Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 8, 2008

Dream Concert Drama

You all know that I’m an HQ-snob, so I’ll upload pictures from the concert when I get some nice HQ news images XD

I’m just writing this to inform people of the drama that went on at the concert, and also have a little rant about it (cos omg, SO MUCH DRAMAAAAA).

As most of you all know by now, it pretty much sucked to be SNSD last night. I was following two live feeds on Baidu last night, and one of them was done by an ELF who was at the stadium with her cell phone (she took pictures, so I’m going to assume that her content is reliable). I got all my info. off Baidu, so feel free to correct me if you were at the concert and you saw something different.

Apparently there were fake tickets sold, so there wasn’t enough seats to accommodate all the fans. As a result of this, the officers moved some SNSD fans into the ELF seating area. The ELFs were not happy. Some of their banners were taken down, and apparently, some SNSD fanboys walked on the banners (oo, and the Only 13 banner got moved to the back cos there was no more room XDDD). The ELFs who were there then sent word about how the SNSD fanboys ripped a Eunhyuk banner, and 20 minutes later, someone said they ripped two Heechul ones. Of course, two hours later, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Kibum, Yunho, Jae, Junsu, and Hangeng, were also added to the list, but I think people just made those up to hop on the “banner ripping” bandwagon =.=|||

And of course there’s that news about a Cassiopeia stabbing a SNSD fanboy (what’s their official name ?), but er…I don’t think it’s true…. I was following a DBSK live thread last night, and it was all news about who was performing, who’s banner was now ripped (lol) and then, out of nowhere, an SNSD fan posted a comment that said “my friend said that a Korean Cas. just stabbed an SNSD fanboy” O____O And I haven’t found any official news about that (I’d assume that if it was true, it would be everywhere by now).

I’m not sure if everyone else know about this (I’m going to assume you don’t), but before the Dream Concert, I read a translated message on Baidu, which was sent out to multiple Korean fanclubs (Cassiopeia, ELF, Triple S, Wonderfuls) about how to “bring down” SNSD during their performance. I’m not sure what they had planned, but it was surprisingly well organised. When SNSD performed, all the lightsticks were hidden/switched off (except for the ones of the SNSD fans), and the crowd went…..pretty silent O_____O (you can check the fancams on Youtube). Word is, the audience sang Wondergirls’ songs during their performance, but I didn’t hear that in the fancam.

While all this drama was going on at the concert, the Baidu bars were at war. Some of the ELFs couldn’t get seats, and some antis used that to their advantage and started posting hate messages in the DBSK bar, and then other antis retaliated by posting hate messages in Suju’s bar. So in the live feed, there were all these “DBSK/SJ, SUCK, I HATE THEM” messages, mixed with “SNSD SKANKS, LET’S GO KILL THEM” messages. It was actually quite amusing, but stupid.

And for those who don’t know, Baidu bars are ranked, and the citizens of the bars take their rankings quite seriously. If you post empty posts, or post without a username, the system deducts points from your bar, reducing your ranking. So all these ELFs and Cassiopeians decided to pay the SNSD bar a little visit, and “bombed” their bar with posts with nice messages on them =.=||| Of course, some of those people might just be ordinary netizens who wanted to create drama. So throughout the night, the SNSD bar received multiple “bombings”, and the DBSK bar, and Jae’s individual bar was also bombed a few times. I think the DBSK + Jae bars are still being bombed right now, cos I went on this morning to find pictures, and all I saw was pages of “DBSK SUCK DBSK SUCK DBSK SUCK” posts =_____= It made it impossible to find anything informative =___=. But the people who bombed Jae’s bar are just feral. They bombed his bar with really…unpleasant images. Not pornographic, just really disgusting feral images. And they didn’t open new threads for it, they just added the images on to existing threads. So when I opened a DC pictures thread, it was like “pretty Jae…pretty Jae…..pretty Jae…..AAAAHHHH, MY EYES >______<“.

Now the war is pretty full on. I personally think that it’s unfair to blame any artists for what happened with their fans. So to all those SNSD fanboys who are calling DBSK “old products who will soon disband”, GO DO SOMETHING VALUABLE WITH YOUR TIME. It’s true that artists generally have to pay the price for the actions of their fans, but I don’t think SNSD/SJ/DBSK, has anything to do with what went on at the Dream Concert. I agree with everyone who says that some of those fanclubs need a good telling-off from their artists, but posting multiple anti DBSK/SJ/SNSD posts isn’t going to change anything. I keep coming across these “OMG, THEY (the artists) ARE SO MEAN, I’M NEVER LISTENING TO ANYTHING BY THEM EVER AGAIN”, comments, and omg, they just give me such a good eye-rolling exercise. But really, if something like this is going to stop you from listening to good music, then HAHA, I feel sorry for you, cos you’re going to miss out on some pretty great stuff.

