Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 5, 2008

Preview SJ-H’s album

Video: Everlastingfriends @ Youtube

I FAIL at hiatus-ing XDDDDD

The songs are, without a doubt, very happy


I think I’m gonna need a few more listens before I can write a proper review, cos I need to get used to all the happiness first xD; I normally hate all songs the first time I listen to them (unless it’s DBSK’s new song, that was love at first listen :P ) I’ll edit this when I get home.

요리왕 (Cooking? Cooking!)

Erm…………’s really……odd. The egg frying sound made me laugh xD But that weird voice sounded SO Japanese-anime-ish :S. I heard lots of Sungmin, and some Shindong.

파자마 파티 (Pajama Party)

Eunhyukkie’s rap! :DDDD. Again, lots of Sungmin (not that that’s a bad thing) and some Yesung. I like this one better than “cooking? cooking!”, idk, it’s more melodic XD

둘이 (You&I)

This song is really…..noisy? Maybe it’s all the distortion mixed with the synthesisers. I need a clearer version!

꿀단지 (Sunny)

Again, I was reminded of Japanese anime XD Maybe the ending song? Idk, I’m currently going through a Conan phase, so that’s probably why all these songs sound a bit “anime-ish” to me XDDDD.

잘해봐 (Good Luck!!)

I don’t know why, but all I can hear in these songs, is Sungmin XD Oooo, hang on, I think I hear Kangin! :DDD This one is probably my favourite track on the album, it’s slightly less happy, and it has a nice melody!

In conclusion, I’m going to give this mini-album a 2.5/3 out of 5. The songs are a bit too anime-ish for my liking (I was expecting lots of “Haengbok” style songs) but I do like “잘해봐 (Good Luck!!)”, and I bet the MV will be awesome XD

So what do you think of the songs/SJ-H? I’m going to sit back and wait for SJ-schizo to debut :DDD

Candychu will also edit this with her thoughts (i hope), but tell us what you think of the songs!! And I’ll even reply to your comments this time cos I’ve finished one exam, so I’m giving myself “reward time” xDDDD I AM SO LAAAAAAME.

Candychu: Okay I’m here :D Since pinkandsparkly already gave a track by track review and the previews are so short, I’ll just summarise what I thought of all the tracks in a few sentences…or more

Well, its nothing you wouldn’t expect from a group called ‘Happy’. They’re all pretty catchy and very very happy. Kinda contagious actually coz listening to it did make me smile but they do remind me of some Japanese anime and so I’m not really sure if I like it or not. Though I’m biased and anything with Hyuk rapping I can’t help but like haha so Pajama Party is probably my favourite at the moment. The beginning of YOU&I reminds me of some western movie? IDK, I can kinda picture them dressed up as cowboys and riding plastic horses with toy guns. Anyone else see that? xD Sunny is kinda annoying LOL. Kinda whiny? Or you could say cute but at the moment, it’s not working for me. And it’s not helping that it’s the one stuck in my head at the moment =.=”

Overall … hmm, same rank as pinkandsparkly. The singing is great (from what I can make of it) but the music is just TOO HAPPY. Definitely songs that require a few more listens :)


  1. did i hear a bit of country in there.
    cause if i did then yee haaa!!!!
    seriously did i hear guitar in there somewhere.
    this is what texas does people, aiissh
    still i can’t wait!!!!

  2. Haha, yep, I think it was the 3rd song? Can’t remember….but one of them definitely had some country elements at the start XD

  3. Um….it’s a tiny bit too happy for me. More than a tiny bit. >.> I’m sure I would like it after about 50 listens, but… I very rarely listen to extremely peppy music. XDDD

    Yeah, it does kind of remind me of anime music. xD Happy anime music anyway. Because, well….I’m an anime addict, so to some extent I’ve gotten used to anime music. XD But….this is just too hyper for me. Honestly it kind of scares me. xD (But somehow crossdressing boys in gothic lolita and tons of makeup don’t?)

    On a side note….

    cholalola16, you’re from Texas??? =O

  4. yup yup
    moved here last year.

  5. it isnt about SJ-H.
    they are the BEST. <3

  6. cholalola16:

    I’m from Texas, too. XD Where are you from?

  7. Voicelessdoll:
    Yea, I agree with you. The music is a little TOO chirpy for my liking XD

    You like anime? Like Naruto and Bleach?? I haven’t seen either XD but I’ve been watching heaps of Conan, lately XDD

    Gothic lolitas are scary O_______O But so is happy music xDD

    Which one? I’ve got the most recent one…

  8. I love ‘Good Luck’ the most too. I like that it’s not as happy as the other songs <3. The other songs are really cute too, though, especially when you need a pick me up. XD.

  9. ….Okay, so this is my THIRD time to attempt to comment. I don’t knwo if either of the first two went through (but they didn’t for me), so sorry if you have to read this three times. xD

    Nope, don’t watch Naruto or Bleach. Naruto = yucky in my universe (though one of my friends is about as in love with Sasuke as I am with….err….gosh, can’t pick a favorite. Probably Jungmin or Teukie. xD). And Bleach…well, I kind of just….forgot it existed after episode six.

    I did watch Conan like mad one summer. xD

    Ah? I admit, some of the true gothic lolitas are quite frightening (Oh, god, the ones with burning black holes where eyes should be T_T). But I love sweet loli! Provided that there isn’t an excess of pink and flowery grandma prints. And…I love black and white, so I think I’m obligated to like classic loli, because that’s ALL THEY WHERE. If you see any color in her outfit, she isn’t a classic loli. xP And my favorite clothes brand is Putumayo, which is sometimes categorized as punk loli (But the stuff I like tends to be goth loli in classic loli colors with a tiny bit of punk mixed in? If that even makes sense.) And I can walk around in Putumayo in Plano (think really rich, somewhat conservative people) without getting stared at, assuming I know how to accessorize that day. xD

    But….back to the point, I really don’t listen to much happy music unless I’m either really hyper or somewhat depressed. Except for Weeek. That grew on me. Actually, I had it stuck in my head during my English exam. xD Goodbye, concentration….T_T

  10. @ faceless doll:
    outskirts of san antonio.
    what about you?

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