Posted by: lovediaries | May 31, 2008

Super Junior H

I still have mixed feelings about this group just because I find it pointless that SM creates a new subgroup with members which are already part of another? But at the same time I’m glad Yesung is able to take part in some singing activities again because I don’t think KRY will ever release anything…ever again :( And it’s pretty sad that Kibum is still not part of a subgroup; but apparently, he said he would never join a subgroup? IDK, I just read that off somewhere with absolutely no source so lol you can basically pretend I never wrote it xD Maybe he mentioned it in his monologue? But I still haven’t watched that…along with another third of SJ *twiddles thumbs*

Anyways according to Wiki (they already have their own page – fans are so efficient!):

Super Junior-H’s music style involves the common style of contemporary dance music, mainly targeting the industry with their fun and entertaining style. Super Junior-H’s debut single, “Cooking? Cooking!” is a dance track with refreshing rhythm and quirky lyrics. Their goal is to give fans feelings of bliss and happiness with their music.

And here’s the mini-album tracklist:

{Source: sj-market; Translation:13GAIA}

“가자(GO!GO!)” Written by Yoon Myungsun
“꿀단지(SUNNY)” Written by KENZIE
“둘이(YOU&I)” Written by Lee Heesung/Sungjin/Ahn Eunjin/Kwon Hyuksung
“요리왕(COOKING?COOKING!)” Written by ROZ
“잘해봐(GOOD LUCK!)” Written by ROZ
“파자마파티(PAJAMA PARTY)” Written by Park Haewoon/Lee Seungho

I’ve read that the release date is June 5 but I’ve also read it’s June 6. Anyways, I guess I’m still going to be looking forward to their album! I loved SJT’s songs so I hope SJH’s will be just as great ^___^

Oh and here’s their Baidu Bar!!

::EDIT:: I just read that their debut performance will be @ Dream Concert and apparently the point of SJH is to have a group which can focus on Japan. I really hope that’s not true because Sungmin’s Japanese is really bad XDDD But apart from that, I don’t want Suju to split up even more. And their concept doesn’t even sound like it has been designed to fit into the Japanese market…so fingers crossed this was just a fanmade rumour :S


  1. Yea, I too am having mixed feelings about this whole subgroup thing so i’ll shut up in case I say something stupid that will get me killed by your readers =P haha..

    BUT I would just like to say that if they add HAE into the group so i can have my dose of EUNHAE then it would truly be Super junior HAPPY because i would be a very very very very happy fangirl!!! But no, thats not the case so I HATE YOU SM!!! *pout*

    Hmm the tracklist looks pretty good. But its probably all dance track which sucks cuz im a ballad lover as well. So fingers cross for at least a ballad XD Ohhh and they have two songs written by ROZ..If i remember correctly, ROZ composed V.O.S’s title track “Beautiful Life” and i LOVE that song, so hopefully the two songs this time wont let me down ^^

  2. Why are u not online so i can talk to you? haha i’ll just keep commenting here hoping your readin this XD I really think thats just a fanmade rumour. As much as I love them, I doubt their ready to hit the Japanese music industry and frankly, I dont really think any of them can talk Japanese really well =S I think its more of a subgroup to distract the korean ELFs and make up for the lack of SJ activities in korea atm with all the excitement going on in China with SJM..

    About them debuting at Dream Concert makes me feel a little upset. Yes! I want to watch them debut, but i was actually hoping for an all 13 performance throughout the thing, so im crossing my fingers again that its just a rumour.

    On another note, i just read in Soompi a little part where EunTeuk mentioned on sukira about when the SJM boys (minus ZM? i think) came home and how Hae was shouting nonstop and how happy they all were.<333 It just made me really happy XXDD I think Hyuk even said “I thought I would cry”..*sighs* I know, i know baby, you must be missing Hae like crazy =( and omg imagine if they were aimed for Japan. SJH would be in japan, SJM would be in china and Heebum would be in korea..*cries* SM cant possibly do that yea? yea?

  3. I don’t LIKE happy music.


    Ahahaha, the “H” reminds me of that thing in the brain analysis I showed you xDDDDDD

    *covers mouth and giggles*

  4. b
    no I’m not online xP Aren’t you proud? Except…I’m still blogging xDD LOL! Well, come on, I can’t do maths straight for like 2 hrs…thats just insane XD It’s okay, I have 5 more exercises left before I can move onto the nxt subject :P

    And no one would ever want to kill you *huggles* ‘

    You know, as long as Hyuk and Shindong do some cracktastic rapping like in Rokkugoh, I may be able to forgive SM just this once. But it has to be just as funny…hmmms….

