Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 9, 2008

I’m hungry…but the SJ boys aren’t XD

Pictures: As tagged + SJ’s Baidu

Donghae’s fans decided to buy SJ a lot of food, for them to eat before Dream Concert. While these aren’t as impressive as what the Cassiopeians bought DBSK for EHB taping, it’s still pretty impressive.

Keep reading for more food

And they’re so thoughtful, the drinks and fruit, were all kept in special chilly bins with ice XD And there are even wet hand towels! Lucky boys~

I’m really craving those little pies……

I know I said that I’d be back on the 7th, but that was cos I conveniently forgot that I actually have an exam tomorrow (I thought it was in July XD) so I’ll reply to everyone’s comments tomorrow (after I pass my exam with flying colours; HAAAAARRRRRHAAAAARRRRR)


  1. If I could choose, I rather have Donghae than all this food.

    Okay, I’d better go sleep.
    I only managed to write 2 pgs xD IFAIL.

    Tmr, I’m going to try stay away from the internet and write my 5 essays ;) My one night hiatus should hopefully prepare me for any future (and longer) hiatus-es :P

    Though I’d probably feel more encouraged if I had someone deliver all this food to me… (._.)

  2. WOAH! Did they handslice the fruity?!….Unless our technology is so back-flippy-off-the-deck awesome that we now have machines that peel and slice fruit for us

    Idol status is SO worth obtaining if you’re getting free food. I can so imagine Changmin sneaking into the SuJu change rooms whilst they’re performing and stealing the food coolers. WOOOT! Minnine ninja stealth mode

    xDD I rekon its hilarious how the KFC boxes have a ‘Super Junior’ sticker on them. I swear if SJ took over the fast food industry, we’d all be getting really cool stuff with our happy meals!….or just happier with our happy meals in general because they came from the guys (cos Eunhyuk would be diabolical and steal all the toys ;__;)

  3. @ gummydork: I’m pretty sure you can buy pre-sliced fruits; I HIGHLY doubt the ELFs would be able to coordinate SUCH a massive amount of fruit.

    Speaking of the fruit… I’m sOOOO jealous!!! I’m totally loving all those yummy-looking fruits. I need a fanclub that will give me stuff too. now, please.

  4. Candychu:
    Lol, I think ANYONE would choose Donghae over food XD

    I signed off msn, and got ready for bed, then I went to close Baidu, and I saw this and decided to post it XD

    One-night hiatus? That’s tonight then, right? Haaahaaaa, you miss out on the SJ-H MV :PPPPPPP Happy studying xP

    *throws virtual food at you* XDD

    LOL, the first thing I though when I saw these pictures, was “wow, did they slice all that fruit?” XDDDD

    They could’ve bought pre-sliced fruit, but there’s not much, so I’m going to assume that some noona fans sliced this themselves XD

    You know that there’s a mechanical potato peeler? It’s really koooool XD

    Haha, I’m picturing Changmin happily eating away in the SJ change rooms, and then being caught with all the empty pizza/KFC boxes around him XD

    I love happy meals! LMAO @ Hyuk stealing the toys XDDD But yea, I reckon we’d get WAY better toys if SJ took over Maccas (I’m giving SM ideas, aren’t I) I wouldn’t put it past SM to open their own restaurant, actually…

    BTW, do you know who’s really bad with their Happy Meal toys? Hungry Jacks (Burger King). Their toys are always so craaaaap compared to the Maccas toys. Just an observation ;)

    There’s not that much fruit there…but it’s so NEATLY sliced, maybe they did buy it?

    *I* need a fanclub to buy me Gucci wallets XDDD

    BTW, do you know what the Cassiopeians gave Micky for his birthday?? I haven’t read/seen ANY pictures, and I want to know so I can gasp and coo over all the expensive things XDD

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