Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 26, 2008

“どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう” cover art

Pictures: DBSK’s Baidu



Click to enlarge [fixed the linking problem ^^]

Lol, I’m hoping that the fogginess is the result of a problem with the scanner, cos these pictures make me want to wipe my computer screen XDDD (I’m their no.1 fan, xP)

But I do like the dreamy-nes of it ^^. And woot, they all look great in white ;)

You know what’s really good about this album cover? No one has crazy hair *__________*

*throws virtual flowers*


  1. Really? No crazy hair? Yunho in the CD?! LOL I think he looks like he is about to change into a werewolf or something. :PPPPP

    Jae looks AMAZING in the DVD. <3333 Junsu to <333. I am pretty disappointed that I already got the CD version because I LOVE the DVD!!!!!! T-T

    I agree that the dreamy quality of it is really interesting. Everyone was saying how they look like angels angels! =)


    I saw Yunho’s and I just went “WTH!? Did the hairdryer blow up in his face???” XD But in a way it’s kinda sexy xPP

    Hmm, I’ll consider buying this single coz I really like it. And the cover is prettiful :D

    p.s you silly girl, there are no links…the pics arent clickable…

  3. xDDDD Is it just me, or does it look like Jae is trying to make himself look taller than Changmin in that first one?

    But I’m quite liking these covers. Lol, I just had a thought, but how traumatised would you be, if you ordered this single, only to get a cd whose cover has pictures of the Smurfs doing the hokey pokey on it xDD

    Hope your exams are going well though ^^

  4. I don’t know … I think Yunho’s hair looks hilarious XD. He looks like he had this weird styling gel accident lol.

  5. i think it looks quite similar to one of the jap albums by tenchojiki
    Jae looks like he is breaking his neck trying to look the tallest among them all!!

  6. The pictures reminds me of those sticker photo machines. I use to LOVE those machines cuz they make you look soooo pretty with nice flawless skin XD haha..Oh and decorating them were uber fun!

    I like the dreamy quality of these photos and the boys all in white gives it a nice touch. Kind of pure and innocent but yes I agree with everyone. Yunho’s hair looks like he just went through a tornado haha. Makes me want to pat it down.

  7. ROFLMAO, I can’t help but giggle at Yunho’s hair. Yes, it’s not excessively crazy, but the boy looks like he’s trying to channel … Wolverine/ Pyro from X-Men. And OMG, have I ever mentioned that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE X-MEN. ICEMAN (Bobby) is so freaking good-looking. And Wolverine’s not bad for a guy three decades older than myself. XDDDDDDD I need to stop lusting after older men. It’s such a terrible habit.

    Aside from that, the boys look VERY nice. Actually, they kinda look like angels. This isn’t to say they ARE angels, because I don’t think angels get hospitalized for fail eating habits, but … they come pretty damn close, don’t they? ;)

  8. Ringy:
    Lmao, I was going to say that Yunho had a nasty little accident involving his hair dryer and lots of bad hair gel, but then I thought I’d be nice cos I’ve been paying them out too much XDDD

    I’ll get the DVD version if it comes with BOTH Mvs….*wishful thinking* :P

    Kinda sexy? Really?

    Oh dear, you’ve had too much Maths….it’s messing with your brain O___O


    Hahahaha, Jae looks like he’s breaking his neck trying to be taller than everyone else XD


    I suddenly have a craving for Hokey Pokey ice-cream…

    Haha, he does XD Either that, or he’d been standing in front of those huge wind-producing fans for too long XDD

    JJ is a special dork boy ^^

    Rofl, I STILL love those machines XDDDDDDDDDD

    I love decorating, but it’s so STRESSFUL, cos you only get 80 seconds :’((((((((((((

    My friend was in a musical with Hugh Jackman ^____^ But I’ve never actually seen X-Men XDDDDD

    Lol, if they were angels they’d know that they need to give themselves to me for Christmas XDD

    Hang on, Santa organises the presents…


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