Posted by: beckery | June 29, 2008

Shinhwa’s New Sexy Photos

AWWWWWW ^_^ You guys are definitely the awesomest bunch EVER!! *group hug* Thank you very much for making me feel welcomed. This is why I love this site!! Everyone here is so nice and kind and gosh ILU guys ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

ZOMG I’m super duper excited atm because I found the new Shinhwa photos and OMG MAJOR NOSEBLEED!!! I forgot to mention before that included with Shinhwa’s new Repackaged album is a 120 page A4 photobook of high quality, brand new, never seen before, droolworthy  pictures of them! And to tempt us Shinhwa fans, they’re only releasing ONE photo a day on the official Shinhwa 10th Anniversary site until the release date. So far they’ve released Andy and Junjin’s photos. BUT some awesome soul has somehow managed to obtain all 6 photos. I was seriously going INSANE waiting for a photo a day =_= So thank you very much to whoever did this great deed and saved poor old Beckery’s life XD hahaha..And if these photos are a little sample of what the photobook is going to be like then OMG I think I won’t be able to handle it all. My poor poor heart cant take anymore of this sexiness *sighs*

Ok without further ado, please be warned ahead of time that these photos MAY CAUSE EXCESSIVE NOSEBLEED AND DROOLING and any other side effects related to seeing pictures of 6 perfect, sexy and hot human specimens XDDD hahaha…Click to enlarge, I know you want to *wink wink*




Credits to Dongwan’s baidu bar, Yoenin, GoodEMG

OMG OMG OMG jkdjfkakjalkjdjflkdjf THESE PHOTOS ARE SOOO HOT RIGHT?!?!?!!? Doesn’t Dongwan’s stare look soooo smexy?!?!? Hyesung in a singlet, Minwoo taking his top off (he should just take the whole thing off, its not like I havent seen his abs before haha), Erics sexiness, Andy’s pure look, Junjins awesome pose ♥ Is the room getting hot or what?! XDD


  1. I had never thought that Andy was such a model but this picture prove me WRONG. Aww.. I miss them. ^^

  2. Minwoo’s pants are open !!! ^^ *giggles*

  3. hyesung *_____________*

  4. potensvita
    I so know what you mean. Andy keeps surprising me!! First his singing, then how great of a husband he is in the “We Got Married” show and now, what a great model he can be XDDD Have you seen Dongwan and Andy’s special stage?! It was really, really good. Andy managed to pull off Dongwan’s song, “Secret”, soooooo well. His singing has definitely improved <33 And yes I miss the boys too =_= They need to go on some show TOGETHER!!!

    Hahahha and this is the girl who keeps saying she’s innocent =PPPPPP But OMG Did you notice that little bundle of hair at his belly button *squeals* LOL XDDD

    Hyesung’s pose is really hawt! Actually, the man himself is really hawt haha. And I LOVE it when his just wearing a singlet!! Speaking of Hyesung, I miss him =( He just kinda went *poof* and vanished in thin air. However, I heard his preparing for his 3rd album so YAH!!!!

  5. Lol I am innocent. It’s not my fault Minwoo doesn’t button up his jeans…AND YES I SAW HIS SNAIL TRAIL TOO XDD

  6. Haha ohh of course your innocent my dear, very innocent indeed *coughcoughcoughcoughcough* =PPPPPPP hahahaha and since I love you so much and want to corrupt you, I demand you to watch this

    Now tell me how can ANYONE watch this and only have pure, innocent thoughts about minwoo <3

  7. Excuse me, can anyone please tell me that whether Solbi is Andy’s real wife?
    Its not,right?
    I an Shinwa’s latest fan…
    and i juz been informed by my friend that they will not have any activities in these few years…
    I am very sad to hear about that….
    I love Shinwa
    I love ANDY
    I hope that they can be Shinwa forever!

    • Solbi isn’t Andy’s wife in real life. They just acted as a married couple in a show called, “We Got Married”. But they’ve left the show.

      I’m glad you like Shinhwa. They’re my favourite group EVER! They’re really awesome XDD Yes, its cuz Eric (leader) and Dongwan are in the army. Minwoo and Junjin are going soon. I think Andy’s going at the end of this year? And Hyesung doesnt need to because of a leg injury. But they need to be in the army for 2 years, so they wont be active for 3/4 years. :(((((((((

      But they’ll comeback after the army, dont you worry! Shinhwa forever <33

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