Posted by: beckery | June 28, 2008

Preorder Shinhwa’s 9th Repackaged

Hiii everyone!!! *waves*

Im Beckery, the new co-author on the block ^_^ You’ve probably seen me around the blog, bombing all the posts here with my random comments. Well, Pinkandsparkly was absolutely astounded with my awesome talent of blabbering and writing sentences that made no sense to the human brain whatsoever that she invited me to join the crew here hahaha..So thank you and I love you so very much Pinkandsparkly for letting me join you guys <333. Lets have fun spazzing peoples *runs in a circle* XDDD!!!!

Ok, Im a huge DBSK and SuJu fan, yesh I am <3 But Shinhwa was what got me into Kpop in the first place and they are one of the main reasons that has kept me in the kpop fandom in the past years. As they say “Once a fan, always a fan” and its true, I still love them very very much and thus, I dedicate my first ever post to the boys men who makes me smile like the sun, laugh like a crazy girl and cry rivers of tears <333

For those who don’t know, its Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary this year. Yup you heard right, 10 whole years in the music industry and still standing strong might I add. I’m not going to go into much details cuz I’m going to do a collaboration post on them with Potensvita (when she’s free and not busy XD), so do look out for that!

Anyways, they released their 9th album in April and now they’re releasing the repackaged, limited, White edition, which looks sooooo pretty. Omg omg omg, but the best part is that the album includes a brand NEW song XXDDDDDD Its going to be RnB style AND its written by Hyesung and Minwoo!!!! MinSung productions are soooooo rare, which makes it 1000000000000 times better. The song is called “Destiny of love” *wipes tears* doesnt the title alone sound so beautiful?! And the MV for the song is going to include clips of their 10th anniversary concert, which means i have to go get my tissue box ready =((

However, since its limited, theres only going to be 20 000 copies, so for Shinhwa lovers and fans, you better go get your hands on one NOW! GO GO GO!! They also released 50 000 black editions when they first released the album and it was all sold out within a week and wayyyyy before the official release date, so I think 20 000 copies are going to go fast!! Plus its their last album together for another 4/5 years while they’re in the army I HATE THAT ARMY THING THEY HAVE IN KOREA =__= so its definitely worth your money..Hahaha do I sound like those door knocking salespeople who won’t shut up even if you close the door on their face?! XD Dont worry, Im not always like this, just very excited about this and trying to spread some Shinhwa lurrveee!!

Ok *click here* to Preorder it at Yesasia. On Yesasia its says that the release date is 7th July, but I think its actually released on the 3rd July.. I’ve preordered my copy and I cant wait to get it ^______^ 


  1. Hey Beckery!

    Congratulations!!! Let’s dance!!!!!

    I have definitely seen your funny comments, & I cannot wait to see even longer posts!! I do not know much about Shinhwa so I will be watching out for that post! You are really a good salesperson, I would not close the door on you! LOL <3

    who are you?

    hahaha JKS *runs around in circles with you*

    omg lol so now are you finally going to pay for all the items in your wish cart? lucky you were so quick to pre-order ;)

    Actually I was on YA before and I saw Dongwan’s CD and I thought of you :D

    p.s I’ll go make a Shinhwa category for you ^_______^

  3. Hi beckery <3!
    Looking forward to all the Shinhwa posts! I love them, but really fail at staying up to date with them :(.

    And repackaged album what. :( I never learn alskdjf! lol I bought the one they released back in April (and loved it omg!), but I went to check out the yesasia link and it looks really darn shiny :( :( :(. Monies. Woe.

  4. Beckery

    Hello! do “look” familiar. I think i’ve seen u before..hmmm*thinks hard..cracking my head.

    lols Joking. OK. Am lame too! welcome to the club!! Yeah! Another co-author. lols. At least we’ll have new posts when Pinkandsparkly,Candychu Pontensvita are busy. *winks.
    Wait. i think i’ve left out Fairybreadwakakaka. knock knock. is she still here?

    I’ve only paid attention to Shinhwa these few days as I just listened to one of their 9th album song and i love it. (:

    give Beckerya warm round of applause!

  5. haha. join the ship. lol. laughs. I had just finished settling down. send me mails.

  6. ringy
    *does the Macarena dance with you* Cuz thats the only dance I know HAHA XD Im glad someone *gives you a rose* finds my comments funny, cuz I find them lame or incoherent most of the time lol. And YES please do watch out for my Shinhwa posts! They really are an awesome bunch and need more love <3

    Hahaha no actually. I haven’t paid for my other items yet. I’m still waiting for Dongwan’s Repackaged then do a mass buy. Plus my credit card bill is kinda big as it is, so I dont want to make it worst =_=..But I figured if I didnt preorder Shinhwas now then I would regret it later XD And thanks for the Shinhwa category and helping me out with you know what *coughcough* hahaha <333

    ^_^ YAH! A Shinhwa fan <3 I’d be very very glad to keep you up to date with them. And I’m also looking forward to writing about them cuz they’re such an awesome group right?!

    Actually I didnt expect a repackaged album either, but when I had finally decided to buy their black, limited editions it was all sold out =_= and I didnt want to settle for a normal edition so I thought I may as well wait and see if they’re doing a repackage haha. So its more luck then brains XD

    Awww Your not lame. *hugs you* That was very umm errrr funny? lol jokes jokes. I guess we can be in the “Lame Club” together ^^. But I bags being president, you can be vice =PPP lol

    Another reason I’m here is to try to convert some people into Shinhwa fans and I guess I’m going to start with you XDDD I always feel bubbly and happy when someone tells me their starting to pay attention to Shinhwa, cuz then I hit them with youtube clips and songs and *bam* they’ve turned into a Shinhwa fan hahaha. Shinhwa are soooo funny and cute and hot and sexy and charming and IRRESISTIBLE!!! So yes, if you ever need youtube clips or song recommendations, do tell me, I’d be very glad to help <3333

    YAH!!! *throws confetti* You’re free, which means we can continue our collaboration ^_^ I missed your emails. I’ll go email you now!

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