Hate the fans, not the artists.

Edit: Just saw a fancam of people walking on/cutting banners, and omg, poor girls (as in ELFs). I’m not the ELFs biggest fan, but I felt so sorry for the girl who was crying :((


  1. it has been a long time since i visited this blog xDD HELLO! :D
    oh yes i so agree. in my POV, the FANS should be ashame. By bashing other artist, the ARTIST themselves will be “taken down”. (did tht make sense?) .

    “When SNSD performed, all the lightsticks were hidden/switched off (except for the ones of the SNSD fans), and the crowd went…..pretty silent O_____O”

    and WTH? the other fans did wht? i neeeeeeeed to see this fancam!
    as much as i HATE snsd, what cass,elf etc did was kinda LOW! like come on! respect please.
    well all i jst wanna say is, the fans should be more mature abt this, NO BASHING just PEACE ^____________________________________^ lol

  2. *yay* drama!! This just kinda makes my day because I just find it so funny and incredulous. omo. A Cassiopeian stabbing an SNSD fanboy?!?! haha, the heat makes me super irrational; I guess it works the same for those fangirls too, huh? (not to mention we got hit with this INSANE heat wave today. omo).

  3. First of all regarding no one cheering for SNSD I wanted to share something on the Sj Thread, it is the last post on this page:
    Sungmin wrote a message about the concert and told fans to cheer for SNSD. Kind of talking about how they are all the SM Family. Which is so true and something alot of people forget about. Hurting bands in the same company can ultimately hurt your band.

    Oh and “Only 13.” I still cannot believe the violin was cut. The song just felt weird and I even would have liked to just see the dance!

    Anywho, I first heard about the drama from the Super Junior thread when a fancam appeared of their banners being stepped on and ripped. It was actually quite emotional because the girl in the fancam I saw was like bawling and everyone was screaming. I know some fangirls can take these things to an extreme but I feel that is quite justified. The anger at the people that did it that is. Obviously, the band had no part.

    It is so funny that all the fanclubs claim to have some bad apples, and especially ELF and Cass have had bad events that they have apologized for but they are hella quick to judge. Not just fans though but there has been incidents in all the bands which are regrettable and the artist has apologized. You know regardless of anything SNSD did, I am not sure about all the details but multiple rumors about it, that just makes the events worse for fans. It is a shame that the Dream Concert was supposed to be like this awesome night. Super Junior H debut! DBSK back! Shinee~~ But there was so much anger and stupidness flying about.

    I remember I went on the Jae bar like 3 hours ago (looking for Thailand pictures still) and I saw all the nasty images. Seriously WTF? That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. It is was even bashing just stupid pictures. As much as I hate bashing if someone has a point to get off their chest I can sometimes read and consider their view, that was nonsense.

    I saw the SNSD fancam and it was awkward to say the least. I have to give some credit that not everyone followed along, there seemed to be some randoms going out. I think they were quite brave to go so. I cannot imagine the pressure there to just sit still. I assumed it was planned, and just.. don’t they have better things to plan? They can do these charity events, make great presents, plan massive chants, and then just ruin it all for another club that planned alot of their band.

    I think this will blow over eventually, I am not that worried about it. It is just something that should have never happened and I hope it ends soon.

    p.s: I doubt the stabbing to, that would be everywhere by now.
    p.p.s: SBS is airing it in T-3 hours! That should even mean better pictures!
    p.p.p.s: Glad to see you back from hiatus. <33

  4. I knew about the banner ripping and SNSD “boycott”, but the thing with the baidu bar wars and just mindless bashing in general is going over the top. I really don’t understand why all this was necessary cause they’re all under the same company. This further proves how vicious fanclubs can be =.=

  5. A Cassiopeia stabbed an SNSD fanboy? O.O
    I read a few accounts that said the fanboys were the ones with knives trying to stab CASS/ELF members. Some girl’s sister got stabbed, too.

    But damn. Korean fans are nuts.

  6. LOL it was so intense last night I was refreshing the baidu pg every few seconds @_______@ But now I come back and read and I can’t help but laugh a little. Except the ELF who was crying made me sad :(
    *sigh* well maybe ELFs can sell some of their stocks in SM and buy cut-proof banners?

