Posted by: lovediaries | June 28, 2008

SHINee’s SM Audition

So far only Taemin’s and Key’s are up so I’ll edit the post with the other 3 later.

Taemin: JAILBAIT!! JAILBAIT!! JAILBAIT!! I know the normal thing to do would probably be to put all your attention onto Taemin who is clearly the only one who can dance (not to mention the only boy there as well) but I couldn’t help but just stare at the girl second from the left. She…lol I’m really sorry to say, but I just cracked up watching her XDD The other people eventually all just stop dancing because Taemin is too amazing that to stop moving would be the only way to make them look less bad XD

The video is subbed and Taemin talks about liking steak :DD Lol then there’s some solo practising (?) time and HES SUCH A GOOD DANCER! Like duh, we already knew that but his dancing here is better than his solo in Replay. And omg if I was like a 12 year old back then (I’m assuming this was in 05 because of the SuJu backdrop in the auditions meaning Taemin would’ve been 12) I would have a mega crush on Taemin because he is SO COOL.

Key: MORE JAILBAIT!! KEY IS SO SEXY LOL XDDD I think he deserves to have a solo in their next dance song. Omg if they ever make an MV for Love Should Go On (highly doubt it’ll happen, but anyway) he should get his own dance part during his rap :DDDD But lmao this time I watched Key first and was just like ♥_♥ ‘You are so awesome’. And then second time I watched the other people’s reaction and LOL. PEOPLE ARE SO FUNNY. The girl with the mickey mouse top was doing some sexy moves then just kinda gave up.

So basically if you ever go to SM for an audition here’s a tip: choreograph something FIRST because otherwise you’ll make a fool of yourself!

Rofl, I can’t wait for the other 3 clips to be up!!!


  1. O. M. G. Now we are fangirling when they are even younger??! Pathetic. LOL

    Taemin looks soo nervous and just the cutest thing ever. You were looking at the girl second to the left!? I was looking at the girl on the very left. She was like slow-mo club dancing or something. SO LOL-worthy. Ah but he is such a puppy. Yes! I was thinking he looked a little… um desperate. Not in a bad way, but like he was really hoping for this. It was the PUPPY EYES!

    Key… sweater goes over his shoulder as he dances…. HOT! AND ON THE LAST “OWWWWW”! SEXY slow up. Heart stopped beating.. save me.

    I agree the people just looked so shocked when Taemin/Key were actually dancing! Um.. this is a huge audition that could change your life. I do not care if you are up there doing “Soulja Boy” (which I finally could/would probably do) or the chicken dance but SOMETHING, PLEASE!

    BTW, Speaking of Shinee. Did you see the clip of them talking about Yoochun? CUTE! At the end they call Key the “Mom” because he helps with food, and takes Taemin to school. TO SCHOOL! Adorable. I can SO see him out there in like an apron giving Taemin his brown paper bag lunch! :DDD
    Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet:

  2. ringy
    I KNOW, WE’RE SO SAD ;_____________;

    But omg HOW SEXY WAS KEY?? Like OMG *foams at mouth* just … EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! xD

    AHA Exactly!!! Maybe a lot of them were there to support their friend OR they thought they’d be able to get in just by singing? Coz…they were just BOPPING O.o or going ‘Hmm…dumdeedum’ xDD Lol I gotta go rewatch the clip of Key, damn hes so hot

    Yes I watched that clip! But they only asked 2 questions and I have no idea what happened to the other 3 :S :S :S But yeah I SQUEALED when they said Key took Taemin to school .. like OMG KEY WHY ARE YOU SUCH A SWEETHEART??

