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SJ-H “Cooking? Cooking!” MV

For some extremely odd reason, Youtube won’t let me embed its videos =.=||| So go here to watch it, and I’ll embed it when Youtube fixes its problem.

{credit: MusicRandoms @ youtube}


I knew I’d like this MV even though I don’t really like the song

The MV starts with someone eating a fortune dumpling(?) XDD And then you get a girl eating when I first saw it, I thought it was Sungmin , but I think it’s one of the SNSD girls ^^||| Or it might be one of SM’s many trainees =.=

And then, after the girl, you see all the SJ-H boys dancing happily in a line while holding various kitchen utensils XDDDDD LOOOOOOL THEY LOOKED SO HAPPY IN THAT SCENE, ROFLOL.

I think the plot of the MV is: the girl cooked a really good meal for the SJ-H boys, and they felt really happy and all lived happily ever after XDDD IDK.

Leeteuk is really friendly in this, I’d recommend this MV to all the Teukie fans ;) He got lots of lines!! But gaaahhh, the palm tree on his head =___= better than the poo on Shindong’s head, but still one question to fans with good eyesight, was Leeteuk the dumpling guy?

All the boys look really good in this, but SOOOO YOUNG. It was hard to believe that they’re all older than me XD ESPECIALLY SUNGMIN. He looked younger than the SHINee boys XDD

Beckery gave me this album when it first came out, but I still haven’t listened to it properly XD But I think I’ll even put the songs on my ipod now, even though I was all EWWWW about it the first time I listened to it (the previews). MVs totally help in changing your mind about a song.

Or maybe I like it now cos I’m deliriously happy today, cos I finished my music exam this morning, which means NO MORE DEATH METAL :DDDDD WEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~ *dances*

*skips off to laugh at the MV again*

Candychu: I thought I’d just invade pinkandsparkly’s post ^^

Yes, I said I wouldn’t be online tonight but then I checked my email and saw that the MV was out and I came here and saw that there was already a post so I couldn’t help but watch and comment xDD

Btw, yes, that is an SNSD girl – Sunny, to be more precise. (Lol, I thought they’d save her for their Sunny MV? xDDD) And I thought the guy at the start eating the dumpling did look a lot like Teuk. Kinda creeped me out a little but still.

The boys are SO CUTE IN THIS MY GOODNESS <3 Sungmin looks like he is 10 and reminds me of those private school kids I see at my bus stop every morning. And it doesn’t help that he keeps pouting and making me coo @ the screen xD

Leeteuk is so adorable with his socks wrapped around his pants and when he falls off his bed/ledge thingy…whatever he was lying on xDD He does get quite a few lines in this MV which is exciting ^^ He’s especially gorgeous in the bowtie :P

And omg I had to watch this a few times before I got it but Kangin is sitting on the toilet and…well lol ITS FUNNY. Especially coz there’s a cloud censoring his butt ahahahaa xD But yeah Kangin has been looking younger and younger these days too. It’s the hair. They’ve all gotten new hair!

Speaking of new hair. ROFL @ Shindong xD. I…just…no comment.

Lol and is it just me or is Hyuk getting skinnier and skinnier by the day? O_O But that’s alright because he’s also getting more goodlooking ^____^ and he also looks like a 10 year old prancing around with his backpack :P

Lastly, Yesung! I love him in his purple tie <3 And his voice makes me happy ~! Lalalala.

Imop, the plot of this MV is that the boys are awaiting a lovely meal cooked by Sunny which ends up tasting crap so then they’re afraid to have to eat her food again and run for their lives. Of course she manages to catch them and force them to eat her food and this time tadaa~! The food tastes great! And omg Shindong finished the piece of Chicken that Sungmin was eating!!!!!! Then LMAO @ 3.24 XDDDDDDDD Teuk cracks me up…A LOT :DDD WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. This MV is SO CUTE. I DEMAND ANOTHER ONE!!!!

