Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 18, 2008

Best remixes ever

Video: Otokee @ Youtube

This is soooooooo COOL.

A user on Youtube, Otokee, remixed heaps of SNSD‘s and Wondergirls‘ songs so that the pitch is lower, and it sounds like boys singing instead of girls singing XDD

This is like a dream come true, I’ve always wanted to hear boys sing some of SNSD’s songs, cos those girls voices are……….special ^^

As well as remixing SNSD and Wondergirls’ songs, she’s also remixed some Big Bang, DBSK, and Suju stuff (Lies, Hug, and Marry U), so go to her youtube page and try them :D

You can also download Otokee’s remixes by clicking on each video and getting the download link from the “more info” section ^^. The video I embedded is the male version of SNSD’s “Complete”, and the male voices sound really nice which makes me think that LSM should’ve given the song to DBSK xP

The male version of Wondergirls‘ “so hot”, sounds HILARIOUS XDDDDDDDD


  1. That is so cool! Now I want a Boy’s Generation! lol

  2. You’re right. I like the boy version of Complete more. I actually really like that version of that song now xD. I thought the guy voices for So Hot were a bit too deep making it sound a bit creepy and kinda funny at the same time.

  3. OMG I LOVE THESE (the boy versions) I’m so dling them, then I can get rid of the original on my mp3 coz I actually really like the melody and stuff.
    Ahaha this is funny xDD

  4. Peachdisco:
    Boys generation? XDDDDD

    We should try get LSM to make one :P

    I like it too XDDD

    I just think that the boy version sounds…better XD

    Lol, “so hot” sounds sooo funny XD The voices sound GAY. And JYP’s voice at the start, ROFL XDD

  5. Changdice:
    Lol, we posted our comments at the same time XDD

    Yea, I like some melodies of SNSD’s songs, so I reaaaally like these :DD

    It’s weird, cos I’ve been listening to “complete” non-stop, and fangirling over voices that aren’t actually REAL XDDD

  6. Twinkletoes
    ROFL “IF” male version is seriously the FUNNIEST. Like Tae Yeon sounds like “she” has a really thick voice? Maybe I’ll go dl the bad oppa song as well. I really can’t stand Jessica’s voice near the end in that song =.=

    Lol well technically these voices belong to someone REAL…they’d just never sing like this. Which is a pity, really xDD

  7. OH.MI.GAH.

    I have found a way to like SNSD. Change the pitch and drop a few octaves, and their voices are actually acceptable. WOW. hehe. And, OMG. BoA’s remixes… that voice is SEXSHI. I wonder why she didn’t go “Girl’s Generation” though. I would LOOVE to hear that song in a male voice. Otokee is right though, it sounds a little distorted when trying to make the pitch higher for males, but in “Hug,” their voices sound reedy thin… like most female pop idols… soo, um… she didn’t do TOO badly (although Junsu’s voice gives me the LOLs. Micky’s voice sounds really womanly though). ZLY’s is really really nice too. Wait… I found SNSD’s song: . Different user, but WOW. HUGE DIFFERENCE…. it’s a bit freaky to watch the video along with it (LOL).

    It’s surprising what a difference just changing the pitch (*coughgendercough*) can make some singers. Playmeagain’s said it before (i’m pretty sure it was her), and it was something like, the inherent huskiness in male voices tend to hide imperfections (nasally voices, mispronunciation, clarity, tone, pitchiness, etc) that are otherwise unavoidable in female voices (eg: BoA) and can’t be masked or even “excused.”

  8. Oh, and I have to add: I have never been more happy — well, that’s not quite right, but pleased and satisfied — to not know Korean. I mean, it’s one thing to sing about a completely platonic topic like in ZLY’s “I WILL” where the lyrics are gender neutral… and another thing completely to hear a boy (even though i can’t understand the lyrics) sing something like “Girls on Top” or “Girls’ Generation” (which I have looked up the lyrics for and are INCREDIBLY amusing, especially sung in a male voice).

  9. Candyland:
    Twinkletoes? XD

    I’ve never listened to the “bad oppa” song…….it’s the sub group with Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany, right? Blaaah. I have no interest in it XDDDD

    It IS a pity ;________________;

    Hmmm, I still don’t think that their voices are *acceptable*. Idk, even with the low pitch, their voices sound so WEAK. So light and airy.

    Previously, I thought that maybe SNSD sounded light and airy because of the high pitch in all their songs, but even with the low pitch, their voices STILL sound light and airy =__=

    I personally prefer male voice. Idk, it just sounds better XD But I agree that, with male voices, it’s harder to pick up the imperfections. BoA’s nasally voice probably won’t be AS obvious. But gaaaah, I can’t stand her nasal voice XD It’s odd, cos she sounds FINE in her Korean songs =_____=

    Hahaha, I’m also glad that I can’t understand the lyrics. Have you heard the boy version of “so hot”? IT’S HILARIOUS. Especially the English rap bit, “all the boys are loving me/ girls be hating me/ they will never stop/ cos they know i’m so hot hot”


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