Posted by: lovediaries | May 27, 2008

Fancam – SuJu M Performing A Man in Love

{credit: MusicRandoms @ youtube}

This is a video from their appearance in Macau.

The video is short and it’s only a small segment of the song – they only danced, no singing. Then they got into position to perform U.

I don’t usually watch fancams but I really wanted to see how they would perform the choreography for A Man in Love with only 7 of them…and I think they did a pretty good job :) I liked how at the start it was Hankyung, Hae and Henry up the front lol ^__^

I just found it exciting because they’re also wearing new outfits! Here’s a picture:


I really like these outfits ^^ Especially Donghae’s. But that eye on his shirt gives me the creeps. I wish their stylists were more considerate though because they’re still wearing an infinite amount of layers and BLACK ABSORBS HEAT, DO THEY NOT KNOW THAT? After what happened with Kyu last time, I thought they would’ve learnt by now. It is very hot where the boys are and as much as I like these outfits, I rather them trudge around in a shirt and least the risk of getting a heat stroke is minimised :(

Oh and for those of you who don’t know, SJM were recently in HK (I think they’re still there?) doing promotion. They did an interview for TVB so *fingers crossed it will be aired here* Except judging from the mic up there, it was for the Music Channel on Cable so…I don’t think I’ll get to see them T__T WHY COULDN”T THEY HAVE WAITED TIL I GO BACK???? I might’ve been able to see them in person :((((

::EDIT:: I just rewatched the video, but this time I focused on the big screen. Um, EW @ Siwon’s pants!!!!!!! *cringe* First it was the spotty pants and now checkered pants?


  1. I really like their new outfits as well, but like you said, I read that it’s REALLY hot in China right now, and in all their pictures, everyone’s sweating like crazy. Kyuhyun should take off that black shirt he’s wearing :). I’m so excited they’re finally in Hong Kong, even though they’re only gonna be there for a day or so. I hope Henry says something in canto. I’ve always wanted to hear him say more after hearing him say “I love you” in canto.

  2. abc123zyx
    I know eh, I really don’t see the point in wearing soo many layers. Poor boys :( And even though Hankyung has no sleeves, his vest is leather, isn’t it? :S

    Yeah coz Henry’s parents are from HK and TW, aren’t they? So he has a good canto accent ^^ Like when he said “I love you” in canto he just sounded like any other canto boy :DDD I hope he gets to speak a lot of chinglish coz that is REALLY HOT :DDDDD

  3. Yeah! I so agree. Its summer in Asia right now so its SUPER HOT. :( The poor boys are surely perspiring their heads off. Though my eyes are having a feast with their new outfits… (I’m ♥-ing Kyu’s a lot! But why is Ryeowook still with scarves!? So not compatible with the hot weather)

    the Man in Love remix sounds really nice. and they did alter the choreography right? Henry’s Chinglish is so adorable! Lol. :)

    But they’re still looking so solemn in the picture :( This was from the charity concert right?

  4. ROFLOL, Donghae looks like SUCH a gangsta XDDDD

    I like HeRRy’s outfit. It’s so preppy and nice :PP

    I have to say, Ryeowook looks like a pretty little girl, in that picture~~ Haaaa~~~~

  5. xD CANTO PRIDE!! =D

    I likes their outfits. =] Henry looks so CUTE. <3 HOMG, Ryeowook does look like a girl, doesn’t he? And Siwon’s pants make me really depressed. T_T

    I do like the remix, though, and I think they pulled it off quite well, considering there were only seven of them. =] URKH I’m not going back till this Christmas! T_T Gosh, they should’ve waited half a year.

    Oh, god, I would DIE in black in China at this time of year. T_T How do they do it?

  6. They were practically flying while dancing to ‘Man in Love”
    *look mommy! flying asian men!* ~ gets shot XD ~
    How can they stand those hot clothes? I used to live in Cali and the weather was horrible done there & I usullay faint from the heat. I don’t know who their stylist(s) is/are but they need to 1) start changing their taste from winter clothes to summer clothes or 2) get fire or 3) Suju-M should make THEM go out there and dance in those hot clothes =D
    BUT they do look hot in the clothes, that I admit. Donghae looks all manlyin the picure; those suspenders(?) he’s wearing over his white shirt reminds me of a very *hot* police man. Siwon’s & Hangeng’s arms are sooooo muscular and totally worthy of a lot of drools =D””””””
    Henry looks so much like a squishable-mochi school boy!!! I just wanna play with his tie &……*coughhimcough*
    Is that Ryeowook sitting next to Hangeng??? Cause he is so freaking sexy & cute & soooooooo feminine; he looks like a misplace preppy girl who’s totally pimping out SuJu-M. Or do I just have on my visual-lesbian glasses & not see him behind ZhouMi & Kyuhyun, being short and all??? =P
    ZhouMi & Kyuhyun are wearing too much layers 8( they should diffinetly just get into stripper-mode and just simply strip for us, slllloooowly. Can anyone hear “ka-ching” as I slide out my credit card??? XD
    Heck, it’ll be even better if they do a wet t-shirt contest; it’ll cool them down from the heat & give us fan-girls more heart-attacks to be revive from. Oh yeah, I can imagine Donghae flipping his sexy wet hair at us in a slow circular motion, Siwon slowly toching his or Hangent’s fabulous abs teasingly, Henry doing some kind of sexy pose as they pour water over his flexible body, Kyuhyun…ok, I have tooooo much free-time on my hand since school’s out =^.^=
    LOL, I can hear my younger sister yelling “DOWN GIRL!” at me all the way from her school =D

