Posted by: lovediaries | June 1, 2008

SuJu M Interview in Hong Kong

{credit: symbelmyn @ youtube}

You guys have noooooooo idea how many times I refreshed the page and how long it took for me to load this video (in fact, it’s still loading as I type this) BUT everyone’s been going on about the boys’ canto so how can I not watch this?? Canto pride!!!!! Lol so I decided to do my work while waiting for the video – I’m so efficient, aren’t I? Hehe :P

Okay so as you all know, the boys were recently in HK doing promotion for their album. Lucky the fan who was holding up the “Only 13” sign had her face covered or I would go hunt her down when I go back to HK T____T and slap some sense into her. BUT OMG DID YOU GUYS SEE THE HYUKHAE SIGN??????????????? :DDDDDD

I’ll translate what they said and leave it in italics and everything in brackets is me spazzing, is that fine? Lol that way if people are taking out, they can just edit out all the crap I say but if doing so PLEASE CREDIT

So the interview starts with Hankyung saying in almost perfect cantonese Hello everyone we’re Super Junior M. Then the host says Welcome everyone to Hong Kong. I know that apart from a few of you (switches to Mando) this is your first time coming here. Who hasn’t been to Hong Kong before? [OKAY LMAO, For some reason, I kinda FORGOT that Hankyung can speak mando and so when he answered the Hosts’ question I was like ‘OMG How did Hankyung learn to speak all that???’ LOL omg, studying is seriously making me go crazy @__@] So then Hankyung goes to explain that it’s Ryeowook, Henry, Donghae and Kyuhyun’s first time.

The host asks them to talk a bit on their thoughts of being in HK [AND OMG HENRY STARTS TALKING IN CANTO !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG *hyperventilates* XDD LOL IM SORRY but he’s just TOO CUTE]. He says Hello, I’m Henry. Um, it’s been a long time since I last spoke in cantonese and the host says Wow, it’s pretty good [It sure is but he has an accent, omg it is seriously SO CUTE! voicelessdoll you’d understand why I’m spazzing over his canto, right? Haha I speak better so…come Henry, I’ll give you lessons ^^ hahaha xD] Henry explains that although his dad is from HK this is only his first time being there and to be able to meet up with relatives from his Dad’s side makes him really happy. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW <3333

Ryeowook says that he’s wanted to come to HK for a long time so he’s really happy to finally be able to do so because he can meet the fans. He says it’d be even better if they can go to HK more often [omg please do this christmas … PLEASE!!!. Too bad the Kyuhyun + Hae don’t get to share their views… :(]

The hosts then asks what foods do they especially enjoy eating. Zhou Mi answers he likes eating little snacks from HK Cafe’s including chicken feet (they’re not as bad as they sound XD) and um…IDK what the other foods are called in english :S If I translate word for word its “little steam bun” steamed pork bun (thanks PASee <3) and “turtle fat” (龜岭膏) LOL

The host asks does your company restrict what you can eat since you have to keep fit? Siwon answers it’s not really a problem since Zhou Mi doesn’t ‘grow flesh’ [which means never gets fat T_T damn. I guess Macca’s wouldn’t make a difference either then]. And he says that the members love to exercise anyway so it doesn’t matter all that much.

Then the host says just by looking at this interview, I can see that you’re all really close , have you ever argued with each other? Hankyung answers that they’ve already lived together for 5 years in Korea from training to debut. Henry and Zhou Mi have trained and lived in Korea for just over a year and have worked with the others for about half a year so there really hasn’t been any quarrels since everyone has such a good personality.

LMAO, the host goes to ask have the 7 of you ever fallen for the same girl [LOL!!!!! I’m sure their tastes are all very different :S] and Hankyung says that’s too much of a coincidence! So obviously the host would ask them to describe their ideal girl. For some reason Siwon has to answer for Hae [who has been very quiet…what’s wrong BB?] that he likes big eyed girls, white, pale skin, and long hair. Then the host says So you like female ghosts? [LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS HOST IS SO COOL and kinda cute too ^^] And Siwon’s like I don’t know, you tell him. XDD Siwon continues with saying that as long as the girl understands him, then there isn’t a problem. Host asks How about HK people? And Siwon replies That’s fine, very good! Very Beautiful! [OMG I HAVE A CHANCE :DDDD]

Then Henry answers in Mando with a bit of English [omg I LOVE CHINGLISH <333 but why not canto :(((] their style isn’t really important. What I think is important is their heart. [Omg Henry, marry me, please?] A person with personality is most important. Then Ryeowook says Er, I like Super Junior’s fans [Of course XDDD]

Voiceover says On the day of Sichuan earthquake, SJM had been working in Beijing so they were also able to feel the shaking. So then SJM sing their song At Least I still have You as a way to encourage those victims to stay strong!

