Posted by: lovediaries | June 19, 2008

Making of Cooking?Cooking! MV

{credit: DBJuniorProductions @ youtube}

Yeah, so I haven’t finished my eco notes but…OH WELLS XDDD This won’t take long!

The voiceover at the start said exactly what was on my mind – in this MV, the boys were seriously competing to be the cutest. Sungmin’s probably the winner and he doesn’t lose in being the cutest one in this video either ;) Except I would really like to give Hyuk a hug. I love how everyone picks on him and it probably doesn’t help that he’s wearing a backpack too xDD Kangin claims he can cook quite well wonderful, coz I suck. Too bad he only does it to those close to him (._.)

Then they talk about Hyuk and Shindong choreographing parts of their dance ^^ I love their little Niam Niam dance (is that what it’s called?) hehe Though only Shindong and Hyuk were doing it properly (Teuk wasn’t even standing, old lazy boy =.=”)

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH HYUK’S DIGGING RICE DANCE AHAHAHAHA LMAOOOOOOOOOO LOL. Caps is not enough to express my feelings atm because LOL I’m just exploding in laughter XDDDDDDDDD HE IS THE BIGGEST DORK EVER!!!!!!

Hang on, that part was in the MV…O__o?

AND THEN Hyuk imitates Yesung AHAHAHAHA. At one point he actually really sounded like him..then Yesung walks in xD HAHAHAA lol, okay I feel really stupid because I’m actually LOLing at the two competing against each other. DORKS! AHAHAHA then TEUK ROFL – yep, definitely a soul there. But near the end, he showed off his leadership skills by leading the rest in thanking everyone ^_____^

Okay, I’m really sorry, this post was just basically me laughing but lol SJH really are good at making people happy :DDD


  1. okay. your recap just had me lulzing XD can’t wait to watch this crack <3

  2. I love Eunhyuk and his little backpack <33 AHH! His expression is so cute when he’s talking and when suddenly Sungmin, Shindong, and Leeteuk randomly appear. LMAO. Sungmin’s face when Shindong took a giant bite out of his chicken!! And rice digging dance!! ROFL at Eunhyuk imitating Yesung, who thinks he’s the better one then Leeteuk joining them. This whole thing was just too cute :DD

  3. querubin
    :PP I bet I ruin the video with my recapping XD

    me too! It makes me proud to have a backpack too (LOL WTH XDD) I loved Sungmin’s face when Shindong ate his chicken. WHY IS THAT BOY SO CUTE???
    Lmao, rice digging xDD I can still picture Hyuk ‘digging’ up his rice. Gosh, they’re too cute for my health xDD

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