    Omg, I still haven’t got a hold of VOS’ songs T_T Grrr, and I was listening to my friend’s ipod with her and we were listening to Epik High and omg I also need to get their new album XD I guess I shouldn’t be complaining since it’s all good music…but you know it’s times like these where I wish I could just get whatever with a snap of my fingers xD

    I don’t think they’re ready either hahaha and yeah, it probably is another one of SM’s plot to make more money while distracting the ELFs from the other members. EVIL MAN!!!

    AND OMG I READ THAT TOO <33333333333333 It was like my first dose of Eunhae for WEEKS (months?) and *I* nearly wept tears of joy. I wonder what the boys got up to after they reunited with the others. Awwwww. So if Zhou Mi was the only one not to have returned does taht mean Henry went? You reckon he’ll be at the Dream Concert too? :))))

    lol exactly, and even when I’m stressed, Happy music just stresses me out even more !!!!

    OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOO You’ve ruined the clean happy image I had of SJH. Omg…now I can’t even type that letter without thinking back to what it ‘really’ means xDDD *giggles with you*

  5. i don’t really mind. but heechul is left out…


    but i’m happy because suju has reunited… but does this mean suju – m is on hiatus? they can’t go to china every second day…. so what will henry and zhou mi do? won’t zhou mi be missing his members?

    i can imagine hae shouting…lol

  6. libby96
    its okay, i think heechul has another drama which is why

    well sooner or later, it’s gonna be 13 members again (super show has to continue!) and dream concert is for one night T___T it’ll be fine

    lol well we cant expect sjm to be working every single hour…they need their rest too! its probably good for zhou mi and henry (unless he’s performing) bcoz they’re still “new” and already have had to work non stop

    yeah i was thinking that too. maybe hankyung will call him every night :P

    and hae is just too cute <333

  7. i can now imagine hangeng ringing zhou mi. and when zhou mi picks up, he’ll be like ‘HANGENNNGGGG!!!!’ and be all happy and cute. zhou mi will be wearing sky-blue striped pajamas…^^

    yeah, it is good for them to rest… but its because i’m selfish and want to see more of them…

    hunan tv is still showing the earthquake programs…
    strictly come dancing has been on hiatus for over 3 weeks now…
    still waiting for ‘beihoudegushi’ and ‘yongwanzhiqian’….
    and suju m never went to happy citadel…(kuailedabenying)… i was expecting them too… that show is so good.
    but maybe because hangeng and siwon went on last time? but then again, hangeng has been on yuecheyuekaixin before..

  8. bah… I think the only reason Super Junior created SJ-H was because of the lack of SJ-M in Korea. I mean… SuJu’s major contenders (Donghae, Shiwon) and not to mention 2/3 of their best vocalists (Kyu & Wook) are all currently doing China promos… the domestic fans must be feeling a little left out. Although the suspicion that SJ-H is to concentrate on Japan isn’t entirely unfounded; I mean, with 13 members, you can definitely afford to spread them out thinly enough. Plus, why else would they shove Yesung (vocals) and Heechul (typical Japanese-boy looks) in there as well?

    Nothing really ever comes to fruition with SuJu’s subgroups though (aside from SJ-M, but that’s a little different), cause don’t they usually get together for promotional reasons (like KRY for that drama and T for some special promo about trot music?)…? Eh, not a fan of subgroups in general, but it will be nice to see some exposure, BUT why the need to create an “official” subgroup? It’s weird. and H for Happy?! bahhh….~

  9. libby96
    lol, this is gonna sound completely random, but the other day as i was walking home, i suddenly thought of hankyung’s imitation of zhou mi doing “aegyo” omg SO CUTE the way he shook his head XDDDD

    you live in australia don’t you? how come u get hunan tv? do you have TVB and like all 11 other channels? xDD

    lol yeah, that probably is why. SJH is a tool to distract the lost ELFs xDD But um Heechul isn’t in SJH…I just don’t find SJH ‘attractive’ to the Japanese market :S Which is why I rly hope that is just a rumour. But yeah, I hate how these ‘official’ sub groups last for one CD and then that’s it (though I’m hoping SJM is really an exception and we can expect a 2nd or maybe even 3rd album?) Coz I absolutely LOVE all of KRYs songs and I desperately want more. Even though there are othe rmembers who are also good singers, KRY just sound so perfect together *________*
    Why doesn’t SM ever listen to me? XDD

  10. OH, my bad… I thought I saw him in a picture of SJ-H, but probably not. I see Heechul (and his excellent new girly hair) everywhere these days. haha.

