Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 14, 2008

Complete version of “Why have I fallen in love with you”

Or “どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう”; “Why I fell in love with you”; “Why have I fallen in like with you”; whatever, pick one :P

I posted a clear version earlier this week, but this one is longer and clearer :DDDD NO STATIC SOUNDS

*celebrates with Coke (the liquid)*

The uploader said that it’s the complete version, but it’s only 3.22 (better than the 2.54 version I uploaded earlier this week, but still) and the ending is really….sudden. Idk, listen to it and tell me if you think it’s the complete version or not.

This single is being released July 16th, and if you preorder you get a wallpaper (for your computer) :|

The lovely Nanshi, also gave me the translation of the lyrics, I’ll put them over the jump for anyone who’s interested.

Download the mp3 here – and please don’t direct link the download link….otherwise I’ll password protect all my downloads next time =____=

Why did I end up falling for you?
No matter how much time has passed
I still thought you were right here
But you’ve already chosen a different path

Why couldn’t I call out to you at all?
Every day and night growing emotions
And words overflow
But I realized that
They’d never reach you again

Since that day I first met you
I felt like I already knew you
You and I melded into each other so smoothly

It was natural for me to be where you were
The two of us grew up together
But you’ve already chosen a different path

Why did I end up falling for you?
No matter how much time has passed
I still thought you were right here
Now we can’t turn back

The special meaning held by this day
Today you stood with a happy expression
You looked beautiful while praying to god

But I wasn’t the one next to you
And the image of you receiving blessings
Of that how could I let go?

Why did I end up falling for you?
How we were before
We can’t return to it anymore (I’ve thought it through, thought it through)

Why didn’t I hold on to your hand?
No matter how much time has passed
You should’ve always been by my side (never changing)

But still, even if I’m nowhere near you anymore
I’m praying that you
May be happy for eternity
No matter how much that would make me lonely (no matter how lonely)

credit: system_chaos@ soompi/LJ

Hmm, like abc123zyx, I can also picture them making an MV with a wedding, and the girl marrying someone else. Reminds me of Yamapi’s Proposal Daisakusen (which I’m watching now).


  1. ooh, thank you for sharing this song! (:

  2. thaaank you for sharing!! ^_^
    omo~ the lyric’s so sad T_T i’m very curious about the MV ^^ can’t wait to watch it <3

  3. Melly:
    You’re welcome ^_____^

    I can’t wait to see them perform this live :D

  4. Are we bad fans for not waiting for the full single to release?

    And I thought it was releasing on June 23rd… not… JULY?!?!??!?!?!

  5. Thanks!! I’m so happy they moved up the release date :) It would indeed be interesting to see this live.

  6. … It’s being released July 16th? HELLO, THAT’S MY BIRTHDAY.

    But yeah, I thought it was being released June 23rd? But that’s maybe because I’ve been reading Nanshi’s blog, so … XD. I’m REALLY not a reliable source of info at all. *flails around*


    Aha, today, my church is having some sort of concert, and we bought Cola. NOT Coca-Cola. No, we bought COLA, because … we’re apparently ABOVE coca-cola and we’re probably not rich enough to buy coca-cola in bulk seeing as this concert’s acting as a fundraiser. XDDDD Hey, as long as it’s not Pepsi, I’m happy. XDDD

    These lyrics are really nice. I think I wanna marry the lyricist, because he seems more attainable than the DB boys. XDDDDDD

  7. It’s July 23rd, not June 23rd.
    *goes and glumly rocks back and forth in a corner*
    I checked the HMV site where you can officially preorder the new single to get them credit for the Oricon.

    Wait, now I’m a bit confused. When I go to “check out” (I haven’t really, but…), HMV tells me that the single is released on July 16th, but on the main page it definitely says July 23rd. Maybe it’s like.. .the song will be released on July 16th, but the single (with other tracks and stuff) will be officially released (and sold, etc) until a week later?

    And there’s two versions, one at ¥1,050 (~$10 USD) and a ¥1,890 (~$18) which has a DVD too (!!). FUDGESICLES. Why must I be in America?!?!?!? If this was last year, when I was in Taiwan, I would’ve freakin’ flown to Japan and bought this single on the day it released…

  8. Nanshi:
    Yea, I also thought that it was June (cos the song’s already been leaked) but it’s Julyyyy :'(

    I read on Baidu that the record company brought the release date forward to July 16th…

    DVD? I wonder what it will include? They NEVER include the MV of the actual single in the song, it’s sooooooo annoying. But it’s ok, cos I never buy their singles anyway XD.

    You would fly to Japan from TW just to get their single? Wow. You’re so dedicated O_______________________________________O I don’t buy their singles cos there are always only one new song on them, and the rest are japanese versions of their korean songs, or remixes =.= Actually, they didn’t do that with “Summer Dream”; I would’ve bought that single, cos there were THREE new songs on there <33

    I wonder what they’ll sound like? But they’ve had lots of live performances now, they’ll do great ^______________^

    REALLY???? HAPPY ONEMONTHEARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I remember you telling me that it was in July, but you didn’t tell me what day, so I was going to send you an ecard on the first so I wouldn’t miss it XDDD

    Cola? Is it that stuff in the red can with the white writing? =_________= I like REAL Coke, none of that diet coke/pepsi, stuff. (Pepsi is DISGUSTING, IT TASTES SO ARTIFICIAL AND GROSSSS). Lol, I’m a picky eater AND a picky drinker XD

    Omg, I heard the other day that Australian Coke and American Coke is DIFFERENT. The American one apparently has more sugar O_________O i want to try some~~

    “the lyricist seems more attainable than the boys” XDDD But I’m going to laugh if the lyrics were written by LSM XDDD MWAHAHAHAHA

  9. Thanx a lot for the mp3 link! X3 the song is really awsome!! :3

  10. thanks so much!! i was looking everywhere for this~ = )

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