Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 28, 2008

SJ in Thailand

Pictures: As tagged

There are HEAPS more pictures (133) here

They were there to promote Super Show (which is happening in June)

Heechul must cut his hair, like NOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. He looks like a gender confused GIRL XDDDDD

I’m totally loving Eunhyuk and Yesung’s hairstyles. THEY LOOK SO GOOOOOOOD *____________* And Shindong’s perm ROFLOL XDDDD I thought it was a wig.

I’m not sure why SJ-T and Yesung, were the only people to attend the press conference….I miss the other boys :(( ESPECIALLY KIBUM.

I’ve just come back from my two day hiatus XD (did you notice?) cos I was starting to get bored with blogging. But now I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack :DDD So I’ll reply to all your comments later tonight :D! Oo, AND, I’m so happy that people have been reading my KAT-TUN posts! Jin’s picture got 24 clicks yesterday! :DDDDD!!!!


  1. OH EM GEEEEEEEEEEE!!! HYUK LOOOOKKSSSS GORGEOUSSS *drools* is it just me or does that boy just keep getting hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and i could keep going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on but then you might kill me (even though i know you love me too much to kill me right? right? *puppy dog eyes* haha) so i shall stop here.

    BUT MY GOSH HIS SO SMEXY!!! and omg i die whenever i see him in a suit, well technically it looks like his wearing a vest, but its all black and its a vest/suit which still makes him loook hawt so whatever but omg *hyperventilates* Oh and did i mention I AM LOVING HIS HAIR THESE DAYS!!! Please keep it like this for the concert! Please with a cherry on top? haha do i sound retarded? Cold weather = brain freeze, except hyuks turning on the heat for me XDD hahahaha…

    (CANDYCHU ARE YOU SPAZZING OVER THIS LIKE ME!?!?! cuz I know PASee wont and i dont want to be the only one looking like some retard hyuk lover!! XD)

  2. Hahah woops i was to spazzing over Hyuk so forgot to mention that SUNGMIN IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! <33 I want to pinch his cheeks, ruffle his hair and give him a great big bear hug and big fat kiss XD


    *releases hold on shift key* xPPPP

    Okay, now, onto the others xD
    Sungmin ‘s face is so round *squish* but please don’t pin your hair back like that XD I’m glad Teuk’s palm tree is gone WOOT~! But um is it a rule where only a few members are allowed to have good hair *cough*yesung*cough*hyuk*cough* and so the others have to suffer? *COUGH*HEECHUL*COUGH*SHINDONG*COUGH*

    If I was their stylist, I’d be nice and give them all good hair :DDDD

    AND SERIOUSLY the boys are sweating and theyre wearing black dress shirts. DO PPL NOT READ ABOUT THE WHETHER ??

  4. Beckery:

    LOL, so you like Eunhyuk, huh? XDDDDD

    I’d never kill you, I’d just whack you repeatedly over the head with my French textbook till you shuddup :PPPPPPPPP

    Kiddiiiiinngggg, I <3 you :P

    I love what he’s wearing! AND HIS HAIR <33333333333333333!!!!!! The first picture I ever saw of Eunhyuk, was of him during the Haengbok days, and omg, that turned me off SJ for the longest time XDDDDDDD BUT NOW HE HAS NICE HAIR :DDDD.

    Sungmin looks SO smiley in those pictures! HE LOOKS LIKE A BUNNY :D.

    “releases hold on shift key”? You know you could’ve just used Caps Lock, right? xPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP


    I want Teukie to have his Haengbok hair :'((( But anything is better than that palm tree XDDD

    Heechul NEEDS to chop off ALL his hair. I prefer short hair Heechul. He looked so young and handsome with short hair :P

    Lol, I reckon their stylists punishes them by giving them bad hair XD Man, the DBSK stylist must HATE Micky XDDD

  5. PASee
    Lol, I can’t believe you just asked beckery that question. And her answer would be “no” because the question you should’ve asked was “So you love Eunhyuk, huh?” Hyuk to her is like Changmin to me LOL so yeah, he’s pretty high up there on her list :P hahahaha

    LOL shush :P Idk, I like pressing down on the shift key. I actually hate the caps lock key. It annoys me when I accidentally press it coz then everything comes out all agro.

