Posted by: lovediaries | June 27, 2008

SuJu M playing Limbo

{credit: symbelmyn @ youtube}

Thanks beckery for the link ^^

A very cute and fun clip but I swore at some stage, my heart broke into a gazillion shards.

The members have split into two teams: Hankyung, Donghae, Henry and Wook on one and Siwon, Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun and Zhang Li Yin (!!!!) on the other.

It’s kinda awkward to watch them play limbo in their tight jeans….but it must have been even more awkward for ZLY who was in her short little dress (which made her look even tinier – so cute!!) to play because…well think about it. How the hell do you play limbo in a short dress? Well she managed, of course but some of them were like “blah blah blah” but they let her go anyway. After the 1st round, she didn’t play anymore so the others probably picked up on her unsuitable attire xDD

Anyways the reason why I found this kinda upsetting is because Kyuhyun looked like he injured himself :( In the first round he already seemed to hesitate a little and then in the second when it was even lower, he just kinda halted while balancing underneath the pole….and I JUST RLY WANTED TO HOP INTO THE SCREEN/BACK IN TIME AND PULL HIM BY THE HAND ;____________; He managed to get up by himself but then he held onto his back. So he must’ve hurt himself.

I wonder why the others didn’t consider that maybe he’s not in full condition to be playing a game like that…and obviously Kyu isn’t the sort to be all ‘Um, my body is too fragile. I’ll just sit out’ :( *sigh*


Lol anyway, it cuts out before the winner is announced; though I found it disappointing that both Hae and Hankyung lost because dancers are supposed to be all flexibly and bendy…like Henry :DDD He made it seem as easy as learning ABCs. He is one awesome boy, that one :D


  1. Li Yin!!!! finally a skirt. haha.

  2. I think ZLY was actually disqualified because she kind of just ducked under half way. But that’s okay, she wouldn’t have been able to go any lower without it becoming indecent! lol

  3. potensvita
    haha lol people were like but damn she’s still wearing black+white xDD

    oh was she? I thought they let her pass … hahaa but yeah I rather she not play … but omg she was so cute the way she kinda waddled a bit to get pass xD

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