Posted by: lovediaries | June 27, 2008

Get well soon, Yoochun!

Apparently Yoochun has been hospitalised due to irregular eating habits and overworking. This news was told by Cassiopeia and so choose to believe it or not.

However, whether this is true or not, the boys should still be taking better care of themselves. No matter how busy they are, they really have to eat on time! SM should hire me so that *I* can personally make sure they get food in those sexy stomachs of theirs.

A lot of celebrities overlook this but eating regularly is really important! I would know, because I have a really really weak stomach and if I skip one meal (unintentionally) I get sick and if I eat past a certain hour of the night I get sick lol so I always sit there at sleepovers watching everyone pig out T____T

Anyways, I hope Yoochun gets better. His hairstyle too. At least he got the rest of the day off :)


  1. Seriously. I’m all for pleasing their fans and whatnot, but they SHOULD realize that if they don’t eat properly, they won’t be able to perform at maximum energy levels and with maximum excitement. And honestly, they’re all skinny enough- I’m probably thicker than each of them.

    Anywho, hope YC feels better soon. *pats him on the head* Drink loads of water, you dork. And if you can’t manage to eat 3 full meals a day, at least eat 5-6 small ones, because like it or not, you ain’t got superpowers, big boy, and you ain’t gonna live without any food. Geez. XDDDDDD

  2. Oh no!!! I wouldn’t be surprised, seeing how busy they are and the pressures to remain thin. Which is why I was so glad to see Jae bulking up and Junsu seems to be looking fuller (nowhere NEAR chubby/fat, but definitely fuller) lately too. I know Yunho has stomach problems too. Yeep! I hope they all feel better and get some rest!

  3. Omg! If this is true, I hope he feels better. I’ve always been happier when the boys looked healthier and “fuller” as nanshi said. Their schedule is probably really hectic right now, but I’d rather they spend more time to take care of their health as impossible as that may be. Eating is especially important considering how little rest they get. Whenever I see them so skinny, I know something’s up =.=

  4. playmeagain
    I KNOW! And if DBSK love their fans so much they should stop making us worry!!!!!! Lol yeah, I’m probably thicker than all of them combined too. Especially Changmin. He’s like paper thin.
    Well, last I saw of him anyway.

    5-6 small meals a day is even better than 3 full meals…and that sounds quite possible unless they seriously work 20 hrs straight. In which case I will damn SM to hell.

    Yeah, I was happy to see Junsu a lot fitter than before. And I honestly doubt they can ever get fat unless they were given a month off to just sit and home and eat…something which won’t be happening anytime soon.

    And last time it was Changmin who was rumoured to have gone in hospital :(

    Agree! I was so pissed with my friend when she said DBSK were fat that I actually ignored her for a while because she clearly has no idea how LUCKY it is for them to not be just skin and bone.

    My heart always breaks whenever I see them looking so skinny :(

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