Oh and it turns out ZLY also went to HK with SJM O_O But then the interview cut XD

Damn, so the whole interview turned out to be in mando anyway XD But I read Zhou Mi was also going to speak in canto…LOL omg that’s probably another interview??? Coz people were saying that Henry said he liked pretty girls which isn’t what happened here. Omg … did I watch the wrong one? OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :'((((( I wanted to hear Henry say ‘pretty girl’ in Canto. WHY…WHY?????? ;____________;

Also, I’m aware I kept switching from 1st person to 3rd person but I CBB going back to fix it XDD You all get the idea, don’t you? ^______^

Anyways as PINKANDSPARKLee mentioned in the previous post, she’ll be going on a one wk Hiatus :((( but seeing as I’m capped up until Yoochun’s bday, there isn’t much I can actually do. So I apologise in advance if I’m not able to post as much as what could be posted xDD SORRY!!

*goes chucks a tantrum because I am made of fail*

PINKANDSPARKLee: I’m still on hiatus, but I had to invade the post with this picture:

Isn’t it cute ^^


    *runs off*

  2. I’m on hiatus, but I still spam your posts :DDD


    I’ll watch this when I finish some more of my assignment *cries*

    BTW, I watched Taiyou no Uta, and omg, great drama <333

  3. libby96
    OMG YOU’RE CANTO TOO??? LOL ANOTHER CANTO PERSON!!! YAY! Actually, funny thing was, I was thinking whether you were canto but then I assumed you were mando bcoz all the channels that you have are mando hahaha XD COOL!!!!
    Lol just watch the interview and don’t bother going through my post XD None of it is coherent XDDD *flails*

    LOL I still can’t believe I watched the wrong one ;____; *sigh*
    I have to get back to finishing eco notes too.

    Oh apparently Silence is rly good (coz I told you its on atm, didnt I?) like if my mum says something is good…then it’s good XD Too bad I don’t have 2 hrs to spare to watch it aish :(

  4. i have come back!! ^^
    just watched it. i have nothing to say… T_T
    but what was hae doing to hannie’s arm? biting it??
    hae is so CUTE!
    i’m not hk though…damn…
    zhou mi speaking canto???
    it doesn’t really fit him.
    i understand mando better though… T_T… since my ‘canto’ is actually about 80% english… i can only speak informal canto… like talking to family friends, etc. but most of the time, only my mum understands me…
    and all the shows i watch are in mando…

  5. libby96
    WAT??? Hae was biting Hankyung’s arm??? I didn’t see it O_____O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. See, I have the gif to it so I was looking out for it BUT I DIDNT SEE IT. Omg, I have frustrated myself WAYY too much today XDDD GRRRRRRR. And I’m kinda upset that I didn’t hear Kyu or Hae talking at all T__________T
    Aww the interview was cute, don’t you reckon?

    Lol but canto basically is informal. I mean you wouldn’t speak the formal way in canto to anyone these days. Formal way being how mando is spoken, right? That’s what you mean by formal?? xDD

    I speak canto to my friends…coz usually we’re arguing and it’s easier for me to argue in Chinese because I always pay them out about their pronounciation so then they have nothing to say back LOL. So even if I don’t have a comeback, I still win :DDD

  6. formal as in the news – program or reporting kind of speech…

    watch from 3.24 onwards…
    or when the reporter mentions the sichuan earthquake, while they are all playing around… straight after siwon raises his eyebrows at the camera.
    hae is playing with hannie’s hand, then he trys to bite his arm… but hannie moves it away.

  7. Zhoumi went to uni in southern China, so that’s why he can speak cantonese ^^

    I, on the other hand, can’t understand any cantonese XDDD Hang on, I know “xiagao”? (shrimp dumpling XD) and “leihou” (hello?) and duaymuji (sorry?) XDDD I FAIL :D

    BTW, 小籠包 in Chinese, is “steamed pork bun”, and i have NO idea what you mean by “turtle fat”.

  8. thanks for the picture! its now my desktop background… ^^
    i don’t know what you’re talking about… ^^”
    southern china?
    its not my fault i’m LESS SMART (not dumb…yet) than the average person…
    southern china as in xi an? …

  9. GuangZhou…I think…

  10. libby96
    oh but the news sounds formal because of the tone they use :P Well even though I talk ‘informal’ I don’t swear in Chinese. I actually hate iit when my friends swear in chinese bcoz it just really sounds crap and…idk, degrading? Just coz canto already sounds harsh and when they swear it sounds even scarier XD

    I know, Hae is just the cutest <3 he can come bite on my arm any day ^___^

    OMG LMAO LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Your comment made me laugh as hard as your dp did. It made me choke on my saliva because I didn’t realise I sucked that much XDDDDDDDDDD *runs into hiding*