    And bcoz of the link you just gave me I completely lost my train of thought and I shall stop here before I@($@!START*@($!BASHING%&#*$#@(*THE#)$*#($*!KEYBOARD#)(*%@(#$*!(#*$!(*$!(

  6. @ PASee
    I was sitting here rubbing my eyes cuz I THOUGHT I WAS READING SOMETHING WRONG!!! I cant believe you actually asked me that omg omg..GET OUT!! Now! Oh wait this is your site darnnitt hahaha…Im sooo tempted to get that text book of yours AND WHACK YOU ON THE HEAD WITH IT!!! LOL

    But im assuming all my Dongwan love talk has gotten you confused haha. So to clear it up, yes Dongwan is definitely either No.1 or 2 up in my list <3, but Hyuk would be a very close 2nd or 3rd up there too…Dont make me choose please lol.. And Yes he is definitely my favourite Suju even though i told you before that i “try” not to play favourites. Just doesnt work *sighs*…

    Hahaha yea Hyuk during Haengbok days was just awkward *giggles* but it was kinda cute haha (Im biased ok? *pokes tongue out*)..I remember one of the first pictures i saw of him was at popseoul and he was sporting the most horrendous mushroom/bowl cut ever!! I wanted to chop his hair off. But now-a-days he just looks totally gorgeous and im really digging the hairstyle. He must have finally gotten on the noona hairstylists goodie goodie list unlike the others =S

    @ Candychu
    Thank you for telling PASee how totally insane she is for asking me that question haha..And to think that she should actually know who my favourite members are by now =_= …lol Im trying to play the guilt card on her XD..But gosh you know me to well. *hi 5* and i lovvveeee your answer..especially the “Hyuk to her is like Changmin to me” hahaha cuz we all know how much you love Changmin <3333 ohh and are you by any chance talking about the ummm accident involving *cough* hahaha was that coded enough? =PP CUZ OMG I AM WORRIED AND PEED OFF TOO!!

  7. Both of you:


    Of course I knew about Eunhyuk being Beckery’s favourite SJ boy. I just said that in response to her very very very spazzy comment about him XD||| But it’s hard to sound sarcastic on the internet…:'(((

    And the first picture I saw of Eunhyuk was the popseoul one!!!! It was SUCH a turn-off XD

    I hope *cough* is okay, and that *cough*’s *cough* is all good now. *cough* is a big *cough*, he’ll be alright ^___^

  8. PASee + BBBBBB
    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I seriously could not tell it was sarcasm. You needed to insert a *wink* or SOMETHING lol. But LMAO me and beckery are so slow T_____T

    Ahaha took me a while to realise what *cough* was because I couldn’t even remember what *I* said in my own comment XDD IFAIL but also because beckery SUCKS at ‘codes’. Almost as bad as PASee and her sarcasm :PP
    But em it’s okay, guys, I called *cough* last night and he told me not to worry so ALL IS GOOD…Omg, I wish ;________________;

    Oh and MEANEST THING HAPPENED TODAY. Seriously, lend me a txtbook so I can use it to whack my friends on the head. They were trying to define ‘antithesis’ and this was the example they used: “good looking” and “Changmin”… CLEARLY they confused that word with synonym xDDD

  9. PASee and CANDee

    I’m going to simply say 4 words: WE’RE ALL TOTAL FAILURES!!!

    Ok i lie..saying that isnt sufficient enough for a person who likes to talk like me XD

    LMAO PASee that was the biggest fail of sarcasm i have ever seen!!! YOU really need to touch up on your sarcasm skills so maybe if your nice to us, me and CANDee will sit you down and give you some lessons on it =PPP hahaha..oh and of course spaz about HYUK while we’re at it <3333

    AND YOU CANDee totally fail at decoding..pfftttt..its not “I” that suck at coding, its you that suck at decoding. I mean EVEN PASee got it……… dot dot……hahahahhah…oh and LOL at your friends..I’ll lend you my biology text book, which is big enough to kill an elephant XD maybe with you in jail, i’ll have a bigger chance with hyuk, hae, changmin and all the other boys XD what are friends for right?!?! LOL

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