Posted by: lovediaries | June 8, 2008

SHINee singing Rokkugoh

If you ever get bored of studying and need some cheering up, WATCH THIS VIDEO! Or even if you’re not in need of cheering up and just love the SHINee boys :P

{credit: lilazncutie5 @ youtube}

It is crack and all things cute mushed together <3

LMAO Teuk pulls on his hood until it completely wraps around his head and its so funny especially at 2.03 when the top of his head appears on the screen…and well something about it just made me ROFL…real hard XD

Anyways the SHINee boys are REALLY HIGH and its absolutely adorable because Teuk and Hyuk look like the tired, worn out parents while their children are dancing about as if they’re on something xDD. And Key has got to be the cutest thing ever because he’s seriously so lost all the time and is forever doing his own thing or just doing something but by himself AHAHAHA. There’s one part where he’s the only one swinging his arm about and I just really wanted to hug him. Actually sometimes I see Key and I have an urge to roll him in some mud. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY…but I just do xDD

To be honest, I couldn’t tell who was singing what. The original was playing in the background and I think SHINee just sung whenever? Lol but they’re good at mocking imitating SJT XDD So it looks as if these boys also know how to have some fun and fun + dorky boys = happy fangirls, therefore a very good equation :D

Also, here is a clip of Jonghyun and Onew singing Because of you from the same day ♥_♥ The two of you, please marry me <333 Their voices are so gorgeous!!

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