jin out of the merited spot of being my fave, because Jin … is a whole lot of fail at life. But Maru’s SO NORMAL, which is what I love about him, because there aren’t exactly many normal people in this group. =.=”””””’ And I take great pleasure in the fact that he can make a lot of bubbles with the tiniest drop of soap. Definitely a skill you wanna have.


    Omg, I can’t wait to write the post. It WILL be the spazziest post in the history of pimp posts. The SPAZZIEST.

  4. MARU WINS <33333333333333333. I LOVE MARU. MORE PEOPLE SHOULD LOVE HIM TOO. Sometimes I think he could be my favorite member, but Jin is so shiny too. LOL.

  5. LOL yay more KAT-TUN! what a useful post~!!! hehehe
    i think Koki is handsome.. but the glasses made him so uncle-ish!
    i like Kame’s eyebrows.. *_*

    *lols. don’t chase my around with ur huge watermelon knife :P

    haha..yeap yeap! you’re right? I don’t know who’s KAT-TUN. i remember last year, my room mate who is a fan of KAT_TUN asked me to watch KAT_TUN clips with her. I was like..hello? I don’t watch CARTOON anymore. So, i never bother to go over and watch.Hehez..turns out to be a bunch of hot guys, huh?

    what phone are u using? Are u using SONY ERIC, nokia or samsung? LOls..i found many dbsk themes in the website but i can’t use it!! errr…it’s only available for SE phones. :P seriously. the themes are sooooo nice. since i can’t have them in real life, i might as well “lock” them in my phone.

    p/s: i’m not zany. :P

  7. I remember watching KAT-TUN’S video ‘Lips” (I think) a loooong time ago and wonder who they were but never got into researching them.
    I find Jin reallllllly sexxxxxy =D””””””
    He can slut for me anyday! XD
    Ok, not really but still, he is hot as sin and totally put a new meaning to manliness with a edge. I really need to go stalk him and go O_O all over him (with a 12 inch computer flat screen, lol)

  8. Sayuu:
    Lol, yea, the pictures are huge XDDD

    Kame does look different…I reckon it’s because his hair is covering up his eyebrows XDDD

    You can tell them apart? *showers you with candy* :P Lol, it always takes me aaaages to match name to faces XD

    YAY, YOU WERE STALKING JINJIN :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD You know he was in LA recently? AND HE FLEW ECONOMY CLASS :O:O:O:O I JUST FIND THAT SO AMAZING XDDD He signed his boarding pass for someone =_____=

    Lol, I read your reply before I wrote this xPP But I just fished “funkyeyebrowedKame” out of my head (cos he DOES have funky eyebrows) so yea, great minds do still think alike :P

    When Kibum had facial hair, it looked OKAY, as in, I could JUST accept it. But Heechul and Koki? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It looks soooooooooooo bad.

    Maru got into uni! :DDD A SMART KAT-TUN BOY XDDDDD. Jin has SO many flaws (like, more than any other celeb I fangirl) but despite all his flaws, I still wuv him; when he smiles, all those flaws just go *POOOF* and all you see is angelic Jin with bunnies and rainbows :PPP

    Kame actually looks GOOD with eyeliner, in like a weird sorta way, like, he can actually pull it off without looking too drag XDDDD

    I LOVE THEM ALL XDDDD Jin is…..Jin (^^||) but Maru is sooooo funny, AND HE CAN MAKE LOTS OF BUBBLES XDDDD

    Lol, you like Kame’s eyebrows? I don’t mind them in this photo, but they looked so….interesting….in Nobuta wo Produce XDDD

    LOL, they actually have a show called “Cartoon Kat-tun” XDDD You really should start fangirling Kat-tun with me, cos they’re really really funny XD.

    Haha, I’m not using any of those brands XD I currently have a Motorola, one of those shiny flippy ones. But I’m changing to the LG Viewty (it looks exactly like the Haptic). I just gotta wait till my contract ends >_____<

    I never know how to install themes, so I just don’t bother and stick with my boring default settings :P

    Jin = sexy. Especially when he DANCES. OMG. Have you watched his Pinky performance?? SO HOOOOOOOT.

    I think the reason I like Jin so much, is because he’s SO different from all the asian artists. Like, he’s not afraid to be himself, even if it makes him look like an arrogant idiot XDDD

    12 inch screen? I think mine is about that size too XDD

  9. xD I’m really good with names/faces.

    I’m that weird creepy girl who walks up and goes “Hi, ________. It’s been like a year and a half! …You don’t remember me, do you?” X< Priya tells me I’m a freak because I knew everyone from our district at state science fair, all the teachers, and all the room numbers of people from our school. T_T Oh well. It makes for easy stalking. xD

    HOMG LUCKY PERSON. I wish I had his signed boarding pass! xD How did he NOT get mobbed…? I mean…even if I didn’t know who he was, he’s just so good looking…

  10. LOL, I’m the exact opposite. I always give a blank face when someone comes up to me and goes “HIII, I’VE MISSED YOU” XDDDD I have a TERRIBLE memory ^^|||

    He flew ECONOMY with MERE MORTALS LIKE US :O:O:O:O:O. Imagine being squished up next to AKANISHI JIN for TWELVE HOURS. OMG. LUCKY PEOPLE!!!!!!

    How come stuff like that never happens to me :((((((

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