Posted by: potensvita | June 7, 2008

My most anticipated boy band of the mid year.

I did one on the girls and even though I nicknamed myself as a lesbian, I am a fair lesbian. I do things fair and square. (and about being a lesbian, it is a joke. I love mocking myself. I am 100% straight. )

So, I was thinking of doing one post on my most anticipated boy band. I am not including DBSK into this list because well, I don’t anticipate anything from them since they were always releasing new stuff nonstop. And well, there is a limit to how much I can listen to them.

~cue drumrolls again~

It is Battle!

Battle was originally a six member boyband, with each of the members personally picked from their senior, SHINHWA <3. I won’t be lying to you, the only reason I was giving them a try was because of ShinHwa. I hate the idea that they are the second ShinHwa because there isn’t anything second in the world. It is just you and you alone.


I won’t be denying that too. They are seriously good. I love their song from their two single and I was distraught to know that their new single Step by Step was so similar to Lie by Big Bang. Because, I hate to read comments saying that they are copying Big Bang. FYI, their producer are the same person. So, no copying, whatsoever. lol. I am being defensive again.

But anyway, they are back and I was hesitant to watch their new MV. It was too colourful and well, too scary for me. I am already old, 21 years old, god can spare me from a heart attack or two.


True that there are some similarities to Lie but, this song is vocally supported like almost all of their other song. I could listen to their voice alone and it stood out. Sigh.

They didn’t disappoint me after two years of hiatus.

Side note : They were chosen through a competition that was organised by ShinHwa and sponsored by Coke. The whole reality show was aired in Korea. Intially, there was six members but one left to pursue acting. Haha. Ring a bell? coughcoughSGWannablecoughcough. Big Bang went through the same thing. They were actually picked by YG and initially it was 6 too. They made a cut when they were training. I wondered how many knew? Well, it happened a few years back. Big Bang is actually debuted maybe 10 months after DBSK? haha. Anyway, that is all I know. Any inaccuracy, well. I am sorry. ^^

My favourite song from them.


Hey Yo

Credit : asianfanatics gallery.

Edit : how do I put it in excerpt? lol


  1. LOL I just watched the mv, then came here and saw your post ^_^

    Like you, I only really gave them a try because of my dearest love SHINHWA!! <33 And yea the whole “second shinhwa” thing kinda got me annoyed because there can be no other “Shinhwa”!! Theres one and only one Shinhwa ever!!

    So yea, I do like some of their songs, I honestly do. But I dont know, I just cant seem to get into them and fangirl them *hides from you* haha..However, despite what people have been saying about their new songs, I really liked “Step by step”. Yes it does sound like big bang, but then again there is really no such thing as originality when it comes to music cuz everyones music is based on someone elses…I also like their other song, “Luv U” in their new mini album. Again it reminds me of big bang o_O but who cares haha, good music is good music XD

    Oh but ermm I didnt really like the MV and Im still a bit =S about their new styles..And they seem to be going on a different road compared to Shinhwa *shrugs* I just always thought they would follow shinhwa’s path….But Woot go boys and make your Shinhwa hyungs proud <3

  2. how can they follow shinhwa’s style? all of them are going towards techno and well, the tell-me syndrome. I missed them so much. Listen to their old singles and it is truly shinhwa’s style. sigh sigh.
    the reason why I am posting this because i want them to be more recognised and hope that another talented group don’t go into wasting like KARA. The amount of boyband debuted is ridiculously a lot. The rivalry is so intense sometimes.

  3. Ah! Ive heard of these guys! Honestly I never knew they had any connection to Shinhwa xD I just listen to them cos I like their songs.

    Heartbroken sounds good =) But I like some of their more upbeat stuff like Hey Yo and Crazy

    OH! I would seriously lose it if they go to waste like KARA! I really did like those girls. I think after your post, I did a bit of searching on them, and they are REALLY good. *sigh*

  4. And in case anyone did want to listen to Hey Yo you can listen to it here

    On a complete tangent, my foot has gone numb and Im sure I’ll get pins and needles any moment. I guess this is a sign I need to go back and study….*cries*

  5. lol. I uploaded Hey Yo too. I guess I am that ballad type. haha. I love how you said you like them for who they are, for the music they produce and not because they are picked by shinhwa.

  6. if you want to put some of your post under a cut then go to html mode and there’s a button that says “more” you insert that code before the section you want to cut ^^
    hope that made sense! if you’re confused, tell me where you want to cut and I’ll edit it for you then you can see for yourself ^^

  7. candychuu… <3
    haha. IT WORKS. I AM A COM IDIOT. ^^

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