    Okay, I’ll edit that into the post. I actually don’t eat pork buns…so I forgot what was actually in them…omg I seriously suck O_O And the turtle fat is that black thing which is supposedly really healthy for you. Now do you know what I’m talking about XD Omg, I’m so embarrassed LOL

    xia is still mando :P It’s ‘ha’ in canto and sorry is dui ng ju :P

    It’s funny coz the other day me and my friend were doing english and she was asking me to translate this chinese term into english when we realised we didn’t actually know what the english is. And we were saying how sometimes it’s easier to write essays in chinese XDD

  11. lol, PINKANDSPARKLee…
    guangzhou people are CANTO…
    my parents are both from guangzhou…

  12. libby96
    yeah, thats why PASee said Zhou Mi can speak canto. Since he studied in a CANTO speaking place, obviously, he’ll be able to pick up some of it! Though I’m yet to hear how clear his accent is ^^

  13. oops… sorry… i didn’t read the comment properly…
    *whacks self on head*

  14. most of the people speak canto in KL but i’m from Kuching where people speak hokkien.’s so funny that Henry mentioned that he liks “leng loi” i.e. pretty girls and RyeWook prefers girls shorter than him *faints hard.

    From this interview, we can see that it’s harder for HanKyung to speak canto ( if you guys noticed)

    argh. there’s nothing that can alleviate my insanity now. (read the post about junsu stripped) : P

    *runs away and tripped. die instantly. *drum rolls.
    okay. am zany now.

    oh yeah. read that SJ-M are back in korea without zhou mi? i guess korea is a dangerous place for him now . haha..henry followed them back too?


    Henry speaking canto is JUST TOO CUTE <3 .> My dad loves that stuff, lol. xD Somehow I get conned into eating it quite often. =D

  16. ….@_@ Comments aren’t working for me?

    For some reason about 80% of my comment got cut off…

  17. Oh, that one worked, so….xD Imma re-spazz.

    XD I like Henry’s Chinglish. I so do that all the time. xDD And his canto’s adorable. =D His pronunciation’s not bad at all.

    Formal Canto? There’s formal canto? WHAT???? @_@

    “Turtle fat”? Nice translation…….xD It’s supposed to be good for you (hence the dad making me eat it thing).

  18. OMG. I loved this interview so much, and they were in Hong Kong! I should’ve sent a cousin there as a rep for me xD. Henry’s canto was just adorable. He has a bit of an accent though, but I’ve waited so long to hear him speak it and I could teach him! I’m so happy I understood most of the interview. ^^”

  19. hi there.. i watched the video where henry said “ngo cung yi leng lui”… i think musicrandoms @yt posted more than video on this interview.. there’s a behind the scene also.. go check them out!

  20. libby96
    hehe *pats your head*

    :O so you’ve watched the other video as well? lol seriously, im the only stupid one who didnt xDD
    hahaha, well even with Korean, Hankyung has a bit of difficulty in learning but that’s okay bcoz its obvious he works rly hard anyway. Aw, Hankyung is so awesome ^___^!!!

    you should avoid using the brackets which lie above the comma and full stop button because html tends to cut out what’s in between. I’ve noticed that a lot so yeah ^___^
    Nah coz there’s chinese which branches into canto and mando, right? And the obvious difference is the way you speak it but in canto theres two ways of talking. the “formal” way which is what mando is and the “informal” way which is how gossip mags are written. That’s probably not the “official” way of differentiating, but to me, that’s the difference between “formal” and “informal” canto. Get me? xDDD

    hey YOU”RE canto too? Lol wow, I originally thought I was the only one and it turns out at least 3 readers are yay!! *throws a party*
    His accent is SO adorable but he can actually speak it AND his mando has improved. Aw I’m so proud of him *sheds tears of joy*

    thanks! I realised after I watched this video that it was the other video I should’ve watched. But coz I’m capped atm, it takes tooo long for one video to load T_T Grrr

  21. OMG i understood their whole interview as well! Very proud of myself. And and don’t fret candychu, I know what ‘turtle fat’ is…i like it, it’s refreshing and good for you! Ohh can you read/speak both canto and mando as well? LOL all these comments are basically talking about the chinese languages and such now oO

  22. selinna
    YAY! YOU KNOW WHAT TURTLE FAT IS :DDDDD Lol, I still can’t find a translation for that xD
    Yep I can read/speak/write canto and mando…but it’s all self taught so obviously there’s a limit to how much I know. But i’m still teaching + learning so it’s all good :D
    Fangirling helps a lot which was the main reason I actually got so into Chinese ^^
    Ahaha that’s alright, we all spam everywhere anyway, its cool <333

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