Posted by: potensvita | June 29, 2008

Summer… is HERE.

Helo, I am potensvita, reporting from all the way from the tropical country, Malaysia. Yes, I am back home and am really glad to be home. Haha.

Before I start, I am going to welcome Beckery. Haha. So, who are under you? Laughs. Anyway, welcome to the big family.

My summer is finally here. I am going to start researching and catching up on my girls which include BoA, CSJH, ZLY, and then YounHa. Maybe whenever I felt the need to introduce a few group of singers, I will do so. ^^ I had already have a few on my mind. I just hope that you guys will try them out and grow to love them as much as I do.

As of now, of all the girls who I am researching, CSJH the Grace seemed to be quite active.

Hence, another lame title in the making from me. Hint hint … HERE? hint hint. I remembered reporting about the song HERE by CSJH the Grace featuring Clift Edge. It was a semi fast tempo with repeating tunes, enlightened with the vocals of CSJH and rapping from Clift Edge. It reminded me a bit of 5 cm which I really adore.

Well, recently, the company released promotion pictures of this two bands. And I have to tell you, it is fantastic. The girls look like angels. ^_______^ I love it when they dressed in white.

If this is the photobook, I am going to be so happy. Look at all of them. Lina looked like the female version of Jae Joong and the HAIR. She is such a diva. She can sing and she made me happy just looking at her. She made me felt that there is this aura of sophistication around her but when she start to communicate, it is like she never knew her aura at all. A diva without air.

Stephanie is actually the youngest but she looked so mature. Even when she was in the variety shows in Korea, she kept on joking that she sounded like an aunt. Haha. I really love when she is so out going and well, she is one sexy lady. Of course, a lot of people had commented rather harshly about her image or when she danced sexily on those variety shows but somehow, I think she was just fulfilling the wish of the producer. I really admire her for her strength. She had came all the way to Korea from America just to fulfill her dream as a singer. I had so much to talk about her, and she made me felt so proud of her.

Sunday is my adorkable princess. She is so natural, so real with her adorkable. Her weirdness was so cute something that I really don’t know how to tell you. I mean look at her posing. Haha. She is so cute. Her voice is fantastic too.

Sunday the Dork. ^^

Dana, seemed to be the most experienced one from the four and it is true. She came out with a solo album too. (I am not sure how many album though.) I am not sure and haven’t heard of those songs but her vocals are unbelievable good. Somehow, sometimes, I think her voice doesn’t really float my way but somehow, in this group, she is well, good. Haha. They are made for one another, filling in the void that the other have, but individually, they shine too. I was just saying as a group they shine more. Their synergy is so good.

Clift Edge

Oh yeah, HERE is about a song from their second single in October. When I was shaking my fist to the Big Guy above due to his lack of attention to CSJH, I think He actually heard. Why? Because ….

1) Instead of a single being released, there are two singles that are going to be released this year in Japan. If you know how rare is it for a TenjoChiki single in a year, you would know what a great news this is for their fans. Not one but TWO singles!!!

2) HERE is actually a theme song for a Japanese drama. Do you know what this means? This means they are finally getting more exposure they need to make it big. Now, all we need to do are to pray that this drama will make it big. I am so greedy sometimes. ^^ You can read it more here. All credits go to xman150. I like xman150, he is like practically our savior at soompi.

3) The girls are officially in the A-Nation annual summer concert. ^____________________________^

What songs are they going to perform? I want WANT 5 cm. laughs and maybe more HERE?

4) For their upcoming single, which is entitled Stand Up People. There is a preview and to get you all high, I am going to post some picture. ^^

Ah... Stephanie. ^^

Stephanie NEW look from the PV<3. Click here to read her diary entry. Credit : xman150

She is so beautifullllllllllllllll………………..

Sunday ..... insert fangirlish squeal.

Sunday isn’t losing at the beautiful department too. WHY am I not a guy?! Click here to read her diary entry. Credit : xman150

Lastly, their picture for Stand Up People. ^^ Is it me or maybe the photo manipulation or maybe they lost a LOT OF weight? I wish that they will take care of their health. Health always come first. That is for my READERS and for them. ^^
Stand Up People.
Screenshot for the Stand Up People PV.

CLICK Here for the PV preview.

Disclaimer : All the information above can be found at the CSJH the Grace thread at soompi. Many thanks to xman150 and tenjo*affinity at soompi for their dedication to this wonderful girl band. Fans and the artists really are one entity. Without one, the other will never exist and lastly, due to recent events regarding Dream concert especially, treat one another with respect or expect yourself to be tasting your own bitter medicine.

I talked too much. ^^

Have a nice day.


    NEW PV
    NEW CD??


  2. Okay, I just read the post. Omg I can’t wait for their performance at a-nation. Last year they blew me away and I was just :O for the entire time.

  3. no problem. I am the one thank you for keeping this site so updated. I totally fails at multitasking when I have exams. haha. Anyway, thanks. ^^ I really love this site.

  4. AHHHH! Gah-dah! The pictures are looking SO lovely, but thats only cos the girls are as gorgeous as always. LOL@ your comment about the ‘female jaejoong’. That second picture however is confusing the nutters outta me! Is that a manipulation, or one complete photo? xDD I feel like such an idiot.

    Im glad you’ve gotten home safe. Honestly, I was really curious as to where you’d gone cos there werent any Boa, ZLY or CSJH posts popping up during my mass scrollings through the blog xDD

    Anyhoooo *goess off to figure out that second picture*. …then again, CSJH are so pro that it makes sense that they can defy the laws of physics :P

  5. potensvita

    HEY YOU~~~
    you’re back in malaysia! wakakaka. How long is your holiday?

    tropical country? Lols. U see, the weather is sooooooo hot that i can’t live without air-con now :(

    how are you feeling after months away from ur home?

    warmest regards
    erv erv erv erv erv erv ~.*

  6. gummydork.
    Sorry for the MIA. Haha. I am not sure how they defy the law of gravity too but I do agree that it looked WONDERFUL. haha. Wished that I have legs like that. thank you for wishing a safe return for me. I don’t know … I really love my house, being so far away from it made me missed it more. It made me felt so full now, however… sometimes, I miss hostel life. ^______^
    Hugs. thank you. you made a happy potens.

    oh, I am BACK. so far, pigging out on the local food. I miss my soyabeans! the weather is hot though. thank goodness that I don’t have to go out much nowadays. haha. you have an air con? TT I dont have and the internet connection here SUCKS. lol. but despite that, i am home.^^
    Hugs. ^^ I love to be back too. ^^

  7. potensvita

    how long will u be back here?soyabeans? u can’t find it there? hehe..hooray for our local food! kekez. Yeah, internet connection here is not as good as the one overseas.although it maybe called broadband connection, it’s still slower compared to other countries. Yea..i do have air cond but can’t possibly on it for 24 hours. apparently, the electricity rate has increased tremendously now. lols..

    haha. i’m going over to KL to study this month.

  8. yay thanks for the post :D
    I love these girls :)
    I like that picture of them, but then again they are beautiful girls so of course this picture wouldn’t be an exception.

    welcome back by the way lol I was wondering when you were gonna be back since I haven’t seen alot of CSJH, Boa or any of the girls posted up for awhile .. but your back now so I can get my fix haha

    oh by the way did you see that their full PV for Stand Up People yet? I can’t wait for your blog about it :D

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