Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 5, 2008

SJ-M visit Sukira

Pictures: joycestar0821 @ Soompi

Thanks Beckery, for the headsup!


*wipes tears*

Aww, I missed seeing them all together :'(

I looove that first picture, especially Ryeowook expression. It’s like he’s saying “MY MONKEY, ALL MIIIIIIINE. MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE” XDDD And he’s totally working those white jeans <3 He looks REALLY good in these picture.

And omg, Kyuuuuu <333

Can’t wait to see them all together at Dream Concert~!!


  1. waaaaah~ finally they’re reunited again <3 they must have missed eachother~ the pix are uber cute _<
    anyways~ thx for sharing ^_^

  2. You’re welcome ^^

    And yes, I’ve missed seeing them together!!

  3. LOL were u in a rush when you did this? You spelt Eunhyuk AND ryeowook wrong =PP Hahaha and yes I’m trying to be the loser perfectionist by picking on you XD

    Two things I first noticed when I saw the pictures:

    1. WHERE IS MY EUNHAE!?!?! Hae why arent you hugging Hyuk or even standing next to him =(( *hears heart breaking* I’m so worried, what if they’re not close anymore?? NOOOOO I NEED EUNHAE NOW!!!

    2. Theres a pimple on Gengs face XXDD ROFLMAO Its just normally the boys always look so flawless with beautiful, nice skin and then bam i saw a pimple on Geng’s face hehehehe..Its ok I still love you hunny <33

  4. LOL, thanks for telling me :D ’tis fixed now

    And yes, I was in a hurry, I told myself I’d do this and go study. Except….I still haven’t started studying XDDD

    Ahah, you and Changdice are obsessed with Eunhae :P My favourite SJ pairing is probably Hanchul <33

    Donghae’s got lots of pimples on his face, too ;P


    Excuse me Donghae and Eunhyuk but um…WHERES MY FANSERVICE??? That Sukira story was not satisfying enough. I kinda live off fanservice so please go home and think about it. Next time I see you two together I’d like some LOVE, PLEASE.

    Lol I can’t believe I didn;t even notice Ryeowook + Hyuk who are almost as cute as Kyuhyun <3

    Oh and speaking of pimples, Kyu has really bad skin too. But that’s okay because it shows they’re still young and going through puberty (really? xP).

    Lol but Donghae must you lean and hang over everyone BUT Hyuk? What is this, seriously?

    But they’re all so cute…*continues to coo at screen* <333

  6. OMG

    the first thing i did was squealed SO loud that i forgot that my grandpa was in the same room…and my sisters had to shut me up. but i can’t help it! it’s SUPER SUPER SUPER good to finally see them together.

    and ryewook’s looking GOOD. man, i love his hair!

  7. THEY’RE TOGETHER <3 <3 <3 <3

    But…I’m with everyone else on the missing Eunhae. WHERE IS IT? =OOOOOOO I mean, if they’re going to be in the same place at the same time…may as well give us some fanservice. xD

    But AWWWWW Ryeowook and Eunhyuk are so cute in that first picture! TEEHEE.

    And Kyuhyun’s soooooooo cute in all of these! They look so excited. =D I would be, too, if I were there. xD

  8. AWW. I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM TOGETHER, even if it’s just with Teukie and Eunhyuk for now. BUT ONE MORE DAY! Kyuhyun looks SOOO cute in the pictures, and Ryeowook and Eunhyuk in the first. I’m glad everyone looks so excited to be back together :)

  9. Hehe. :D thank you for posting these! I like how the bottome pictures ryeowook is soo totally being a camwhore. WORK IT! ;) Lol.

    I love ryeowook but…i love him even more in these pictures. :D

  10. excuse me…=)
    has anyone noticed that siwon’s not there?
    hehe, sorry for butting in like this…

  11. Candychu:
    Errrr…I think they’ve finished going through puberty….they’re all in their 20s XDDD

    Lol, you love your Eunhae, don’t you? :PP “please go home and think about it” XDDDDD

    Have you read the transcript for this show? There was quite a bit of Eunhae, in there ;)

    It’s GREAT seeing them all together again :DDDDD

    And yes, Ryeowook just keeps getting hotter and hotter ;)

    They all look so happy to be together again *glares at LSM*

    Dream Concert!!!!

    Ryeowook is so HOT in these pictures <333

    Nooo, you’re not butting in, thanks for commenting :DD

    Hmmm, I wonder where Siwon was..?

  12. LOL shhhh Donghae had better still be going through puberty because he’s shorter than Henry and that is not good enough.

    Also…TRANSCRIPT??????? WHERE???????????????????????????????????????????

  13. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. ._____________. ;

    in the 4 small pics..
    is it me..
    or does it look like
    donghae&hankyung have acne.. GASPGASP. *outbreak.

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