    And there probably aren’t any couples in SHINee yet but I’m totally shipping TaeminxKey … KiMin? TaeBum? Lol when they start learning fanservice ;)

  3. Just think about it this way… if we were younger than them, “Nuna, You’re so Pretty” would not apply to us! That song is like my only salvation. LOL

    *goes to re-watch key with you*

    I want to see the other questions to! I went on a major youtube spree while looking. Them on MNet Wide News talking about… summer? or their version of drowning and environmental pollution?! LMAO Key took fail to another level while using a PINEAPPLE to play guitar! <33333

    And um.. I did to actually. I DID NOT KNOW TAEMIN & JONGHYUN FILMED STAR GOLDEN BELL!!! I was just complaining about not seeing them on variety shows! YAY! Do you know what else I just realized, it is airing in like 1 hour?!?!!? Um.. 5:20pm korean = 4:20 am for me. I was going to sleep, but may HAVE to stay up to watch tv ants. T-T

    I totally love fanservice. Even more so when they deny doing it. *cough*Donghae*cough* I am pushing for Onew and Key so Oney? haha Taemin could really fit with anyone has long as they like pat him on the back because he seems so innocent and cute, so he needs someone to help him.

    I would like Minho and Jonghyun to because I would go on hotness overdrive. <3333 Minho even as such an innocent flirty face, while Jonghyun looks more scorned feisty. AHHHH!!!

  4. ringy
    yeah, I always thought that too! Too bad Jonghyun and Onew singing it to me doesn’t mean anything but as long as I’m Noona to Key then he’s calling me pretty *blush*

    Lol that Mnet Wide News clip was soooooooo cute…he was strumming a PINEAPPLE. It kinda makes me wanna eat a pineapple and I don’t even like them!!! Oh key, look how you influence me XD

    Omg did you watch the fancam of Taemin and Jonghyun? Taemin’s smile was MASSIVE and he had squinty eyes ^_________^ SO CUTE!

    Lol Oney still sounds like Onew hahaha rofl that just made me think…imagine if Taemin and two others chucked a YooMinSu frm T concert. Ohhh God that would be traumatising O_________o

  5. Taemin looks soooo young!!! I feel like a pedo now. Key is a really good dancer and moves around so fluidly. He really needs a dance solo.

  6. Okay I was going to wait to see if you posted about them on Inkigayo doing Chris Brown’s “Run It” performance! <333333333333 But um…. EWWWWW. wtf?!!?!? “imagine if Taemin and two others chucked a YooMinSu frm T concert. Ohhh God that would be traumatising O_________o”

    WHY DO YOU PUT THESE IMAGES IN MY HEAD?!!?!?!? Even just seeing that was traumatizing, and then I had to copy/paste it to! T-T That could not be left uncommented. I remember when I first saw those DBSK pictures I thought they were photoshopped and did not even post them elsewhere. Then everyone said they were real and I died! I mean really did you even see the angle on them!? So unbelievable, yet true!

    I do not like Pineapples either! But I SO get influenced. For example, Jaejoong liking spicy foods. I try to eat them all the time now. The other day I had suicide wings (the hottest in the whole swing shack!). And I cannot handle it! I had like 5 cokes after! LOL

    hah Taemin’s smile! On Star Golden Bell, keep in mind this is what I think was happening because there was no subs LOL, Shindong was impersonating Taemin and Jonghyun smile. TOO FUNNY! I did not get to finish though because my Mom heard me laughing and I got yelled at for being up! Then I felt to bad to continue watching! WHY MUST KOREAN SHOWS BE SO FUNNY?!?!!??!!?! I actually think I was laughing at everything Yesung did. I just cannot handle him <333

  7. abc123zyx
    youre my age, aren’t you? It’s okay it’s not pedo *keep telling ourselves that* ;) Yes, I DEMAND Key get a solo :D

    ohh. LOL SORRY! But but but THOSE PICS WERE FUNNY!!!! I liked them

    I saw the Star Golden cuts were up but not subbed so I didn’t watch them :( BUT i watched the ep with Yesung, Sungmin and Hyuk (I’m late, I know) AND OMG YES WHY WAS IT SO FUNNY? Like I was just holding my neck the entire time coz I was laughing SOOOOOOOOO hard. But I was home alone so it was okay. Man, Hyuk is ♥♥♥♥♥ Lol I’m on a really high Hyuk mode LALALALALA.

    And hahaha I know what you mean about Jae liking spicy foods. Like…IDK, some of the things I subconsciously end up doing. Like omg I always squint my eyes when I laugh now. I don’t even do it on purpose but I’ve seen Changmin do it so many times that it just comes naturally now. So I literally smile like ^__________^ But my mouth is a massive D instead of a |

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