Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 13, 2008

“O” concert in Beijing

Pictures: Baidu Bars

I think that this was the LAST “O” concert they had to do. I’m so proud of them, they’ve done….just under 10 “O” concerts? I would’ve gotten bored after the second one XDD

How awesome does the stage look? Was it like that at their other “O” concerts? I didn’t pay attention XD

I managed to find a few HQ pictures (32), so keep reading if you want to see them (lots of EXTREMELY CUTE AND ADORABLE Yunho ones) Oh, and Junsu stripped again ;)



I really like the second to last picture (it’s from Junsu’s solo) there’s just something really nice about it~

I think I saved every Yunho picture I came across XDD A few of Jae and Junsu, but no Changmin or Micky fans had super zoom cameras, so they all looked like blots on a page. And I don’t save blots on a page =.=|||

But there’s a nice one of Micky with pink pants! XDDD (fifth last picture, I think)

Oo, and I really like the lightcards in that last picture. I think they say something about Junsu and charisma…idk, I can’t read Korean XDD But they look so pwetty~~

Edit: The lightcards spell “Xiah Junsu Charisma” – thanks, ImJustKeed’In ;)


  1. pinkandsparkly
    can’t help but to comment first before i’m off to pick up my bro from school..
    sent the beijing fans to cardiac rest. guess there’s insufficient ER rooms there.

  2. Yunho is so cute!! aww, Junsu!!! Stop it!! Hahaha~

    I’m stuck in Australia too!! I rely on your blog for DBSK updates so thanks for that!!!


  3. *sigh*

    I want to go to one concert before i turn i can scream and cry like a crazy fangirl, if i’m not 18, its reasonable..XD so cute!
    Hes gotten really cute on stage and starting to strip.
    Are they going through a phrase? ^^

    Ah! Thank goodness! You have a picture of Jae, and his arms look some they look.. 0_o I don’t want them to get any bigger..its just..they’re too big! It some pics i’ve seen..its like hes on steroids..
    BUT..he will always be prettier then most girls on this planet..
    Gosh..i want one of those little planes!
    Really bad.

    I love to read the signs that fans have, esp. when they make cool signs that are light up and stuff!

    btw the sign says “Xiah Junsu Charisma” and then in the background i can read a “Jae”, “jaejoong” and another “junsu”

  4. btw the way the sign*DOES*say

    I always forget things when i type fast..i’m a bit hyper,
    maybe its the picture of Yunho?


  5. I’m sorry!x340940966

    Okay quick question..where do you get your hq pics!
    (who doesn’t love seeing them in hq?)

    Sadly..i have only about 10 pictures of them on my computer…

    Thank you and also for the ones that you posted..

    I wish these things had edits..
    *Kim Junsu Charisma!*

  6. Errrrv:
    Omg, you’re such a nice sister!!!!

    Lol, Junsu must really like his Chinese fans XDD

    Thanks for commenting ^______^

    You’re another aussie? YAYYYY :DDDDD There aren’t many of us in the fandom, unfortunately :(( But 3/4 authors here are australian XDD

    *looks at 18 year old self*…..are you saying that I can’t scream and cry =____=

    Lol, just kidding :P

    Haha, Jae’s mr universe arms XDDDD He needs to stop whatever exercise he’s been doing. They’re TOO big :S

    Thanks for telling me about Junsu’s sign!! I’ll edit that into the post :D

    You’ve only got TEN pictures???? Omg O_____O I have over 1000 XDDDDDDD

    I get my HQ pictures from Baidu~ But you have to sort through lots of posts to find the HQ ones, cos most people don’t have super zoom cameras XD

  7. speaking of pictures, the amusing thing is… just the other day I loaded my entire My Pictures album onto a CD cause I had to print out pics for my sister’s project… so obviously all my DBSK pics were on there… I was at the photo kiosk at the store looking at my DBSK pics for a good 10 mins trying to figure out if I wanted to print any of them (and which ones I wanted to print). Go figure.
    (I didn’t print any, if you’re wondering. I think it would’ve been a bit too obsessive).

  8. I’ve only printed two pictures of Jae, cos he looked really good in them, and I did it in the privacy of my own home, haha. They’re from the “S” magazine shoot, btw (the ones of him playing xbox/playstation).

    But I’m not the type of person who pretty much LIVES with the Dong Bang boys everywhere. I’ve only got one poster of them in my room, and it’s cos it came with the AADBSK2 poster, so it would be a waste to not put it up :P

  9. I will post this here because, it has to do with this concert.

    This concert was really good!
    I’ve seen some of the fancams, but this makes me really sad.
    I wish they didn’t work as much.

    This vid, is of Changmin, he fell several times during the concert, i had only seen the first fall, and though it was just a slip.
    But he looks like hes going to pass out any minute!

    They need more rest! T_T

    (oh..and at least you have a poster..^^)

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