Posted by: lovediaries | June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Candychu <3

Happy Birthday, Candychuuuuu

It’s Candychu‘s birthday today, so I decided to dedicate a post to her so I can embarrass her and make her feel special XDD

For those who don’t know (eg. 90% of everyone here), Candychu and I don’t actually know each other in real life, so this can be my virtual present to her :P

Thank you, Changdice, for blogging and spazzing over prettyboys, with me <333 Happy __th Birthday!!!!

MWAH xoxo

P.S: I’m posting this under her username, so all your comments will get sent to her and not me. So don’t be confused, it’s not her writing herself a birthday post. That’s more something I (Pinkandsparkly) would do XDDDDDD

Okay, now for the present. I was going to upload a heap of Changmin+Donghae+Henry+Kyuhyun, pictures (cos they’re her favourites) but then it occurred to me that she probably has every single picture of them already saved in her stalking files :P so instead, I thought I’d pick a few wallies…..except….I kinda went a bit overboard XDDDD I saw soooo many pretty ones, so I kinda ended up saving..more than “a few” (23) XD. Ooo, and there are also some Eunhae ones ;)

I’m going to put them all after the jump, so no one’s bandwith will die XD

Feel free to take them~! And remember to leave Candychu nice birthday wishes for doing such a good job blogging with me (you guys only have to put up with my incoherency in posts, SHE has to put up with my incoherent msn convos 24/7 XD)

Click for wallies (I personally think that I chose some really nice ones :P )



    Even though I’ve only actually talked to you online for, what, a few weeks? Either way, thanks for this blog (XD I spend WAYYYYY too much of my time here), and woot, canto pride! xD Because there really aren’t enough of us (There’s like two total in my entire area o.0).

    Keep doing a great job~~
    And being hilarious for your random posts..i love it!!!

  3. Happy birthday! I’ve only talked to you for about three days, but I like you very much already, lol.

    I wish I had something awesome and shiny to offer you, but sadly I do not. T__T If you can think of anything you want, let me know. (Parodies and sexual favors are pretty much all I can offer ;_;)

    I did memorize my WP pw just for you, so I could comment from my phone like I’m doing now, so yay! Feel free to call me whatever is easiest to type for you.

  4. OH

    anyway, happy bday my partner in crime. You like chang min? Haha. I never knew. happy bday. ^^

  6. Although I’ve only commented.. once? :O [I’m more on LJ ^^;;;]
    but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY 8DDD!! I hope you had/have a good one, and that your new year will be full of more happy and good things than last year~ ^-^v

  7. Happy birthday, candychu <3! I’ll be back with a graphic for you <33.

  8. CanDYChu!!!!!!

    muahahahaha. *snow white’s stepmother’s wicked laughl.
    first of all, happy birthday dear!!!! <3<3<3
    hope you’ll have a great birthday. haha…you’re my partner in crime too when it comes to kidnapping cute boys. kekekekez. God bless in everything you do and all the best in ur upcoming exams.
    lols. well, to explain why i i did the evil laugh is because you’re one year older! lols. am sadist. haha..jk.
    here comes the korean version of birthday song
    *sengill chuka hamnida
    sengill chuka hamnida
    saranghanun candychu-shhi
    sengill chuka hamnida!!!
    ***aiks. imagine me singing it with my weird voice.
    hahaha..GOD BLESS!!! muaks!! *pinch cheeks.

  9. =0 happy birthday ^^
    all the best wishes!
    and hope your year will be very very happy
    and be filled with good grades (something i don’t have >.>) &
    lets spazz together over all the boybands in the world ALL TOGETHER =D

  10. pinkandsparkly
    *huggles you to death* THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥
    Virtual presents ROCK!!! :DDD Lol this morning I checked my inbox and I saw all these comments for a post I didn’t do and I’m like…er….???? Haha but you’re so sweet and awesome and ILUSM!!!!!!! The wallies are GREAT (lol goodbye Siwon evisu pics xDD) I can’t even choose which one to use xDD And it doesn’t matter that you went overboard because it only means I have enough wallies to last for a very very long time (except I feel as if I’m turning 23 hahahahahaha)
    p.s I am feeling VERY special and loved atm ^_________^ and maybe a tad embarrassed :P

    But spending time on here is FUN!!!! (and a good way to procrastinate :P) Lol thank YOU for reading + commenting all the time…it’s easier for us to write than for you guys to read *hugs*

