Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dandy Boy

Happy 22nd Birthday, DBSK’s Dandy Boy

We haven’t done a birthday post in sooooooooooo long, I’ve forgotten how to format it XD. Anyway, this b-day post is going to be shorter than the ones we normally do(no videos), cos it’s finals time in Australia, and we’re both nerds so we have to study XDD We’ll still write the comments and do the picspam, but there’ll be no videos :(


Everyone knows my favourite DBSK boy is Jae, but I do love them all (because I’m greedy like that XD). Anyway, Micky’s probably one of the members who I took a bit more time to like, mainly because I couldn’t tell him and Junsu apart XD But I’m forgiven, cos now I <3 him.

Micky’s often seen as a player, but if you’ve watched some of DBSK’s ballad performances, you’d know that Micky’s a huge squishy, and he’s normally the one who cries first :( His emotional side is also evident in the songs he composes; his ballads (holding back the tears; evergreen) are probably two of my favourite DBSK Korean ballads ever. The emotion in his songs are amazing, I want to bottle it and put it on the shelf *___* And omg, piano-playing Micky is so so so hot. He looks like a prince when he plays piano, even if he’s just got his hands hovering above the keys XD

But of course when it comes to goofing off, he’s just as bad as the rest XD I loooooooooove watching him bully Junsu, it makes very good tv XDDD And sometimes his actions remind me of a little boy (again, when he’s picking on Junsu XD).

And if I ever had to choose a boyfriend, I’d definitely choose Micky (pffft, Jae and I are already married) he just seems like a really romantic person *___* like someone who’d write you songs and write your uni essays for you XD

So in conclusion, I <3 Micky, and I hope his members will give him the best birthday celebration that’ll leave him tons of memories to look back on <33333


This is completely random but still relevant – isn’t it cool how Yoochun is the “middle” one in DBSK and his birthday is also in the middle of the year?? Lol, I was actually thinking about this in the shower coz I was listing in my head what exactly makes Yoochun special…and I came to that XD Funnily enough I’m also the middle child and my bday is in the middle of the year. Now isn’t that cool? Yoochun and I are twins, lol.

So apart from Yoochun being oh-so-similar to me, what else makes him special (xDDD)? I think like pinkandsparkly mentioned, despite him having the ‘appearance’ or ‘aura’ of a player, in reality, he really is just a dandy boy which is probably why he gives off such a false impression xDDD But Yoochun is in fact a piano playing, music composing, sentimental lyrics writing, DORK. Which is why we love him and hope he has had/will have (depending on where in the world he is – should be Korea, right?) a GREAT birthday with the other members!

And maybe this time he’ll have cake smashed into his face the way Junsu was treated back at the Bangkok (?) concert. It was so cute the way Yoochun ran off to get Junsu a towel (YooSu ♥) lol. See, Yoochun is such a sweet boy and deserves all the cake in the world to be smashed into his face ^^ ILU Yoochun <3333 Happy Birthday~!

Btw, we really do love Yoochun but we have to study hard now so that we can get good jobs and earn lots of money and then fly to Korea to buy SM. When that happens we’ll personally celebrate Yoochun’s birthday with him :PPP

Keep reading for the picspam!


Not a lot of recent pictures here, just our favourites ^^. I personally loved his Rising Sun extensions and the short brown hair he had during that time period, so there’s a lot of pictures of that :D

A special thanks to Beckery, for that last gif. It’s so cute ^______^

And of course hop over to Pretty Boy Power for an awesome Bday post – complete with lots of videos ^__^


  1. LOL Yes PASee, I shall leave an awesome (but short) comment so you guys feel loved and appreciated <33. Especially since I know what it feels like to be having finals =_= Yet you guys are putting the time and effort into this bday post. Gosh ILU2 mucho <333 *group huddle*

    Omo is that another pouting picture of his I see?!? XD Have I told you guys how much I LOVE HIS POUTY LIPS!! <333 They’re sooo darn edible *squeals* hahaha and Wow I don’t think I’ve seen that scandalous picture before (the one underneath him hugging the snowman). *clicks and tries to zoom* Hmm is that Junsu at the bottom or am I wrong and going blind?! Cuz if it is then o_O ROFLMAO What are you boys doing?! Well aside from letting their fan’s imagination run wild that is..But someones looking like their enjoying it *wink wink nudge nudge Micky* LOL On another note, I’d trade places with Micky anytime XD hehehe

    Hmm I think you guys have pretty much said what I think of this awesome boy <3 He’s talented. I mean composing, writing, what can’t he do huh?! He looks absolutely adorable and his got the awesome, love-able, dorky personality to top it all off ^^ Oh and yes, he can be such a cry-baby and gosh I LOVE GUYS WHO CRY cuz…..well…..I don’t know why, I just do lol….

    Man his accomplished so much, gone so far and to think his only 3 or 4 years older than me..*looks down at my bio textbook* Please tell me why I’m such a failure at life *sighs* =_=

    Oh, oh and another reason why I love this guy? Because his gonna be our personal translator when we go over to Korea and buy SM (Yes I’ve decided to self invite myself into your master plan XD haha)..And who knows, he’ll probably hook me up with Junsu while his at it..So yesss ILU Micky and you deserve heaps and heaps of love <3333 HAPPY BDAY!! Stay safe and be healthy ^^

    BTW PASee, is that gif of him ripping his shirt off for me?!? Cuz when I saw it, I couldn’t help but remember our talk about DongBangJunior topless =PP Haha It’s probably not, but I’m going to ignore that fact and imagine that it is for me and feel very loved..XD

    P.S Its past midnight at my place darn it, so I’m just gonna use PASee’s time instead and imagine I’ve managed to comment in time XD

    P.S.S This didn’t turn out as short as i thought it would be LOL

  2. I think all of us that have done Micky-bday-tributes (I have too, so hunt down my blog!!) have come to the consensus that Micky looks best with his short’ish (not Choosey Lover short, but slightly longer) hair (ie: AADBSK2) cause those are what most of our picspam pics are of… hahahaaaa.. LOL XD.

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