Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 12, 2008

Clear version of “Why have I fallen in love with you”

Mp3:Baidu Jaeho Bar

This song PWNS “Beautiful You”, and I’m soooooooo glad I finally have a clear version (even if it’s only 2.54 minutes long)


I don’t know if it’s because this isn’t the “real” version, but there’s still a little bit of synth in this. Maybe it’s meant to be like this? :S

Download here Complete version is out, get it here

Don’t direct link the download link =.=. Otherwise, see what the fans did to SNSD at Dream Concert? Yea, you’ll get the opposite of that, I’ll hunt you down and dance around you singing songs of joy while whacking you on the head with Heechul’s plastic dolphin xPP

No, seriously, this mp3 took me AGES to find, cos everyone had a different translation for the title =____=|||


  1. Yes! this is so much better than Beautiful You. As hard as I tried, I could only manage to like the last 1/3 of that song -.- Anyway, this is great. Thanks much!

  2. *explodes in happiness and dies*

  3. Laflor501:
    You’re welcome!

    I hope this single will do well on the charts~! (Beautiful You beat Purple Line…wtf =.=)


  4. Ohh man it feels like i havent commented here for ages. Exam time = no life…*pouts*

    But yea, I had to quickly write a thanks to you cuz I LOVE THIS SONG and I was dying for a good version. XD Its a bit short but at least I can hear them properly without static sound buzzing at my ears haha…so thank you *hugs* and *double hugs* cuz I feel so stressed atm =_=

    Anyways, the instrumental of this song is soooo nice and beautiful and relaxing. Whenever I listen to it, I keep thinking of sitting at the beach (with Hyuk <3 haha) at sunset with the orange-red fiery sun sinking below the calm blue crystal sea with white, crashing waves gently touching my feet like silk and seagulls flying over our heads (and shitting on it while they’re at it) HAHA WTH?! Look at my awesome attempt at being poetic ^_^ Gosh Im so much fail these days!

    ARGHH must stop listening to it and go back to study, got an exam tomorrow. Wish me luck cuz I will need it ALOT!! Btw I totally failed my counselling exam XD I was so nervous, I forgot everything I studied and Im pretty sure I forgot some critical questions and probably gave them the wrong drug and killed them..haha im so awesome..Cant wait till another week when its all over *weeps tears of joy*

  5. I love this song so much!!! It is DEFINITELY better than Beautiful You and the lyrics are so deep. I really liked Junsu and Yunho’s lines, even though they didn’t have many. I hope the MV will fit the lyrics for the song more. I’ve already sort of come up with a MV in mind involving flashbacks, a wedding, and the boys all dressed up xD

  6. You rock. Thank you so much for the download link! I was getting tired of the LQ version (although it still sounds nice XD ) so the HQ is a godsend. I love love love love this song <33

  7. This song is ridiculously good. And I have a feeling that I’m NOT going to change my mind about this one, like I did halfway through the “Beautiful You” promotions. And I completely second the “NO CHEESY CHOREOGRAPHY, PUH-LEAAAASE” plea, because the choreography for “Beautiful You” sucked. I still have no clue how it made it to the top of the charts, because honestly, it didn’t deserve to. I mean, I love these boys and all, but I’m being brutally honest, and I’m going to continue being brutally honest because they need some reality in their lives. XDDD

    And what the FHDAFHD is the name of this song? Why have I fallen in love with you? Why I fell in love with you? Let’s show DBSK some love? I LOVE HEECHUL? *insert Japanese name here*?

    <3333333333333 Thanks for the link. And you know I love you already, so I won’t bother writing it. XDDD <3333

  8. thank me (and google and LJ)

  9. SO SAD! but that’s the translation I was leaning towards when I was… tinkering around with translations too.

  10. Beckery:
    At least your exams are nearly over :(((

    Btw, how do they mark you in a counselling exam???? Is it like a role play? I love role plays :DDD OOO, DO YOU DRESS UP??? IN A DOCTOR’S COAT? WITH A STETHOSCOPE?? FUUUUUUUUUUUN :DDDDDDDDDD

    See, this is why I don’t do medicine XD

    Wow, you should consider doing my course, your use of descriptive language is awesome ^^b I love the seagulls bit :P

    I can’t picture a beach when I listen to this, I picture a city….and me running through slow motion XDD And then they chase after me (but not because I stole something) and then it rains, and we kiss in the rain.

    Rofl XD


    You’re welcome :D

    I love this song too <3333

    I don’t know why Beautiful You beat Purple Line. I know you don’t like Purple Line, but you gotta admit that it’s 214325842986 times better than “Beautiful You”. I really want to know if they get a say in what kind of music they release. Do you reckon they choose from a bunch of demos, or just get thrown a song and get told to record it?

    Cos I was reading a KT interview (yes, them again :P) and they were talking about how they had this “piratey” song on their latest album, but Jin said that it’s a crap song and should be taken out, so they took it out and replaced it with a song Jin liked XDDD I wonder if DBSK can do that? Probably not, otherwise Beautiful You would never have been released xPP

    I love Heechul? Lmao, that sounds like a CD we’d make XD

    Thank you <333 (thank you Google, thank you LJ)

    I’ve been wanting to see a translation of the lyrics, but have been to lazy to find them myself, lol.

    I love these lyrics, so much better than “you’re such a beautiful you” =.=

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