    Yay thank you ^_______^ And keep up with your blog too!! <333

    LMAO I’m so lazy I’ve cut out half your name but ILU <3 for reals ^^ LOL well if you have any way of hunting down any of the above mentioned sexy boys then feel free to send them my way! I’ll decide then what I want as a present *wiggles eyebrows* xDDD And omg you’re commenting from your phone? O_O AWESOME! So yes I do feel very special :DDD

    like is a bit of an understatement…more like LOVE CHANGMIN <3333 Hahaha ^^ Thank you thank you :DD *hugs*

    I’ve been on your LJ before (coz I also do some stalking over there) thank you for commenting especially then ^^ Wow even happier things than the last year, eh? I hope my heart can handle it :PP

    Thank you!!!! I love graphics :DDD so I shall be looking fwd to it ^^

    *huggles* haha I kept hearing Jae’s voice singing happy birthday to me. Actually everytime I see happy birthday in Korean I can’t help but think of Jae…it always makes me think back to that ep of Star King where he sung 3(was it 3?) versions of Happy Birthday ^^
    Hehe but thank you <3333 You’re so sweet ILU!!!!!
    p.s I’m older than you? Really? xDDD Don’t let the number of wallies up there fool you :PPP

    Aw thank you! I’m hoping to get good grades too…I WANT good grades so let’s hope this wish does come true :DD Woot~! Yes, let’s combine all our fangirling energy !!! PWOARRRR xDD

  11. HAPPY BDAY!!!

    Im trying to bombard you with bday messages, but I think your getting enough already haha..PASee is sooooo smart for thinking of this *pats her on back*.

    But yes happy bday again. Thanks for putting in effort to update us with fandom news. AND BIGGEST THANKS OF ALL for listening to my nonstop blabbering XD ILU mwa. xoxoxoxoxo

    Oh and watch this zomg…**swwooonnnssss**

    P.S has anyone given you bday punches cuz if not I’m flying over to Sydney right now hahhaha I LURRVVEE giving bday punches =PP

  12. 生日快樂!!!~
    生日快樂 ^0^

    おたんじょび おめでと!!!!!


    Yay :DDD

    And the last,

    Happy Birthday!!!

    *throws out confetti*

    Cool, candychu unnie’s getting ODLER by the minute! haha XD
    I wish ya a very very happy bday!!~
    Btw.. D-Day! XD

  13. happy bday, candychu!! <(:D)~
    i’m cantonese too! i watched the trailer for L for love, L for lies, b/c i saw you post about it on your blog, and the movie looks REALLYYYY GOOOOOD!!

  14. Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday.
    Happy Birthday Candychu!

    Wish for you to have an awesome day & get everything that you wanted :D
    Thanks for all your efforts in keeping us updated with all of our favorite bands.
    Hope you know alot of us really appreciate it ^-^

  15. Happy Birthday! <33

    So you would not know this… but I kind of have a thing for really long birthday posts. I make it seem like they are about to die and I need to get all my last words out. lol I need to work on that. Anywho, there is no reason not to give you the same treatment… aren’t you luck? LMAO.

    No really, it is your day to be special right? So I guess I should say why you are special to me so you can feel even more special. Firstly, you are my source for super junior & dbsk. That is a big deal. To give a comparison, you are to me like Perez to a gossip loving girl. But you are different because I actually get to talk to you!

    I am not really one for online friends about dbsk. I think it is because I have always treated them more as a hobby on the side since I cannot even mention them to my friends or family. Then, just recently, I started posting, but mainly info. If you look at my posts at Soompi they are almost all informative. Thankfully I have met some awesome people to fangirl with and I really feel like you are one of them.

    We do not exactly have little discussions everyday, or even every week for that matter, but by putting your posts up on a blog it feels the same. Even the discussions in the comment box are usually short or just a response but they are always fun. I get exicted when I see the new post and even more as I read what you wrote. Then I think if I have anything to add or talk about. haha This sounds like such a nerdy process or like I am some really creepy girl… not what I was getting at. What I mean is the new posts are just like having a little discussion with someone. Even if I do not respond back I am still spazzing at everything with you.

    I am super lazy so I cannot even imagine having to keep up on the news and then update. I mean the days where I do not feel like backtracking I can trust that I can get the information here, but that means you have to keep updated! It is really an impressive commitment to keep up. I don’t care what anyone says fangirling is a part-time job. One of the best jobs ever, but neverless it can involve some work!