  11. If it’s true that SJ-H is aimed at the Japanese market, it’s about time, since so many Korean groups have been doing that. I really don’t want SJ to split up any more though. If SJ-H stays in Japan and SJ-M in China… *refuses to think about that* I really like the picture of SJ-H though. It’s really cheerful, and I can’t wait to hear their album.

  12. i live in sydney…
    you do too?
    come over one day… :p ^^
    we had to install it so we have this satellite dish on the roof.
    and then my dad insisted on installing cctv so we could watch the olympics… ^^”
    and, yeah, we do have hunan tv, and most other channels like phoenix and huayu, even bloomberg and fashion tv… and i think we have tvb 8. lol, last year, i saw channel v broadcasting suju t’s rokkugoh…
    i had only heard of suju about a week before, and i wasn’t a fan then.
    my reaction was like: ‘…. wth??’

  13. nanshi
    haha yeah, I can’t get that image of Heechul and his feminine hair out of my head either xDD I was going to post a picture of SJH but it was everywhere so I didn’t bother xDD

    But SM are already sending CSJH over to Japan this yr :( I can’t have all my favourite bands heading to Japan. It means they never return until they’ve secured a good spot in their market…like DBSK :( They should send SNSD over though…I’m sure the Jap boys would like that xDD

    hahaha thanks for the invite ^^ oh yeah, we have a dish on our roof too but TVB people did it for us. Oh wow you have so many channels!!! I wanted the Korean channel but they broadcast the same series over and over so I found it pointless and didnt bother. At one stage I also wanted tvb8 but now I hardly listen to tw music anymore or watch their series so it doesn’t matter xDD

  14. lol, i haven’t been watching tv for a long time…
    hunan tv isn’t actually doing anything interesting now…

  15. libby96
    Yeah, I hardly have time for tv anymore too. It’s mainly the internet XD BUT i’m watching Forensic Heroes 2 on TVB atm and I love it <3
    Oh and I’m still waiting for Strictly Come Dancing to air T___T HURRY UP TVB, GRRRRR

  16. aha…strictly come dancing has been on hiatus for 3 weeks + now…
    in december, tvb aired it. we were at this family friends house, and they have all the channels…and i watched like 5 minutes of it. that might have been the second airing session for tvb though, bc it was like 3 months late… lol
    hunan tv broadcasts it live though. maybe you can ask your parents?
    and there are shows like happy citadel. and yuecheyuekaixin used to be broadcasted by hunan.
    last year’s strictly come dancing was better though…
    yuhaoming is on this years… WHY NOT WEI CHEN????
    but last year, i think they danced better and STEPHEN WAS ON IT!!!

  17. libby96
    oh no, I watched like a bit of the 1st season, but I mean the one with SJM on it :DDD I’ll only watch that ep anyway bcoz I don’t particularly love any of the contestants and cbb watching it. Contests stress me out wayyy too much anyway xD

  18. the week after suju m performed…
    there was this korean breakdancer as guest. HE WAS SO GOOD! LOL at the music he danced too though.
    i’ve watched the suju m part like 5x on tv…we recorded it and i just kept on replying continuously, lol, until my mum kicked me out of the tv room. T_T
    last year, chae yeon was a contestant …. wait, no, that was on ‘just the two of us’… she was with bao jian feng. mingshengdaheng, or just the two of us was this singing comp for celebs. they came third.
    and there was also kanmiyoun from baby v.o.x there too… she was paired with anson hu….and they won…
    BUT WEI CHEN WAS COMPETING TOO! he came second.
    AND BATTLE WAS GUEST ON ‘JUST THE TWO OF US’! THEY SANG WITH KANMIYOUN (jianmeiyan)…THE SONG WAS ‘wild eyes’… A SHINHWA SONG (but since they are the ‘second shinhwa’) !!
    *but i missed that episode… i was on holidays* >.<

    and on last years superboy, (weichen came third there) JUNJIN FROM SHINHWA CAME AS A GUEST! I WATCHED THAT PART, AND WAS GOING OMG HE IS SO HOT!!! but i actually wasn’t a fan then…

    i’m not sure if this is all actually coherent….

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