  7. hum …. I am glad that ZLY and the Grace arent there. I sound a little dumb but well, I am glad they werent there. In the beginning, I was a little apprehensive but well, not anymore. The SNSD girls will get tougher. and the fan club will grow up. Have you heard of ShinHwa Chang Jo? they were so nice yesterday. They cheered during SNSD performance and well, they were even there to sow support even shinhwa wasn’t there. They wore orange shirt and had orange balloon. I hope you know how forgiving they are because SNSD did imitate to mock some of the ShinHwa members before. Before it goes all out, SNSD did apologise. Haha. I hope all fanclub learn from ShinHwa Chang Jo. <3

  8. ^ SHCJ is the best fanclub out there as far as I’m concerned. They are forever classy.

    The Dream Concert was a mess =___=. At least the performances were great, though <3.

  9. ^ I KNOW RIGHT!?!? OMG i saw pictures of them and they were soooo cute and nice and I wanted to hug them cuz they just showed everyone the meaning of a true fanclub..Being supportive of their idols, as well as OTHER ARTISTS!!! *coughSNSDcoughfanboyscough* There were like 50 of them dressed in orange = orange princesses ^_^ haha and they were there with orange balloons and supporting other artists, even though there werent any shinhwa members performing..AND when some of the SNSD fanboys stepped on the corner of a SUJU banner, they helped fix the banner up XD LOL Man the boys must be soooo proud of Shinhwa Changjo!! Despite everything that happened *coughtiffanycough* they came through and wasnt involved with the whole drama thing…Truly the best fanclub around <3

    LOL PASee we wanted drama and we got heaps of drama didnt we?!? And Im expecting it to last quite awhile, since so many big fanclubs are involved..Maybe some other dramatic episode will occur, hopefully after I finish my exams though =_=. Im actually really drained from all the action last night. Anticipating/being in suspense/spazzing/refreshing pages every minute/being pissed and annoyed and cut and wanting to KILL someone aka the person who RIPPED HYUKS BANNER!!! (if anyone knows who it is, please do tell me cuz im going to fly over to korea and kick his ass and rip him into shreds XD) etc etc…So tired and so screwed for my exams =(

  10. Ugh, I can almost find this hilarious except when I think of SNSD stepping into that stage and how they must have felt seeng hundreds of people hating them. If it was me, I would probably break down crying, but they handled it like pros.

    I know they’ve done/said some stupid things, but so has SuJu and I don’t love my boys any less for it. Even though I’m not a fan of them, I felt sorry.

    Lol at everyone over at soompi going. ‘How could this have happened?’ though because the rumors of a boycott have been going on for weeks.

    I did feel sorry for ELF when I saw those fancams though, because you can tell the banner cutting really hurt them.

    I’ve just been ignoring the drama and stayed in my own little bubble of joy though. There were so many awesome things in the concert. All of my favorite performers were there and they were all amazing. There’s no way I’m letting a bunch of immature children across the world ruin my enjoyment of fandom.

  11. seriously, who would want to take the time and rip that many banners. it’s illogical.

    watched some of it on youtube, cause pandora’s being a butt, and that whole snsd boycott was just rude.

    also i know i’m supposed to be against violence and all, but how cool would have to been to actually see someone just stab another person. it’s probably not true. but really, who does that?

  12. I just realized I used ‘thought’ about every other sentence. -_- Maybe I shouldn’t comment from my phone, my English gets worse.

  13. *though

    I can’t type, I’ll just go emo in my corner now. ;_;

  14. Perhaps because I’ve never been in a fan cafe and rarely check Soompi, I had no idea it was this bad. I thought it was idle speculation when people said that the Haptic commercials would start major drama.

    I only know Sooyoung and Tiffany from SNSD, but even I can recognize how unfair it was to go black and silent during their performance. I was especially disappointed in Triple S and the other fanclubs, but now that I think of it, they ran the risk of getting hit in the crossfire if green (or any other color) baloons were seen with the pink(?) It’s sad.

    The fancam of Suju banners being ripped was kind of disturbing. The fans honestly sounded like they were being massacred instead of the banners. Those things take time and money, so I can understand them being upset, but I worry that fans get too emotionally involved. If you look at this like someone who just got into Korean music, it seems mighty redonkulous.

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down.” ^_^

  15. There’s a fancam of them yelling wonder girls.

    Pretty clear. Most of the stadium was doing it.

  16. Even, though it’s like a year late, I’m still amazed by the postings of all the fan clubs. GEEZ! They’re all under one management label, all the artists have to suffer. These fans should all be ridiculously ashamed of themselves, I know they are merely expressing their opinion, but if you want to protest, do it with some DIGNITY~!!

  17. Hell yeah with this article, the fans are the problems. The bands, I’m perfectly fine with, their humans they make mistakes.

    Those actions by ALL the fanclubs were all just plain wrong and upsetting, and SHAMEFUL.

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