Posted by: potensvita | June 1, 2008

Get yourselves HERE!

I aren’t kidding. I am crying because I am so torn.

I hate downloading leaked stuff and if I were to sample a stuff, it would be after their release, usually TWO WEEKS after.

This time, I had downloaded HERE by CSJH the Grace. I missed them so much. haha. I can’t believe this.

I could actually scream in excitement. On another hand, why is this song leaked out so darn early? haha.

and I was supposed to be studying. TT

HERE sampling.


  1. Nice song!

    I hope it’ll do well on the charts!! *top 20!!*

    BTW, I really like the Kara song, I even have it on my ipod now ^______^

  2. lol. thanks for sampling. ^^
    glad that you like KARA too.

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