Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 25, 2008

European TVXQ Fanclub


Official European TVXQ fan club ~~

Calling for all European DBSK fans out there

A group of German fans decided to make an European DBSK’s fan club with the plan on sending an inquiry to SM to ask about permission and requirements to make our fanclub official. The whole thing is just at the beginning, we are still gathering members, thinking about the fanclub name. This is a calling out for all the European fans to join us. We already have members not only from Germany but from France, Spain, Romania, England, Russia, Italia and Poland as well and we would be glad to see more fans from other European countries. If you are interested in taking part of this please join us here:

We also already have a youtube channel of our own,

a WordPress blog, a MySpace account, and LiveJournal one in order to promote our project, although we’re currently working on them.

Also, we have started a petition Europe needs DBSK for DBSK to know that they have
fans in Europe too, not just in Asia and America. You can sign it here

We invite all of you to our FanClub page here SmilieI know it´s still a bit empty but with your help we can make it bigger.

Thank you !

My apologies to Nydia, for only posting this now ;__; (I need to check my inbox more often ^__^|||).

Anyway, isn’t this a great idea? I think that having a fanclub made by fans, is way better than paying $60US (I think that’s the amount) to join the “international Cassiopeia” fanclub. I know I have better things to do with my $60.

Now, I know that not very many readers of this blog live in Europe (lots of American and Malaysian fangirls) but if you do live in Europe, GO JOIN :D I’m going to join (even though I live in Australia XDD) cos there’s a better chance of me going to a European country than me going to Korea XD So who knows, maybe I’ll be able to attend a DBSK concert when I go to France? XDDD


  1. Don’t worry and thank you for posting!!! ^^
    Woah, I’m in love with the new PV *-*

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