Posted by: beckery | June 30, 2008

Suju H Performing at West Coast Festival

Before I go on, I would like to applaud the guys for their professionalism. They seriously keep surprising me with how mature and professional they are and my love and respect for them just shot up a billion levels ♥.  They performed “Cooking Cooking” and “Sunny” at the concert, but I only embedded “Cooking Cooking” cuz this is where the disaster occurred. You can find the “Sunny” performance here.

Credits to symbelmyn

Despite what everyone says about it being a horrible performance, I thought it went pretty well considering the circumstances XD..The boys (minus Kangin, I have no idea where he was =S) had to dance on a really small stage so they were pretty much squished together, which was fine with me cuz then they didnt have those girl dancers all over them hahahaha. And they ALL sounded out of tune LOL!! I think the music in the earpiece was too soft or wasnt in synch with the actual music or the whole sound system was just bad. Sungmin was totally out of tune. Actually you couldn’t even hear him cuz his microphone wasnt working. Eunhyuk’s and Shindong’s rap were out of rhythm and Yesung was just out of synch and out of tune hahaha..Actually, I was suprised that Leeteuk managed to keep in tune. XDDD

But the worst part was when the sprinkler/fountain on stage suddenly turned on (at 3.40min into the clip) IDEK why they have a sprinkler/fountain on stage =SSS But the boy’s reactions were so funny and cute. They all started ducking and ran to the front of the stage to avoid the water which wasnt any help because the stage was tiny. However, the boys kept singing and “trying” to dance and still had the brightest smiles on their faces <333 Gosh professionalism at its very finest!! By the end of the song, Leeteuk was DRENCHED, omg he sersiously looked like he just got chucked into a swimming pool and his hair was all flat and wet lol. All the others were really wet aswell, except Yesung. Hahaha I think the guy is waterproof cuz he did not look wet at all and kept singing like nothing was wrong!!!

OHHHHHH and did I mention they were wearing pink and white tops and WHITE PANTS!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Get your minds out of the gutter!! hehehe =PPPPP No ok, I did kind of umm look cuz it was so blatantly obvious and *bam* right in front of my eyes. But no, even though Sungmin and Hyuk’s pants went pretty see through, you cant see anything darnit haha XDDDDDDDDDDD

I might sound like a really bad fan for making fun of such a horrible performance. But it actually really touched me at how they managed to continue with a smiling face and seem like they’re sort off enjoying it and didnt show any disappointment. They even smiled and laughed at the end when they said goodbye. And gosh they did look sorta sexy and hot when they’re dripping with water haha..Oh how I love these boys ♥♥ I’m also very glad that no one fell or got hurt and lets hope they didnt get sick..

But before anyone blames the organisers, I would like to say that it really wasnt the organisers fault. This is a charity concert organised by the singer Kim Jung Jang Hoon (thank you inquinn for the correction) and he worked endlessly for this concert. He even fainted during his own performance and had to be rushed to the hospital. It was sort of a one man organised event and thus, these kind of accidents do happen. I hope Kim Jung Jang Hoon gets better soon!!


  1. Omg, Kim Jung Hoon???? As in THE Kim Jung Hoon???


    I’m leaving all videos till after my exam, but ooooo, wet, white panted, suju boys are tempting :P

    If we’re talking about the same KJH, then *sigh* i ♥ him

  2. it’s Kim JAng Hoon, right? Kim Jung Hoon should be the one who acted in Goong :) btw yea, as an audience, i would’ve totally enjoyed that performance. singing-wise i think they did perfectly fine except that the music wasn’t loud enough and maybe their earpieces weren’t working perfectly hence YeSung and the rapping being out of rhythm at times. but yes i agree, LeeTeuk did a perfect job!

    and i couldn’t stop myself from smiling when the sprinklers turned on. yes, they looked surprised but kudos for putting on a huuugeee smile still till the end of the song. now, i’m guessing it wasn’t properly rehearsed/planned, or maybe they decided to go to the small stage last minute, that’s y they didn’t know the sprinklers were there? but SuJu rocks anyhow.

  3. LOL i couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of all the guys drenched. aw i felt so bad for them. but they were so cute when they were trying to stand at the edge of the stage. actually, i don’t think the fans would’ve mind if they even stepped off the stage and into the crowd. lol tho they’ll prollie tear at the boys XP.

    ok, so from the video, we can see that shindong and eunhyuk wear boxers. :P

  4. ROFL I saw pics from this event but I couldn’t find the clip on youtube coz it only linked me to SJ market and those videos never work for me. BUT anyway LOL I’ll watch this tonight. I didn’t realise the sprinklers turned on half way XDD Oh and I gotta hear them sing out of tune. I’m so mean but them stuffing up every now and then just makes me love them more. Weird, I know, but that’s how it works :P

