Posted by: lovediaries | June 21, 2008

SHINee Vogue girl photoshoot + ELLE photoshoot + Minho modelling

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

See the vogue girl shoot IN ACTION! THEY ARE SO HOT!!!!!!!!! Too bad they had to remind us of how young they are by putting their birthdates in the video. BUT, actually I’m slightly happier because for some reason I kept thinking that Key’s birthday was 7th of December but in actual fact it’s 23rd of September!!!! So he’s not that much younger than me :DDDDDDDDD

Also, don’t worry too much about having pedo thoughts over Taemin because as soon as you start drooling, he comes on with his hair unpinned so then all indecent thoughts are erased immediately ^_____^ But beware of Minho…hold onto your heart and head ;)

And it’s interesting to note what the others involved in this shoot have to say about SHINee :) Omg I seriously want this magazine even though I can’t read Korean (yet xp) because they look soooooooo good ;______; WHERE CAN I BUY IT????????????

Their ELLE photoshoot of Jonghyun here (Jonghyun is so pro for a newbie! And I liked how he smiled more when he was doing it with Onew ^^) but the other parts haven’t been subbed yet :( Except I watched Key’s part anyway and HE IS SO CUTE! He kept trying to play with a doggy ^^ And, I really can’t stand the clothes he was in but he still managed to pose and look GOOD. How does that even work??? Hmm, might as well throw in Onew’s part too xD …that’s all there is :PP

Also, I found this clip of Minho modelling before he debuted, so I have no idea how old he is. He is so tall O____________O and so cool. You know how Henry combines dance with violin? Well Minho combines dance with modelling ;) Intrigued? Click to watch :P


  1. this is only a week after they debut.. do you suppose they study how to do model poses in sm training school…. i’m always impressed how they strike a POSE! ^_^

  2. yonheet55
    I know! It’s either that or they’re just natural born models. That’s why you can’t help but love these boys, they’re so talented ^^

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