Posted by: lovediaries | May 28, 2008

Who would want to run from Jae?


Lol, the link on these photos have been erased so I’m not sure who to credit but I found these off DongBangPeia blog @ Sina.

Now, I know it was a very dangerous thing that Vik did, but when I saw these photos, I couldn’t help but laugh. IM SORRY! And it’s probably really hypocritical of me to post such stalker-ish pics but…well…I’m sure you all love me for it, right?

Maybe Jae smelt that day so Vik had to leap out the window? Lol, I can’t think of any other explanation XD


But yeah, I’m sorry for laughing m(__)m I realise it was also very dangerous for Jae to get out in front of moving traffic to save his runaway dog…


  1. NOW… I love Jae more than oxygen, as we all know… BUT for some reason: these pictures make it seem like this kind of thing has happened before. *giggles*. Vik is SUCH a playful dog; he’s probably just not used to being in car by himself and not very used to owner either =(

    although, this just goes to show how !fail! Jaejoong is at times. “And I say that with all the love in the world.”

  2. jae spends so much time as umma that i suppose he totally nagged vik’s ear off after that.

    or he’s just being jae’s dog and went “why is yunho going that way? I MUST FOLLOW HIM!” *jumps out of car*

    or “That woman has the most atrocious clothes ever. i must remove them from the face of the planet. NOW.”

    and after jae has ushered him back into the car: “what do you MEAN people don’t do that? *stare* i am not PEOPLE. *tries again only to find window is up*

  3. LMAO XDDDD that is soooooooooooooo cute XDDDD

    My dog once jumped out the window (and you know how tiny my dog is), but thankfully it was in our on driveway, otherwise people would’ve mistaken her for a plastic bag (i often do XD) and ran her over :S:S

    Lol, while I’m on the topic of my dog, the other day she was in the car with me, and because she’s so little, she had to stand on the handle bar on the passengers side in order to stick her head out the window, but she accidentally stepped on the window control, and jammed her nose XDDD Now she refuses to go near the front seat, and runs away whenever I use the window control button XDDDDDD

  4. LMAO!!


    I saw these on Soompi. Like yesterday.

    Now all i can fantasize about jumping out the window, and Jae coming and picking me up… T_T


    I would love for my dog to be that cute..and big.

    Mines all small..and hyper..very annoying.
    But I love him..^^

    I love their dogs!
    I want to see more of them soon!

  5. LMAO. Now I’m wondering what it would be like to be Vik and have Jaejoong run after me xD. I don’t know why I find these pictures to be so incredibly funny.

  6. It was pretty funny (must have scared the shit out of Jaejoong when he jumped out!!), but I think Vick might have hurt himself. ;^; It looks like he didn’t get up until Jaejoong went to him. Poor stupid doggy. lol

  7. ^ I meant Vix not Vick, lol

  8. hahaha!
    so funny
    Jae’s dog actually wanted to run away from him! omg. he doesn’t know how lucky he is to have him as his owner.

    *evil grinz.

    not that i hope that im the dog though :D

  9. nanshi
    Lol the main reason I have for loving Jae is that he is made of fail XDDD Hhaha, I know what you mean by saying this sort of thing has probably happened before…Jae seems relatively calm to hop out of his car to retrieve his runaway dog xD And Vik is just too adorable ^___^

    LMAO I LOVE YOUR THEORY XDD This one’s my favourite and after jae has ushered him back into the car: “what do you MEAN people don’t do that? *stare* i am not PEOPLE. *tries again only to find window is up*
    Omg, if the other members had been there they probably would’ve ROFLed @ Jae xD

    :O:O:O But your dog is SO SMALL it would’ve been a big jump. Vik is about the same height as the car so technically it just ‘stepped’ out xD
    Omg poor doggy!!! I’ve never had any part of me stuck between a closing window but one time my Aunty had her finger out the window and my dad started closing it and it actually made her bleed…externally :S

    LOL Isn’t it sad how fans actually want to be a dog just to be with Jae??? xDDD Sitting up the front as his gf would be a better option, don’t you think? *wiggles eyebrows*

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to find them incredibly funny xDD I didn’t know if people found me insensitive or not…GUESS NOT!!!

    Omg if that ever happened to me I’d freak out O______O But I’d be more embarrassed bcoz cars would be driving past while I have to go get my dog who ran away xDD
    Lol or maybe Vik decided it’d be fun to play roly poly in the middle of the road ?? xD

    Hahaha I know eh! Not everyone is lucky enough to even be in the ‘presence’ of Jae. What an ungrateful doggie xDDD

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