  7. ilovejr
    Though my eyes are having a feast with their new outfits
    I know ^__^ They all look soo nice but none of their outfits are compatible with the weather xDD Yeah, I’m sure they’ve changed the choreography which is probably why it still looks so good. Nope, this is from an award show (It’s written behind them). Well I’m sure the thought of the earthquake is still heart shattering and they’re all really tired so they have every right to look solemn. They deserve a break!!! Poor boys :(

    A CUTE GANGSTA :DDDDD AAHAHA Herry is looking very nice and preppy. Lol, I actually didn’t notice Wook’s girliness until I looked closer. His hair O__________O

    Oooooh are you canto as well? I think you’re the only other canto person on this site. I think *hi5* :DDD Omg you’re going back to HK this Christmas!! ME TOO! We’ll probably see each other on the street and we wouldn’t even know :D They can do it because these boys are magnificent :D

    OMG ROFLMAO XDD I laughed like an insane person @ your comment. Do you by any chance write fanfics? Of the smut sort? LOL AHAHA omg but damn, you didn’t get to finish off with wat Kyu and Wook were up to *wiggles eyebrows* LOL XD
    I KNOW O_O Seriously, people need to start watching the news to find out the WEATHER. Grrrr, it annoys me because I’m sure I’d be able to do a better job as their stylist XD And I’d probably do other things for them as well…for free!!! Lol, as to what other sort of jobs, well, really, I’m up for anything :DD
    Yeah, suspenders are hot. Mmmmmm…suspenders….*wipes up drool* And yes omg Siwon’s arms *______* *would like to touch* hahahaha AND OMG YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH HENRY’S TIE XD SERIOUSLY YOU’RE KILLING ME

  8. @ candychu–Nope I don’t write smut. I usually start giggling a lot from the lack of coordination & storyline most fanfics have so i don’t even try to write them. Besides, if it takes me three weeks to write a bibliography; I can imagine how long it will take me to write a fanfic. >. O.O “…me like…”
    I also wanna play with Ryeowook’s white scarf(s) but then I might forget that Wookie’s is actually a guy and not a lost preppy girl thus ending with me feeling all weird for touching a female inappropriately. Nope, if I wanna play with a scarf then I’ll just stick to Kyuhyun’s…but seriously, are we missing a season here? I thought it was summer time NOT winter ~.~||
    I know, WE can dress up them up together!!! We probably do a much betttttttttter job than their current stylist(s). And, imagine all the bonus groping we’ll get XD

  9. @crazylove21

    HOMG Can I please, please, pretty please be invited to dress them up with you??? Clothes = fun. =] Groping Suju-M = INSTANT NOSEBLEED. And more fun. =D And, having read your previous comment…-drool- I WANT. YUMMY. sdhfliwefjaldhf -incoherent spazz-.


    xD YAY CANTO PEOPLE! Ooh, cool. ‘cept I’m actually going back to HK, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and possibly Fujian. xD But we should totally keep a record of which streets we walked down at what time and compare notes when we’re back. xDD

  10. crazylove21
    OMG 3 wks to write a bibliography? Those things are sooo gay. I lost marks on an assignment once upon a time coz my bibliography wasn’t detailed enough. WELL IM SORRY I DIDN WRITE MY OWN BRAIN DOWN. Sheesh, science teachers are the worst. Lucky I don’t do it anymore *does happy dance*

    Oh well … what part of Wook were you intending to touch …. LOL XDDD omg yes we should so totally dress them up or down LOL I BAGS KYU + HAE + HENRY. Oh the fun I would have *cackles*

    wow you’re going to so many places XDD Ahaha OMG I’m hoping SJM will go back again but if theyre in HK while im in America, I will seriously shoot someone. For reals.

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