Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 16, 2008

DBSK Super Triple Concert

Pictures: DBSK’s Baidu Bar

I think this concert was held to raise funds for children with leukaemia <3

I’m not sure who else went, but I know Suju didn’t cos I haven’t been able to find any pictures/fancams of them XD

I find it fascinating how, with the exception of Suju-H, every SM group has to wear black and white. If I remember correctly, SJ wore black to DC, DBSK wore white, and SNSD always wears white. What’s up with that? Colour is good.

The boys performed Purple Line, Rising Sun, and Travel Log (I always forget the Korean name XD). Some fan accounts also said that they performed Balloons and “Let’s go on a journey”, but I haven’t been able to find any fancams to confirm that~

Once again, Yunho stole the show with his hawtness <3333 Junsu and Changmin also looked great *________________*. I don’t really like Jae’s bowl cut…..and I don’t know what Micky did to offend his stylist, but he better give her/him a really big present, cos his hair is looking more tragic with every performance XDDD

24 HQ pics over the jump


  1. Oh great this is perfect.
    Too-big arms + Bowl cut = T_T
    They should fire their styllist..and hire me..^^
    Yunho is very hot!..but the big gold chains make him look like a pimp..
    a nice pimp.. XD
    Yoochun..i don’t mind the hair..but..the clothes..
    It looks like Junsu’s Hug cheeks are coming back!

    Changmin has gotten to looking so mature these days.
    I love his short hair so much!

    I wish i could of gone!

    Thanks for the pics!

    (I think that raises my pic count to about 25? ^^)

  2. For his credit, Micky’s new hairstyle is better than the mistake-known-as-sideburn-blonde-highlights. It’s reminiscent of “O” days (post-dreadlocks stage, of course)… just parted differently. But he needs it short, now. But Yunho’s hair looks fantabulous, and I hope Jae’s was just a temporary delusion… and not something permanent. Maybe they’re overcompensating because Jaejoong bulked up?

  3. Lol.

    Maybe they are just playing around with the hairstyles in prep for the 4th album? Micky needs a change of hairstyle!! Lol. Yunho looks fab!

    I was just wondering, why weren’t they nominated for the MTV Music Awards? I find it weird cause even SNSD was nominated and SJ as well! Its so odd!

  4. ImJustKeed’In:
    I’m just thankful that they don’t have JE’s stylist. The JE stylist is DRUGGED. lol XD

    Hahaha, Yunho looks so gangsta XD

    25? You make me feel like a stalker =_________=


    ANYTHING is better than those tufts =.=. I really really HATED his “O” hair, he looked 10 years older with that hair =__=

    Lol, I wonder if that’s what they were trying to do? Hay, your arms are too buff, let’s give you a FIVE YEAR OLD haircut to make you sweeter~!


    Yunho looks SO good! So glad that he got a haircut ^^

    I think they weren’t nominated because they haven’t been active in Korea for the past year. Hopefully they’ll be nominated next year! :D

  5. I must concur about their hair. Their stylist really needs to get over whatever it was and fix their hair (especially Mickey’s).

    But as usual hot as ever.

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