Posted by: potensvita | May 26, 2008

They cried, I cried.

Who are they? My Our beloved…. CSJH girls. Here, I am stealing the translation done by xman150 (I bet she or he likes Xman. XD Me too!!) on the entry of the girls regarding their concert. Oh yeah, they are in the ANATION LIST. ^_____________________________^

we are TSZX! You like^^

Sis don’t cry.

Our eyes meet!

dana’s entry.
Very Awesome.
Everyone thank you. being there live and being a part of the large crowd was really great.
Doing live is great.
We hope to do more live stuff! ^^

sunday’s entry.
The additional concerts has ended, and for a variety of reasons, writing the review is a little late. ^^;
Everyone pleas forgive me ~*^O^*
It was our first live concerts, but being with everyone, we had a bunch of fun ^____^
Everyone? Did you guys have fun?
Because we want to know, leave us a message ^^
We will be waiting!

stephanie’s entry.
I did not cry. ^^V
Lina-chan, Dana-chan, Sunday-chan. Chupa Chups…^____^ (must be an inside joke between the 4 of them)
It was nice to receive all your support during the concerts. Thank You.
PS. The concert’s will continue! Soon… (maybe this is what lina meant by busy summer, mini-concert tour is my guess.)

lina’s entry.
When we were singing the last song “I’ll Kiss You”, something went in my eye which kept me from singing properly. im sorry.
The same thing happened to Dana and Sunday. Don’t you think it’s weird how something can happen to the same people at the same time. ^^; (haha nice way of saying that she was tearing up)
You know what that means?…time for glasses!

This translation is done by xman150 @ soompi and please respect him by not taking it out. If you dont, you are a lowgrade person. :P

Anyway, I knew it! I knew that they will cry and why do I sound so sadist? Haha. but it is true. I can imagine all the hard work done and besides, this is the girls first ever concert done by themselves…. I would cry to if I were they. I wondered how is it the performance for 5 cm?


  1. This comment has nothing to do with the post. I was just wondering, has the link for previous entries always been labeled as “<<Newer Entries”? I was confused. -_-

  2. I wish these girls all the best in the future. They’ve worked so hard up until now and really, it’s time they reaped the fruits of their labour. Besides DBSK, I don’t think I’ve seen a group that’s worked any harder than they have, and despite their less-than-popular status in Japan, they continue to work as hard as when they first started. Honestly though, it must be painful seeing a group whose caliber they match (read: DBSK) gain the popularity they wish they also had in Japan.

    Nonetheless, I think this year will DEFINITELY be a good year for CSJH in terms of recognition, and I can’t wait to see them cry more happy tears! <3333333333

  3. @ muffinpaste

    I totally realized that a couple weeks ago, but I think it has to do with the original code for the layout. I think the designer (Beccary) would have to fix it herself; it’s not something PASee can fix. But yeah, it’s only slightly confusing. XD

  4. They’re such beautiful and talented girls <33. CSJH fighting~

  5. haha. I really love the word of encouragement from you guys, ^^

    I have no idea what you are talking about. A com idiot, that’s me. ^^ playmeagain explained it though.

    I never thought that you would considered them as coughbetterthancough DBSK. I think so too and it had been a mystery to me why they aren’t making it big? lol. This year will be good for them, hopefully. somehow, I had never been anxious whether they hit fame or not, I just hope that they are somewhere making music and I am already happy. ^^ oh, thanks for explaining

    ^______________^ i love fans like you guys. ^^

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