Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 29, 2008

Look what I found on my Kpop hiatus :D

I think I’ve already mentioned in another post, that I was kind of sick of Kpop (yes, it’s possible), so for the last few days, I’ve been following Jpop xP.

Anyway, I found some JE boys who can SING. WELL. (it’s shocking). Most people probably know of this group already, but I’m in a sharing mood.

This group who can sing, is the temporary JE group, Tegomass, and is made up of NewS’ Tegoshi Yuya, and Masuda Takahisa. Tegoshi is actually one of the only NewS boys I can recognise (I only know Yamapi and Ryo), but I don’t really listen to NewS, so I had no idea he could sing. I just knew that he couldn’t dance XDDDDD

BUT, I was pleasantly surprised. These two boys are one of the few JE boys who, imo, can sing quite well. THEY CAN HARMONISE WITH EACH OTHER, OMG *sings hallelujah chorus*. It may seem like a normal thing to you, but it always brings me such joy whenever I hear harmonisation in JE songs XDDDDD

Tegomass has so far released two singles, with their third one coming out in June. And get this, THEY SING LOTS OF BALLADS. OH, SO MANY HAPPY TEARS *_____________________*

Here’s the PV for their latest single, “Aiaigasa” – due for release June 18th.

Directly translated, the title means “love umbrella”. I think it has something to do with people sharing umbrellas when it rains, and then becoming special friends after they’ve spent some time together under the umbrella (kinda like when you’re stuck in the lift with someone? XD IDK).

In the MV, the two boys are wearing frilly white clothes, and spraying water on innocent school children XD

Lol, ok, I’ll try describe this in a more poetic way.

Tegomass somehow have the ability to control rain, and I think they’re supposed to be up in the air? and they use special shower-heads to spray water and that results in rain in another realm. There’s a little boy in that other realm (more commonly known as Earth) and he has a special yellow umbrella. Enter little girl. The little girl doesn’t have an umbrella, and she ducks under the little boy’s umbrella, and they become special friends.

The rain ends, and the little girl leaves. The little boy stands there in the sun, with his bright yellow umbrella, all smiley, as if he’s saying “SCORE, I just shared my yellow umbrella with a GIRL”.

In between shots of the little boy and the little girl, you get some scenes of the Tegomass boys spraying each other with water, while still in their white frilly outfits, which causes them to look quite gay very happy.

Er….how was that poetic? IDEK XDD||||

ANYWAY, it’s a good song, probably one of my favourite JE ballads, so GO LISTEN. Ooo, and Tegoshi looks so so pretty in this (he’s the blonde one). I’d never paid much attention to him (on the rare occasion that I watched NewS, my gaze was glued to Yamapi and Ryo) so I don’t know what he looked like with normal coloured hair, but omg, he’s super cute as a blonde ^______^

Edit: An english Tegomass song! Their English pronunciation is super cute, but 10 lollies for you if you can distinguish the lyrics XDDD

“Suuuupoooooooo” xDDDD


  1. NewS is definitely my number one Jpop group, and how awesome is it that they have not one, but two singers who can actually, you know, SING! Tegoshi is by far the best singer in JE at the moment, imo.

    He does look really cute as a blond, but I prefer him with brown hair. Oh, and he can actually (sort of) dance now (or at least, be slutty enough to make it seem like dancing). Have you heard his solos? Simply amazing.

    When I got into NewS, it took me a long time to be able to see past Ryo, but I’m glad I did because they’re all awesome.

    Lol, Miso Supoo is epic win.

  2. omg Tegomass is releasing a new single!?!?! I thought they were a one-time thing. *weeps with joy* When they first came out I was surprised at how well those two could harmonize. :D If you want to hear more pretty NewS vocals listen to the song ‘Ai Nante’. It’s from their Pacific album and it’s sung by Tegoshi, Shige, and Ryo. It’s gorgeous, even for a J.E. song. <3

    BTW in Japan umbrellas are seen as super romantic because back in the day that was the only time in was acceptable for an unmarried man and a women to stand that close to each other in public (in fact instead of putting you and your lovers name inside a heart like most teens do they write their names under an umbrella:

  3. Awww, that makes me ridiculously happy. =D That’s so adorable. So, so, so adorable. =D For some reason, I find the showerheads really cute. (LOL I’m such a WEIRDO). And aww, Tegoshi makes such a cute blonde. xD I wish I were that pretty blonde…. (only tried it once for a cosplay, and…xD well, he’s prettier than I am anyway. >.>)

    Mm, I’ve heard tons about NewS, since most of my friends are much more into J-pop/rock than K-pop. =] Not really a fan, but this is just so, so cute. =D And a little cracky. xD

  4. awww I have just discovered tegoshi-kun after watching My Boss My hero and I find him interesting so i search more about him and discovered he was a singer and ahaha he was the singer of ai ai gasa (which was used for the music in the end of the anime Neo Angelique) ! I didn’t know it was Tegomass who was singing it but everytime i was listening to it my heart was so so happily dancing and jumping!ahah such good memories ^^ so I know this feeling when you say they can harmonize !! this is so true!! and yeah people who can SING in live are so rare nowadays… most of the singers (even the most famous) doesn’t know how to sing well in live so I think this is important to say and recognize it when someone is TRULY able to sing!

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