Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 14, 2008

What happens when you play Photoshop with Suju and SNSD

You get pictures like this:

Compare this with the original:

The disturbing fact is that it doesn’t actually look wrong :|

I think the only one that doesn’t look quite right, is Kyuhyun. He still looks like a boy XD Actually, so does Kangin XDDDD

Kibum surprised me, I didn’t know he could look so….pretty XD

Leeteuk and Heechul both look really good as girls. It’s disturbing.

I like to experiment with colour.



    LOL are you serious when you say it doesn’t look wrong? AHAHAHA

    Actually, Kibum looks prettiest/most natural on SNSDs face. You’ve seen that other pic of him PSed as a girl right? Where his face is on some girl with really long, skinny legs? HE LOOKED SO PRETTY XD

    Lol judging by the hair Heechul’s face is on Tiffany, Yesung is on Seo Hyun, Donghae is on Soo Young, Kangin is on Hyo Yeon, Kibum is Jessica, Sungmin is Tae Yeon, Hyuk is Yoona … actually IDK, because I don’t rmbr Sunny or Yuri’s hair …… OMG CAN U SEE HOW BORED I AM??? DDD:

  2. Damn, I knew I messed up the last 4 ;______;

  3. pinkandsparkly

    oh no~ kill me pls.
    yes, seriously. i agree with you. it doesn’t look wrong at all!
    goodness goodness!
    okay. i’m not picturing them in MINI skirt. oh gosh..oh gosh~

    oh ya, btw, do you have any download link for mp3 cutter? cause i’m desperately looking for one and get my own ringtone. (:

  4. OMG THIS IS SO WRONG! kibum looks amazing! donghae looks so prettyyyyyyyy! where’s ryeowook?! i think ryeowook would totally fit in nicely.

  5. who made this?

  6. From the neck up, Teukie and Heechul just look like themselves. They tend to have…creative hairstyles, so I wouldn’t even have noticed. ^.^; Sungmin and Kibum look way natural, and Kangin looks like he’s about to bake me cookies.

  7. Candycakes:
    It doesn’t look that bad, it kinda looks like an album cover~ :P

    I remember that picture!!!! And yes, it DID look really pretty *____* But I also remember the Siwon one…….*shudders*

    I was gonna say that it’s more disturbing that I can recognise nearly all of the hair, but then I remembered that SNSD have special fans ^^

    Mp3 cutter?

    Hm….when I bought my phone, it came with a software that does everything for me. But try “Audacity”, it can also rip mp3s ^^

    I want the Suju boys to do a parody of the song XD

    You’re right! Ryeowook would look REALLY nice in this! XDDD

    Er…not sure, found it on Baidu.

    Creative hairstyles? XDD TRUUUUUE

    They both look very pretty ^__^

    Hahahha, about to bake you cookies?? GIVE ME SOME :DDD

  8. pinkandsparkly

    thanks for the info!i’ll try to search for it

  9. omo~ heechul oppa and sungmin oppa look sooo cuuteee XD~ Kibum suits it the best! *lol* they look so much prettier than me in these outfits..and i’m a girl! XD~


  11. OMONA !!!!

    Who created this ? pinkandsparkly or candychu?

    omonaaa!!!! aigo!!!!

    HAHAHA, WHY YOU PUT HEECHUL IN TIFFANY’S FACE? Omona, this is TOTALLY WRONG. *i hate tiffany, sigh. lol

    BUT GREAT, i can’t do edit like that. Maybe i will try

  12. I ADORE Hyukjae..but seriously..i think i’m going to have nightmares for look at that picture! XD

    Teukie…Hes so PRETTY!
    It really makes my self-esteem disappear to see guys prettier than you..
    T_T *cough Jae cough*

    I think Teuk, Sungmin and Kangin look the most natural.
    Kangin..and Hyoyeon(?) have the same eye smile.
    Thats why i think it looks good.
    Kangin is so pretty..a manly pretty..but still pretty.

    But Hyukjae…*shudders*


    I always love photoshop pictures..
    Now i have to go hunt some down, you should do a whole post on it..XD

  13. mmm….frankly speaking…they look prettier than SNSD…
    especially Heechul. XD

  14. Erv:
    No problem ;)

    Yea, pretty boys make me so ashamed of myself XDD But I tell myself that I’m still prettier XDDD MWAHAHAA

    Lol, have you seen the pictures of Siwon’s face photoshopped onto a girl’s body? THEY’RE WORSE XDD

    Haha, neither of us did it, we’re both photoshop nooooooooooooooooobs XDDD

    I’m not a huge fan of Tiffany either ^^|||

    Lol, I remember when I saw this photoshopped picture of Junsu that Candychu posted, and I was at SCHOOL, and people were all like “WHAT is that girl looking at” XDDD

    A whole post on photoshopped pictures? Oooo, that would be fun!! But it would also mean that I’d have to go browse through a million pictures of Jae being photoshopped onto various skanks’ bodies =___= *shudders*

    *silently agrees*

    *runs away from SNSD fans*

  15. Wow. I had to do a double take with Kibum because it /didn’t/ look wrong. And it slightly terrifies me… and makes me lol all at the same time.

  16. Hahahaha, I think the real Kibum would die if he ever sees this picture XDD

  17. ooooh no no no

  18. EWW Super Junior doens’t deserve to photoshop on Plastic Generation…Isay the i-13 photo was much better

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