Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 9, 2008

Dream Concert – DBSK

Pictures: DBSK’s Baidu

Yunho wants you to keep reading [I’m going to do this with all the picspams now, so the front page won’t take too long to load]

Ok, so as well as all the drama that went on last night, there were also some fantastic performances (obviously, it WAS a music concert). And as usual, the boys looked very spiffy + hot (YAY, SPACE SUITS XDDD).

Sexy Yunho

OMG OMG OMG, YUNHO IS SO HOT *_________________* He gets lots of pictures :P

King Kong Barbie JJ

Aww, such a pretty smile <33333 He can even pull off that shiny top without looking too feminine XD But homg, LOOK AT HIS ARM IN THE FIRST PICTURE O_________O. Lol, when I first saw it, I had to ask Candychu if LSM was feeding them steroids ^^|||.

He gets slightly less pictures cos he didn’t do any jacket ripping xPP

Macro-able Junsu

LMAO, look at the first picture XDDD In the third picture, he looks like he’s coming out of a spaceship xP

Pinkandsparklyloveyourshorthair – Changmin

I adore the third picture :). I loooooooooooove this hair on him, it’s so age-appropriate :P. On a random note, I really really like the tag on the second picture, it’s so classy *___* unlike the yellow writing on the third one =.=

WTHwereyouthinking – Micky

Someone on Baidu commented on how Micky must be the DBSK hairstyles guinea pig XD I absolutely despise that hairstyle on him, but he has such nice cheekbones ^^ and that third picture is so cuuute. Oo, and I like the white misty ones with Yunho.


  1. I saw their performances on SBS and they were amazing, especially Purple Line LIVE! Yunho’s shirt ripping = <3 He is so hot. The boys actually looked really good in white, which was not what I was thinking at first when I saw some of the caps from their interview on soompi. Although Changmin has amazing hair and always looks super hot, Jae just looked soooooooo gorgeous in that shiny white top. Only he can pull that off. And his smile… I thought the blue lighting went really well with their outfits. In the last two pics, they’re glowing and look angelic, especially the last one where Micky is looking up with his eyes closed and a serene smile. I think Jaejoong has been working out. A lot.

  2. I’ve only seen the Tonight fancam so far and I want a reeeeeeeeeally HQ one for Purple Line coz they look so hot…HIIIII YUNHO!!!! ^__^ Hehe

    I really really like the tag on the second picture, it’s so classy *___* unlike the yellow writing on the third one =.=
    LMAO!! Don’t let the fans who took those pics see that :P Lol well they’re better than those pics where fans have put their names over every single cm of the photo, kinda ridiculous because you the watermarks distract you from the actual photo xD

    Oh and about that Yoochun being the DBSK guinea pig thing, I totally thought that too! But you know, it turns out Yoochun actually has a say in his hairstyles coz I was reading my history in japan translation booklet and junsu said that yoochun cut his hair short for FITB after he watched a movie and seeing a guy in it with that haircut lol. SO it’s possible that with all the ugly hairstyles he’s sported (the bowl cut, blonde tufts, ^this one) they were an attempt to look like something that inspired him? Lol, IDK…he copied Changmin with his hot Rising Sun hair and now maybe its the ugly long bushy hair?

  3. omg, leader-sshi! this could be the hottest set of pic of him…
    perfect hair, perfect expression! thank you for compiling all of this,
    i love their HQness, wow, did all fans in korea have superfinezoom camera?
    their close up angle is better than most korean media

    and “kingkong barbie” lmao haha
    thats the best line to describe jae’s 1st pic here XD
    and that silly grin, perfect perfect teeth

    im praying that someday yoochun will snap back to hotter haircut,
    maybe purple line days,

  4. Abc123zyx:
    I watched Purple Line!! Ooooomg, so good *____________*

    I always love it when they sing live…

    Lol, when I saw the caps, I thought they were cosplaying, cos they looked like astronauts XDDD

    I love the lighting! Like you said, it looks really good with their outfits.

    And yes, Jae must’ve been working out, either that or taking steroids =___=

    The HQ of Purple Line is out! It’s really pretty~~

    Omg, you bought History in Japan 3?????? WHAT’S IN IT WHAT’S IN IT WHAT’S IN IT???? Is it worth buying??????

    Er…Micky decides what hairstyle he wants to have? In that case…..I’m sorry but he has REALLY BAD TASTE IN HAIRSTYLES.

    I’ve always wondered about the cameras they use. The pictures are always so good!! Lots of pictures were taken from the VIP section, though. Maybe that’s why they’re so good? Rich fans =___=

    Yea, Jae looks so pretty in that first picture, but then you see his arm, and it’s like WOOOOOW, WHAT HAPPENED THERE??? XD

    *I’m* praying that his hair will change to any hairstyle except for the one he had in the “O” mv XD.

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