Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 20, 2008

SJ-H on M!Countdown

Video: beastlair @ Youtube

Awwww, so happy =^.^=

I think they sang live; they did well ^^

The ELFs must’ve booked all the seats, cos EVERYONE was holding a blue balloon. EVERYONEEEE.

But does anyone know what they were chanting at the start of the performance? It sounded like “Dong Bang Shin Ki Saranghae” XDDD. They have such bright voices ^^|||

I loooooooove the pants Leeteuk was wearing <3333333. They all looked so YOUNG XD

And Australian kids would know what I’m talking about when I saw that they reminded me of the Wiggles XDDDD

Btw, why does Eunhyuk have to have his backpack on during the performance? O_____O


  1. ROFLMAO Cant believe you just compared my beloved boys to the Wiggles hahahahhahahahah ^_^…Good way to turn me off from the boys cuz oh em gee I cant stand the Wiggles!! I always found it a bit weird that a bunch of MEN would be doing kiddie programs etc. Everytime I see them with a bunch of kids, the first thing that pops in my mind is “PEDO MUCH” ?! LOL and their toy characters are soooo ugly and that Captain dude just looks like the biggest pedo to me =SS

    Anyways gotta say, ELFs can be pretty darn awesome if they want to. The chanting at the beginning was amazing, even though I had no idea what they were saying haha..The first time I watched it, all I heard was “Lee Hyukjae” HAHAHAHA I wasnt even “trying” to listen for that, but it was the first thing i heard! I tell you, we’re destined to be XD

    But anyways after watching the chant a few more times and still not figuring out what it was, I decided to do some detective work and search for what they were chanting..Yes, I have all the time in the world now that exams are over ^^ lol…Ok so after going thru 5 pages of soompi, i found out that the chant was:


    Hahaha so no it wasnt “Dong Bang Shin Ki Saranghae” LOL Under other circumstances I would be ragging you out for that cuz its soo random and impossible, but OMG i heard it too o_0 lol I think we’re just both going deaf!

    But yea that was such a good and cute performance..Its live aswell so brownie points for the boys XD Everyone looked sooo happy chappy and adorable <3 Kangin looks sooo fine these days, and omg Sungmin is just soooo flipping squishy I wanna steal him and hide him under my bed (or in my bed =P haha). Someone at soompi commented that, Sungmin is actually wearing a white shoe and a black one LMAO IDEK!! =D Oh and Hyuk keeps wearing the bag cuz HE’S TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL LIKE ME XDDD

  2. Eunhyuk’s backpack is adorable <3 I thought the audience was cool. They weren’t seated, but standing in sorta a balcony thing.

  3. hm.. i think that shindong sort of reminds me of the teletubbies… ^_^

    @ beckery – the fans must have gotten that together and practiced in order to get that chant down. that’s soo much love.. a simple ” I LOVE YOU” would have been just as great ^_^

  4. @ yonheet55
    Apparently they did the chant at the dream concert when Suju H debuted aswell, but it got cut =_= It is very sweet of them isnt it XD I think we’re going to be hearing alot of it at any upcoming performances by SJH, its like “the” chant for them ^^ But i agree, its the love and thought that counts, so Im sure the boys would be satisfied with anything they get!

  5. gah, i saw this and felt kind of bad for hyuk, his backpack looked like it was really full of stuff T_T (is that strange)


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