Posted by: beckery | July 1, 2008

Learn how to apply makeup with Yesung

LOL this is a really random post, but I’m bored to the core at the moment and I need something to do  XDDD So here goes Yesung’s awesome makeup tips:

  1. Use a black pencil and draw in a big, round, beauty spot right above the lips.
  2. Then apply a very thick layer of eyeliner on the whole lower eyelid.
  3. Draw in eyelashes on the upper eyelid.
  4. If thats not enough, draw in another beauty spot just underneath the lower lip.
  5. Look at yourself in the mirror.
  6. And finally, show the audience and fans your hideous beautiful transformation.

Interested in the final result?

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for….*drum roll*

Credits to Sjmarket

ROFLMAO HAHHAHAHA Doesnt Hyukjae look absolutely GORGEOUS?!?!?  Click *here* to see the transformation in action XD

I saw the clip a few days ago, but I only saw the photos today and I seriously had a laughing fit for 15minutes nonstop which nearly killed me *clutches stomach* Yesung just turned my cute, sexy, hot, Hyuk into a mix of pedo+perve+girl HAHAHA. Maybe, Yesung should consider quiting singing and be the master of disguise instead cuz he sure does an awesome job of it haha ^^


    Lol I think Yesung attempted to draw a goatee? XD But even if I was paid, I would never allow him near me with an eyeliner pencil
    p.s Yesung can be the biggest girl – he always covers his mouth when he laughs XD

  2. That was terrifying the first time I saw it! LOL I read about the makeup ahead of time and was all like, “Oh, he could not make Hyuk look too weird.”


    So creepy. Actually he reminds me of one of the scary guys in Moulin Rouge!!

    Hyuk gets so abused on Sukira! Eeteuk transformed him into a girl first, now Yesung does a… god knows what.

    I do think Yesung can be a master of disguise though, he applies makeup in better lines than I do! Just teach him to keep it on the eye lid and do some lipstick! LOL

    I remember the guys commenting on how Yesung always has to keep his hair looking good and carries hair supplies in his bag. LMAO I suggest that SJ-H gets a new look designed by Yesung! I have faith in him!!!!!

    …but Eunhyuk must always have his little backpack of wonders.

  3. lmao!! ohmy
    T_T i bite my tongue when i was laughing,lols!
    but totally worth it, hyukjae’s smile is soo dorky

    and ooh, what a cool frame, red, i want it too!

  4. changy
    *I* on the other hand wouldnt mind him comming near me with an eyeliner pencil as long as he gives me Hyuk’s phone number, address and email afterwards XDDD hahahahaha

    HAHAHA yea hyuk looks really creepy in a perverted way =SS He should never grow a goatee and NEVER let yesung near him with a eyeliner pencil..OMG are you talking about the clip of Hyuk on sukira where he had to wear the wig???? That was SOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!! And his high pitch voice o_O lol

    I’m glad he didnt have lipstick on him! I think I would have nightmares for months if i ever saw Hyuk with hot pink lipstick on *shudders*

    Awww I hope your alright, biting tongue hurts alot =_= Haha yea I find it so cute when Hyuk acts all flustered and embarrassed. But then again I always find him cute hahaha <333

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