Posted by: potensvita | May 31, 2008

My Most Anticipated Group of Midhalf 08 year

Girl Group.

There were so many MANY GIRLS GROUP in the year of 07. I can’t even count. I had even forgotten their names. However, there are a few that stayed in my man and I was going to return to them after they had performed a bit. You could say I tag them in my mind.

After so long (about a year, later which is now), I could tell you exactly who I anticipate the most from.

~cue drums~

It would be KARA.

KARA from the same company as SS501, DSP entertainment(?) was my personal favourite group of 07. (CSJH the Grace was already the queen of girl group in my heart. I swore loyalty to them. <3) They were new and well, vocally talented. I sampled their music online and their mini album was ranked second behind CSJH’s One more time, ok? album. Sigh….. Now, as I listened to them, I can’t help but to miss them.

Because one of the main vocalist, Sung Hee had to leave KARA due to her studies. I love this group and hoped that … well, nothing changed in the group. Here, I heard that there were audition for two more members in April but nothing official had been released from them. SIGH.

Now, I am going to upload a song that I think … was the best from their mini album. (It is so hard to choose.>.<)

As for performance, I can’t choose because I keep on going back to their …. radio LIVE PERFORMANCE. haha.

It was their radio performance that kills me awed me.

I am going to be a bit prejudice, Sung Hee singing Mariah Carey – My All.

The girls are singing Come On Over by Christina Aguilera(?).

credit : pimkc @ Youtube

My recommendation from their mini album …

I’ll Be There by Kara.


Blogging about them made me feel great. I just hope that you guys will sample them. ^^


  1. I really, really love Sung Hee’s voice <33333. I’m sad she left the group, but I hope she can find success in whatever she wants to do. KARA fighting~.

  2. sigh . me too, i love love sung hee’s voice. Wished that the company will produce song that will release the power of her voice but …. sigh
    TRIPLE SIGH. I wish they have success with the additional two members. but it won’t be the same without sung hee. T.T

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