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SuJu M and their talents

{credit: symbelmyn @ youtube}

So it’s been a while and now I’m back :D Exams were gay so I thought I’d post here (instead of sleeping early coz I woke up at 3 to study and I’m dead tired T_T) in an effort to cheer myself up!

I watched this clip a few days ago (yes…while I was studying) so the order in which the boys performed may not be the actual order. Anyway, this clip just shows the cuts from SJM’s CCTV interview (minus Kyuhyun because he went back to Korea due to his grandmother passing away :( ) and not the whole thing. If you would like to watch the interview click here. That’s part 1 of 5 :) I won’t be watching that interview because:

1) I’m still really busy with school and
2) The best part is probably in the embedded video so tis all good, isn’t it?

Zhou Mi goes first, I think (again, forgive me if the order is not right). Sorry…I don’t recognise the song that he sings – it’s probably some really famous song lol but if he was singing a canto song I’d be able to name it, no problem :D Anyway his voice is so beautiful *wipes happy tears* and there were a few Zhou Mi cheers in the background ^^

Hankyung gets up and dances and now here’s the weird bit. Now I couldn’t actually here what they were talking about because I had the volume down low since I was studying but he did say Henry’s name. So you’d assume that Henry was the one beatboxing, but then people keep saying that it was Siwon who was beatboxing. Either way it sounded hot. And Hankyung is hot. So that little bit was hot.

Em, Siwon gets up and tries to act with the girl? Lol I say try because…nothing happened. I forgot what little dialogue went on between them…possible “I’m going now” and “Don’t go” and “No” ? Lol but the girl (or should I call her a woman?) kept smiling and fans kept making noises so in the end Siwon just looked upset and went to hug her. Oh Siwon, what I would give to do something like that with you XD I mean, you just have to stand there and TADAA the King of Skinship will just come along and embrace you!

Wook goes to play the keyboard. The tune is reeeeeeeeeally pretty…self composed, I wonder? *facepalm if I’m wrong* Donghae of course has to get up and have his own go but…I have a feeling Donghae isn’t too good on the piano. I once watched an Adonis clip where Teuk, Hyuk and him were playing on a keyboard and he just…didn’t know what he was doing XD So he ends with a BAM and walks off.

Henry does a dance…and OMG HE IS SO AMAZING. Like…I have no idea how he managed to do that without even stretching first! After going all the way down he gets back up and ‘pretends to have an aching back’. He’s so cute ^^ I tried doing what he did when I was in the shower and I wasn’t even half as low as him and I swear I heard a crack XD Last time I ever try pulling a Henry move. No one should, really. It’s too risky since we’re not all made up of WIN like him (Lol I should go post on the TRUFAX community XD).

Oh and the bestest bit would have to be HenHae singing “Are you sleeping” Chinese version. They performed this ‘nursery rhyme’ once upon a time but this time Hae had to be all fancy and sing a ballad version. It’s so funny the way him and Henry communicate that it makes me wonder they still have massive language barriers. Hae is all “huh? eh?” *insert who am I face* and Henry replies “The two tigers” (name of song) and Hae goes “dui dui dui” (right, right, right) which…doesn’t actually fit into context but anyway! So they each sing a line (and omg Henry’s voice is beautiful in this O_O GIVE HIM MORE SOLO LINES MUSIC PEOPLE!!!!!) Tbh, I didn’t like his singing in the Krn version of At Least I still Have You but after hearing this, I really think Henry can sing :D

So the lyrics go ‘Two tigers, Two tigers. Running fast, running fast. One has no ear, one has no eye(s). How odd/weird. How odd/weird‘ And Hae stuffs up his line because he’s like “One has no…e….yeee” XDDD resulting in a good laugh from everyone. But after they finish singing, smartarse Siwon (ooh alliteration!) exclaims “You two are weird!” XDD

I have no idea how I manage to type close to 1000 words just on a 7 minute video…but anything is possible, isn’t it?



  1. Awww Im sure everyone here missed you too *hugs*..Its not the same without you and PASee!! <333

    LOL HAE WAS ADORABLE HERE!!! I loled so hard at the part where he “attempted” to play the piano, but of course being the dork he is, he completely FAILED!! Haha when he acted all fustrated and just hit the keyboard was like a little kid chucking a tantrum *pinches his cheeks* you cutie pie <3 But bb you need a haircut, your hair is getting way too long..

    Ohh and the HenHae nursery rhyme collaboration was awesome ^_^ I think if they ever released a nursery rhymes album, I’d still buy it just so I can imagine them singing to our children XD LOL

    Oh and on a random note, did anyone notice how cute/sexy Hangeng sounded when he said “beatbox” ROFL..I have no idea ok, but it just sounded really hot. And so was Zhou Mi’s smile after he finished singing. Such a bright, beautiful smile.

  2. I fail at keeping up with SJ-M :(. So, thank you for the post <3!

    AND GOOD LUCK WITH THE EXAMS <333! You can do it~!

  3. * ah wait, I just read your post a little more carefully. I should say, CONGRATS ON BEING DONE WITH EXAMS <3! I’m sure you did better than you think you did, so don’t even worry <3333.

  4. Yay! You’re back! I come here at 2 in the morning when I’m done studying :D Zhoumi’s voice is sooo nice, but never heard it clearly until now. I thought the bit with Donghae attempting to play the piano was so cute and how he banged a whole bunch of keys when he couldn’t play the whole Pachelbel song <3 The song Ryeowook played was really pretty. Henry is so flexible, and I can’t believe he went all the way down then got up without using his hands. I was so jealous of that woman. I wanted to be in her place when Siwon hugged her xD

  5. beckery
    haha I know! He’s the biggest kid ever! And actually I was reading this translation of a radio show from a whilea go and back during the Twins days he couldn’t come up with a good enough choreography for his solo part so he ran to Teuk and cried on his lap ;_______; HES SO CUTE!!

    Haha and yeah I was thinking the same about his haircut. Please don’t throw a Changmin/Yunho/Yoochun on me …

    Lol did Hankyung say beatbox? Damn, see, that’s the bad thing about watching clips during study time…I can’t actually hear anything xD

    hahaha thats okay ^^ I love posting SJM stuff because I don’t need subs or anything and it’s a lot more convenient ~ !

    wow 2 in the morning O_O lol usually I sleep at like 10.30-11 and then wake up at 3 to study xDDD which is stupid coz the only thing I want to do is go back to sleep anyway.

    Ooh do you play the piano as well? Who’s…Pachelbel? :S And yes I’m so jealous of Henry’s flexibility. I used to be that flexible (I could touch my head with my toes) but now I’m OLD and can’t do anything of that sort :(

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