    Okay at the start I felt pretty bad because the sound system was so crappy and I was cringing because Sungmin looked like he was in a lot of pain seeing as his mic wasn’t working and I wanted to cuddle him then Hyuk and Shindong were all over the place with their rap and Teuk surprised me! Lol…he just sounded so perfect! And it wasn’t just once either. Both times he sung he sounded so good :DDD So yeah, I was counting down til 3.40 and then I just burst out laughing which is rly bad coz my ovaries are hurting atm, lmao, and omg Sungmin’s hand was already soaking and then LMAO TEUK ROFL HIS HAIR XDD He was flicking it and probs thinking “Oh crap this’ll be caught on camera” and then at the end seeing him and Hyuk absolutely drenched had me ROFLing XDD Omg, this was so funny I gotta rewatch it…

    And I giggled at Hyuk’s see-through shirt ^_______^ But I didn’t look anywhere else, I promise xP

  6. twinklebutt haha =P
    Ahhh Im sorry to get your hopes up, but I meant Kim JANG Hoon not Kim JUNG Hoon. Lol I think I was too busy thinking of plans to seduce the cute genius while typing this that I typed the wrong thing =_= My bad. But Im sure you dont need more reasons to love him, cuz his pretty much perfect and awesome as he is <3 Goodluck with exams and try not to dream of KJH or wet, see-through panted suju boys =P

    Yes your right, its Kim JANG Hoon..I was typing the post up at 2 at night and was half asleep XD I wasnt only smiling, but full out laughing when the fountains turned on cuz they were really surprised!! I actually watched that part like 4 times cuz I was trying to look at everyones expression haha..

    Yea, I think they decided to use the small stage last minute, but what got me surprised was why the PD and organisers didnt turn the fountain off when it suddenly turned on. They just left it on =SSS But your right, Suju rocks my socks XXDDD

    HAHAHA Nice investigative work there *wink* Did you figure out what colour boxers they were wearing, cuz I would love to know. =PP Maybe cuz I was half asleep while watching the clip, but no matter how hard I stared I couldnt really see anything!!

    My first reaction was to laugh at them. Actually that was my second, third and fourth reaction as well. But then when i finished watching the whole thing a few times, I felt really bad for them cuz they could of gotten hurt or sick from being wet. =( I’m just glad they’re all fine now. And Im sure the fans would looovvveee to get their claws on the boys and pull a few strands of their hair to frame lol

    “I’ll watch it tonight” = I’ll watch it 1 hour later hahaha =PPP

    No your not weird, or we can just be weird together cuz I like watching them stuff up now and again aswell haha. The awkwardness and cuteness makes them more endearing <33

    Yea, Sungmin looked like he was in alot of pain, but he still managed to smile throughout the performance which makes me wanna pat his wet head and sing him a lullaby to sleep hahah IDEK. His soooo cute, that sometimes I actually feel pedo when Im drooling all over him =_= Teuk’s hair was really really flat and wet and ROFL. They all looked like cute drowned rats that wears see through clothes o_O hahaha as you can see, I still cant get over the white clothes *giggles* And no, your innocent facade doesnt work with me anymore, I know better =PPPP

  7. ROFL DROWNED RATS XDD And lol, it’s not my fault I can’t resist the power of SJ XD

    And NO IM STILL INNOCENT. Come on! It’s not my fault Minwoo doesn’t do up his pants and Hyuk gets wet while wearing a pink shirt. It calls out to me, you know? ‘Candice ~ ~ ~ You know you want to peek *wiggles eyebrows*‘ THATS WAT THEY DO TO ME DD:

  8. Eunhyuk is so cute with his backpacks! <333

    I know this isn’t very nice, but I just found them so adorable after the fountain/sprinklers went off, Sungmin especially. His smile is just to die for, and I want to dry him off with a large fluffy towel and give him a huge hug :D. Leeteuk was so funny when he kept giggling when trying to sing in the rain. They really are very professional. They didn’t even stop singing when after they were drenched.

  9. abc123zyx
    I know right!! He’s like a little child going to school hehe. But I like his see through backpack more cuz he puts the cutest thing in it. In one of the performance he put a sapphire balloon in his back pack ^_^ His such a sweetie <3333

    Oh dont worry, I laughed my ass off at this performance so I’m sure Im not any better than you as a fan XD Sungmin’s smile is always soo squishy and gosh I love them so much cuz they’re such good sports!

  10. ooh i read about Kim Jang Hoon fainting but didnt know about what happened during SJH perf. Yeah that was pretty cool of them to keep going despite the glitches. antis can say what they want, but that is really a sign of a real pro. :D

    and omg i thought i was just being petty when i sort of usually wish for the back-dancers to disappear from all yoriwang perfs omg we are fan friends ftw lmao <333

  11. querubin
    Hahaha I see your doing a mass commenting session =PPP

    That is the spirit! Who cares about antis. Our boys are awesome, they know it, we know it, thats all it matters XXDDDD LOLOL its ok, we can be petty and jealous together. I seriously think the dancers are unnecessary =_=

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