    Everyone here is so great at making people feel welcome and I find that really impressive. No matter who the person is, if this is their first comment or 100th, they can feel as though you are glad they are here. So ya, thank you. <33

  16. HAPPY OLD DAYYYYY! Nah I kid! I kid!! *cowers at candychu’s goodlooking husbands/guys she cheats on him with*

    Im not exactly sure how to express my gratitude for all your assistance in keeping me uptodate with fangirling… i uploaded a few of my own wallies. The fact that Im actually sharing these just signify how special you are :P (the first is my favourite!!!!! Im not sure whether Minnie is laughing or sneezing xDD) (And excuse the excess DBSK-ness! I can never find any decent suju wallies ;_;)

    But really! I do appreciate you taking the time to spazz and fangirl and share your thoughts :)

    Hope your day was a mega-tastic-rolly-polly-down-a-hill-and-then-get-changmin-to-kiss-your-boo-boo better type of day!!

    Oh! And all the best for the exams (cos I officially hate school now because of them) and with life in general :)

  17. Bee
    *tackles you* You’re the bigger dork :P And omg I watched that and *squeeeeeeeeal* They’re so confident it makes me giddy because usually when people sing in a studio they hold the mic stand but onew + jonghyun were like moving about :DDDDDD
    And thank YOU for always giving me random links that always make me high and my heart + brain explode *hugs*
    Hehe I know PAS is so sweet <333

    awwww thank you <333 you said happy birthday to me in every language that I can understand/read :D

    oh wow more canto people!!! Hehe thank you <333 The movie is good, watch it if you can :D And thanks for dropping by ^^

    lol why it all rhymes…almost :P It’s nice to know people are appreciative so thank you <333 *hugs* Hehe I’d like to get everything I want…maybe Changmin in a box waiting outside on my doorstep? :PP

    wow what a lovely bday msg :D Though the thought of you writing thinking I’m gonna die is a little freaky but sweet all the same *huggles* Yes, I’m feeling very lucky and loved and special…seriously, this birthday has been one of the best I’ve had just because of all the happiness I’ve been feeling. I know it’s corny and lame but I prefer something like this over presents any day…just because you guys are all so sweet and even though no one knows me here you’re all leaving such lovely messages…it makes me teary xDDD

    I’m glad that you feel so welcome here :D I mean when I had no one to spazz with I had to hold it all in and that was a bit annoying lol so I started going on forums but I reckon here, everyone is so close and there is no bashing or anything and it’s just nicer and friendlier here, right? ^^ And just to let you know, you’re just as awesome <3 Even if you only comment here and there, it still means a lot to us because without you readers we wouldn’t be motivated to keep updating! So even though sometimes it chews up our time from studying, it’s nice to know that others enjoy what we do :)

    Hahaa well thank you for putting up with all our incoherent posts. But I guess that makes it more intimate, doesn’t it? Because instead of just delivering ‘news’ we put in a bit of our individual ‘flavour’ lmao…makes it more interesting? Hehe So thank you again <3333

    YAY! More wallies :DDD Thank you !!!! Omg the first one of Changmin was SO CUTE!!!!! They’re ALL really pretty, aw you’re so sweet <3

    And yes my day has been mega-tastic-rolly-polly etc etc :P type of day thanks to all of you for leaving such nice msgs ^^

    Haha yeah exams suck but it’s okay bcoz life is made fun because of you guys (LOL so corny) xDD Thank you for reading, as always!

    I really can’t say thank you enough to ALL of you because you have all truly made my day *GROUP HUG* I had a wonderful birthday and part of the reason is because of the lovely messages I have read today, I’m seriously so touched I almost cried (because I’m a massive cry baby and have never felt this loved in my life lmao). SO yes, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR MAKING MY DAY SO SPECIAL ♥♥♥♥♥

  18. happy bday candychu!!! *hugs*
    i’ll come back later…i’m on my friends computer and he has jap on his keyboard… too confusing….

    it took me like 5 minutes to write this…

  19. hullo there!

    Happy BURST-DAY to you =)

    may your life be bursting with love and happiness =D

  20. libby96
    *hugs you back* LOL aw well thank you for taking your time to write that :P

    heyyy :D thank youuuuuuuu *huggles*

  21. Hi I’m back with your graphic. I was just WAITING for those Dream concert pics to show up (Changmin has the best performance pictures evar XD) and … yeah. LOL. It’s so stupid and I suck at photoshop, but I hope you like it anyway:

    I adore you and am really glad I know you online <3! Take care and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Best wishes for an amazing year <333.

  22. spazzes
    OMG ILUSM <333333333333333333333
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!!!!!! *whizzes about*

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