Okay, I really have to go study now :( 


  1. LOLS.
    i’m the first one to comment on this post?


    thanks for embedding this MV! lols. at least it made me smile since yesterday cause i was nearly robbed. grrrr… those people, i swear i’ll skin their arses off when i get my hands on them. sigh. what a way to start my day.

    okay. i tend to digress.
    kekez.anyway! back to this post, lols! it’s so funny. At the end of the MV , teukie were asked or was asking honey, are you hungry? Made me really hungry though and omo..~~~ kangin looked so good and it’s all because he grew hair ! wakakakaka
    *runs of listening to their other songs to make me happy.


    teeeheee. thanks for the summary. yeap..shindong’s hair..i just have nooooooooooooooo comment. or maybe am speechless. we need to find out whos’ the hair stylists!!!


    sorry. just.


    lol yeah, i showed a picture of new!kangin to my kangin-loving roomate and she was like “was this when they debut?” i suppose with recent competition *coughshineechough* they took a page out of sungmin’s book and are trying to make us all coo and fall for them with noona-ing instincts blazing?

  3. Oh, my, how cute! xD You’re right, the MV does do a lot to change opinions. Still won’t put this song on my iPod, but…I probably will put the MV on. xD So I can spazz at it randomly and scare anyone sitting nearby.

    Oh, my, god, FOOD. I WANT. I’m so hungry….T_T But I was really really happy with all of them, (lol, Shindong’s hair…T_T), and they looked ADORABLE. And as a Teuk fan, I was quite happy with the number of lines he had. =D What a great way to start out my day, lol.

    Kangin looks SO GOOD WITH HAIR =D They all look really adorable, though. xDDD And I don’t feel so bad about stalking people so much older than me anymore. =D

    I feel like I’ve been away from the K-pop world forever, since I spent like all of the last two days Jin-stalking/watching Gokusen II. ^.^”

  4. This is so cute and everything is so random xD. Omg. Kangin. He looks so young in this and realllllly good with that hair. They all look great here and Yesung’s hair looks so much better like this. Shindong hair is… Teuk was adorable and he looks a lot younger than he really is. I really liked all the cartoon effects. It added to the cuteness of the MV.

  5. OMG I saw when this came out on Super market and had to wait like 2 hours for the MV to come on youtube because it would not load. Worth it? Hell yes. LOL All I saw was some guy eating dumpling and I just knew it was Eeteuk. 100%. I think it is from Oldboy, like a parody of it. I just watched Sympathy of Mr. Vengeance last night, part of the trilogy with Oldboy~~

    I agree with Candychu about the plot. They try her cooking at first, but it was barf worthy, e.g Cooking? But then she tries to get better for them and it turns into Cooking! :DD

    Shindong and Eunhyuk singing together is better than life. haha & there are so many good moments. Sungmin dancing at the beginning.. he looked so into it!! Eunhyuk @ 2:07. <333 AND OMFG Eeteuk at 1:45 was just about the cutest thing.. ever!!! <3333333

    BTW, How do you say the title outloud? Because I think I am on crack. It is like Cookinnggg?!?! Then a wink and cooookkkinggg really creepy-like. LOL It kind of ruins the song a little for me every time I say the title.

    BTW x 2, The cartoons did not really look like them to me. When Eeteuk was on the fridge I was like WTF? I only knew because of the bush.

  6. hmmm. but i think i figured it out, shindong hair makes him look like a teletubby ^_^ but the music video is very cute!! and i the lyrics are adorable.. ^^

  7. Erv:
    You were ROBBED???? OMG, THAT’S SO SCARY!!!!

    I love Kangin, WITH HAIR XDDD

    Lol, they look SO YOUNG XDDDD

    But I like the hair on Kangin, IT’S SO MUCH BETTER THAN HIS DON’T DON HAIR o_____o

    Lol, watch it on the bus, and see how people next to you will react XDD


    I’ve been meaning to watch Gokusen 2 (AKAME <3) but gah, NO TIME :'(((

    Haha, yea, the cartoons were cute ^^. Reminded me of the DBSK cartoon in their “O” concert..

    SJ market NEVER works for me. Maybe it’s cos I use Firefox?

    It IS from Oldboy! You’re so smart~~. I was reading an article about how they parodied Oldboy, in the MV ^^

    Lol, I think it’s “cooking?” (confused voice) “cooking!!” (happy voice) XD

    I don’t think the cartoons looked like them either XD

    Teletubby? XDDD

    I read the lyrics, they weren’t very….poetic XD but SO FUNNY XDDD

  8. pinkandsparkly

    yes. was THIS CLOSED from being robbed by two men on a motorcycle. how dare them!

    yes. Kangin WITH HAIR rocks. :D


    omg, that sounds SO scary ;_________;. They’re obviously cowards; TWO people robbing a GIRL. grrrrrrr

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