Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 21, 2008

Short preview of “Why I fell in love with you” MV

Video: eternalmerkamoon3 @ Youtube

Thank you Abc123zyx, for giving us the link~!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333333



I think Micky borrowed the SHINee boys’ pants XD ROFL, they’re sooooooooooooo TIGHT XDDD.

I was hoping that they’d wear suits, and have an MV like Leehom’s Forever Love; but the white outfits are just as good :DDDDDDDDDDD

It’s kinda amazing how much has been leaked out already, cos the singles scheduled for release July 16th, which is slightly less than a whole MONTH away O___________________O


On a completely unrelated note: it’s Ryeowook’s birthday today :DD! We’ll have his b-day post up later tonight, cos one of my friend’s birthday is also today, so I have to go to that first XD. And I’ve been TERRIBLE at replying to comments lately *fails*, but I’ll reply to everyone’s comments when I get home tonight <333


  1. fairybread????

  2. Fairybread???

  3. Potensvita, WHERE HAVE U BEEN??

    yeah…who’s fairybread? new author or pinkandsparkly?

  4. @ Erv and potensvita
    ROFL fairybread is the one and only pinkandsparkly. ^_^ She was trying to be oh so cool and made up a new alias..pss just a secret between us, I actually think she was having one of her split personality moments XD hahaha…But we still love her right?! And shes probably jumping with glee cuz she actually tricked someone =P

    Anyways they all look soooooo good o_O and they should just release the MV now haha…But omg they’re all wearing white! I too, am starting to think that SM really hates colour. But then I guess its a sad mv, so white is a suitable colour right?! And yea, I was hoping for a similiar mv to Leehom’s “Forever love” too <33 Did i tell you, i got teary when i watched it the first time?! Oh man Leehoms love story breaks my heart ='(

  5. Imma join this convo because even though I told “fairybread” I’d be off after doing Wook’s post, guess what? I LIED *CACKLES*

    I bet right now she’s still out having a fancy dinner with pretty candles and sparkling grape juice and thinking in her head ‘MUAHAHA I am so clever, I bet I will be able to fool someone with my intelligence’

    But little does she know…that…LOL WHAT AM I EVEN ON ABOUT


    And I hope in that MV, Changmin will finally profess his undying love for me IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD :DDDDDDDD

  6. @ daydreamer-sweetums
    PLEASE GO TO BED IMMEDIATELY!! *scoff* profess his underlying love for YOU!?!? =PPP That sounds like the first symptoms of going mental to me. I order you to immediately stop studying (if u still are) and go to bed. Maybe in your dreams, u’ll see changmin errr “profess his underlying love” hahaha…

    awww im so mean *hugs* ILU!!! Im sure he’ll wake up tmr morning and realise how much he loves you and flies to sydney and propose to you at ur doorstep with a bunch of red roses and diamond ring XD LOLOL

  7. @ ruiner-of-daydreams
    OMG UR GIVING ME IDEAS *giggles* I bet right now he’s lying awake in bed thinking ‘There’s someone I should be loving…but who???’


    Actually last night I had a dream. I can’t remember it though. Everything was in brown and greys…like those olden movies type things.

    Yeah, I’ll get off soon. Maybe. I’m waiting for Changmin to call me and tell me the song was dedicated to me.

    Hmm. Guess I’ll be up for a while…how about the next 50 000 years =.=”

    Yep, I’m going mental.

  8. Again. This silly little single needs to release now. Period. White suits are brililant, and look at Jaeboo! He can emote now!!!! And I <3 the strategically placed cardigan/sweater/jacket that reveals a beautifully toned right shoulder. Jae, never put on clothes again. Ever. haha. And yesh, I would LOVE to see a story-themed DongBang MV… they never do those. Not really.

  9. ROFL. You forgot to switch accounts.

    Ahahaha, you’re too silly, which is why we love you, because it’d be too awkward if you were even slightly normal.

    Anywho, the suits are FJHDJAHFJDHKJ PHWOAR SMOKING HAWTTTTTTTT. I’ve dissolved into a bundle of incoherency, because ZOMG, THEY LOOK SO GOOD.

    Unfortunately, from the 14 secs that I’ve seen of it, it looks super boring. I mean, yeah, I watch some of their MVs just to drool over their ultimate good looks … but I like good storylines. And I like interesting MVs with GREAT choreography if any dancing is involved.

    I’ve just realized that I must be the ULTIMATE pessimest when it comes to DBSK. I mean, I’m not encouraging in the least. *headdesk and flails* XDDDD

  10. Beckery

    owh~~ !! thank u so much for taking the time explaining. lols. i was suspecting fairybread is actually pinkandsparkly. naughty her.

    lols.i love it when they wear white! lols. but now, it seems that they are actually saying goodbye to their love. white…

  11. the drama version PV for “why have i fallen for you is out!

    credit : shenyuepop forum (:

  12. <3333333333 erv.~!

    shiawase ne….!!!! Dong Bang version come out… naow.

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