Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 7, 2008

Dream Concert Red Carpet Pics

It’s on right now, but I’m not watching the live (cos I’m “studying for exams”) so instead I refresh the Baidu live feed every five seconds XDD

Anyway, no pictures of DBSK yet, but all the other groups have arrived (will refresh this page when DBSK arrive). I’ve already spammed the post with 11 “are they there yet” comments XD (I’m not even the worst one, the thread jumped seven pages in two minutes cos fans were demanding to see DBSK XDDDD )


LOL, Onew, dude, YOUR PANTS ARE SO TIGHT XDDDD And Key looks like a Ken doll :P. BTW, is that their official pose?? Darn it, I wanted them to pose with torches and suddenly turn them on when they get photographed. So it’ll be like, 1…..2….3…. WE’RE *click* SHINee!!!!

Suju (WHY NO SIWON, WWWHHHHYYYYYYYY) but it’s good to see them all together again :)

And a picture of the Wondergirls

I’m not a fan, but I think they look really good. I really like the hair of the girl second from the left.


Here’s a picture of the arena:

Jae has a lot of fans O_____O


More Suju pics (DBSK still aren’t there; the concert’s started)


Unfortunately, the Dong Bang boys didn’t walk the red carpet :(( But here’s a picture of them backstage :D

Astronauts, FTW <3 :P




    BUT OMG WHERES SIWON =(((( Does anyone know why his not there? His going to be there for the performance right right?!?! I mean most the boys updated their cyworlds and it all seemed like all 13 were going to be there SO WHERES SIWON!!!!?!?!?!?!?

    OHHH AND HIIII KIBUM I MISSED YOU <333 It feels like I havent seen him for agggeeeessssssssss but gosh he looks good ^_^ Along with all the other boys of course..They look so gangda in their black spiffy clothes hehehe and yes IM GOING HIGH!!!!

    And I LOVE that pic of them all standing in a row..It looks sooo hawwttttt…

  2. Um…second from the left is Sun Ye I think….but dont take my word for it!!!! Whilst you guys have been stalking Shinee, Ive been stalking Wondergirls xDD And like you, I have yet to figure out how to tell them apart.

    Suju are looking GOOOOD! But seeing their ‘We are Super Juni-ORRR~!” makes me crack up, so someone captioned one of such images with ‘Booobies” xDD

  3. OHHHH NOOOO!!! I just read in soompi that Siwons not going cuz his sick/injured and had to go to hospital =(( *hears heart breaking* </3

    I really hope its not serious and he gets better soon. The poor boys really overwork themselves =_=

  4. I think the girl second from the right is Sun Ye too because I think she’s the prettiest and I love her hair.

    Also ^OMG SIWON IS IN HOSPITAL??? ;____________; maybe that’s why he wasn’t on SUkira the other time? Aww omg poor BB I hope he’s alright. He must be feeling so sad that he can’t attend this Dream Concert :(((

    Btw I LOVE that pic of them in a row too. Cute how KRY are standing together ^___^ Now if only Hyuk and Hae move a lil closer together…

  5. siwon is in hospital…???
    i’m depressed… :(
    i can’t even find all the keys on the keyboard now…
    too much jap…
    the concert is airing at 1am sydney time…

  6. siwon is in hospital. The fans are having war against one another. ELF and SNSD fans. this is getting crazy. I am glad that CSJH and ZLY weren’t there. haha.
    and I am glad i am watching all this from behind a computer screen.

  7. or the above might be rumours. sigh,

  8. hehe. I is *hearting* the dedicated DBSK … section of the globe. And it seriously makes me SOO happy to see a Changmin picture up there, cause (even though he’s not my favorite), I always get a little sad whenever he doesn’t get as much attention as the other members. WHERE ARE THEIR PICTURES?! I demand them, now!!!!

  9. OMG. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW LONG I’VE BEEN WAITING TO SEE THEM BACK TOGETHER!!! BUT NO SHIWON?!?! This is making me really sad. I hope he’s not really sick or in the hospital :( Kibum looks GREAT. I haven’t seen him in such a long time. I’m loving the all-black outfits. It reminds me of the Don’t Don outfits. I’m not a fan Wonder Girls either, but I really like the hair of the second girl. In fact, they all look gorgeous. I think this is the first time I’ve seen SHINee in something other than colorful shirts and they look more mature. Minho is really tall :)

  10. The girl second to the left in the WG pic is leader Sun Ye <3! She looks so pretty; I love her hair. (And she actually sings pretty well, so I like her a lot XD.)

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