Posted by: lovediaries | June 18, 2008

ELLE July Issue Feat. SHINee

{credit: achelsenior @ Shinee forums; sm_shinee community @ lj}

(pics are hidden within words ;) Have fun finding~)

What is it with ELLE and having weird hairdos for their models? I also have no idea what the concept of this shoot is but Taemin on a bike with some rainbow coloured poncho is not cool AND NEVER WILL BE!


I try hard not to pick favourites…but Key…HES JUST SO ADORABLE XDDD And…I liked this photo the best :D I’m not biased…no, not at all…

The boys look really pale and emo lol. It’s the hair…I HATE IT. And theyre all looking like this :| or ._. Why aren’t they smiling those beautiful smiles of theirs? Also, look at Taemin’s arms. I could break him if I flicked him XDD

Onew’s single eyelids are really obvious in these pictures and…IDK something about the white face and reddish lips make him look like a vampire disguised as a human boy? :S Lol I still love you Onew~~ Hehe

I’m yet to find something that Jonghyun can’t do lol because how can you have hair like this and still look yummy? ♥

Minho is TALL and any tall boy is GOOD on my set of standards hehe…but even so, it doesn’t mean he can wear weird clothes =.=”

But don’t get me wrong, I love photoshoots no matter how abstract or “contemporary” the style. I just love being horrible and paying them out even more AHAHAHAHAA. Omg, I’m so mean O_O

Well there were a few pics (note I said pics and not clothes) I did find really nice…see:

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

The amount of colour on Jonghyun’s jacket in the 3rd pic is CRAZY. Except, they’re actually really soft and pretty but all of it on one item of clothing is a bit too much imo. And Onew’s pants…well, tis an interesting design XDD

But see, aren’t photoshoots so interesting and exciting? ^________^

::EDIT:: The boys are also featured in July Issue of Vogue Girl. THEY’RE WEARING SUITS MY GOSH. There aren’t any HQ scans yet and already I’m DROOLING. So let’s hope they’ll be up soon because then we can post it!!!

They look soooooooooo much better in that shoot than in this one. And Taemin looked really good…WHY IS HE SO YOUNG??? He has his hair pinned back so NO OBVIOUS BOWL CUT!!! Minho looks very charismatic and mature in the one pic I saw so why the hell is he younger than me? And Key is just aslkjalkjdflaskjflsd! But yes, THEY ALL LOOK GORGEOUS. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!


  1. OMG, TRAGIC HAIR+OUTFITS :'(((((((((((((((((

    SO VERY VERY VERY TRAGIC :((((((((((((


    And sooooooooo SCRAWNY. OMG. *pulls out bottle of fake tan*


    Much better :))

    Key is adorable, I heart him <3

  2. Mmm, I guess I should say this now.

    Hello my name is Dianne, and I am a pedophile. LMAO

    I love Minho~~ I still like Jonghyun alot, but Minho being that tall and his amounyt of facial expressions have taken me over~~~ <3333

    Jonghyun’s jacket is hella hot. I would never lose him in a crowd if he was wearing that. TIP to DBSK to wear that at airports from now on. Or they can just ask Taemin on the flying bike with his protective poncho to come save them! LMAO

    I have to agree that even if it is weird it is still exciting to see them in different styles and settings.

    add-on for the edit: SEXYYYYYYYYY. Just saw them and OMFG. They are going to be raped. Minho by me, I don’t know about the other ones, but it will happen. Too hot. LMAO Taemin 100,000 better. It is one clip, just do it.

  3. I really don’t want to say this, as much as I love the boys, I really do not like their hair and their outfits here. The last two pics are a bit better than all the other ones, but the Vogue shoot is soooo much better.

  4. fairywings
    it’s okay because the vogue shoot totally made up for it :DDD

    Let’s kidnap Key ^^

    IVE BECOME A PEDO TOO :( It’s all because of Key. Why does he have to be so adorable? I’m still trying to keep myself from falling head over heels for Minho (Taemin is just out of the question despite how good he looked in the Vogue shoot) but Key was just TOO TEMPTING XDDD So yeah, you can take Minho and I’ll take Key and Jonghyun and Onew :PPP

    it’s a ‘must’ to do a shoot where you wear the most ridiculous clothes. it’s part of being famous ;)

  5. candychu:

    mmm No. I don’t think you having three is such a good idea. You know…. just because you have three does mean you can add their age and make one super older guy. :DD HAHA I’ll just take Jonghyun off your hands. To help out and all.

  6. ringy
    ROFL, that wasn’t my plan xDD See, it’s alright for me to have Jonghyun and Onew coz they’re already older ;) Of course, you’re always welcome to join us…then we can have one big…PARTY!!!!

    LOL poor Taemin xDD Well it’s punishment for being so young and looking so good with his hair pinned back. It confuses fangirls !!!

  7. There’s nothing wrong with single eyelids, seriously, why bring it up?

  8. ^I didn’t say anything was wrong with single eyelids; but sorry if I’ve offended you?

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