Posted by: lovediaries | July 1, 2008

SHINee on SBS Inkigayo – Mobile Ranking

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

I’m supposed to be finishing off my maths homework so that I can work on Teuk’s bday post with pinkandsparkly later when she’s done with studying BUT I somehow found my way onto youtube which lead me to ^this video.


I…um…never knew there was such thing as this mobile ranking where I’m assuming people sms in their votes? Lol IDK. Each member introduces the songs ranked from 5-1.

Onew goes first <3 I love the way he does the ‘MVP’ sign. Actually, I’d seen Key do it before…I just can’t quite locate my gif atm. BUT omg I gotta learn to do that special handsign too ^^

Then KEY OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I literally BURST out laughing and choked on my spit (though I’m probably overreacting because Key makes me feel like an immature school girl at times). I love his “waaah” as if he’s so surprised. Actually, I recently got a hold of this track by V.O.S and I really like it :)

Minho and his voice *melts*. Though tbh, this is the most I’ve ever heard him talk XD That boy is too quiet…reminds me of Changmin back in the days…

Jonghyun sings by introducing Taeyang’s song *melts even more*. He might as well sing the entire track And yes Jonghyun I’ll only look at you even though I’m not your noona and you’re not directing that at me XD

The last part will kill you. TAEMIN, COME INTO MY BAG AND LET ME TAKE YOU HOME <333


  1. Lol, for some BIZARRE reason, I thought you wrote “Taemin, come into my bed” XDDDDDDDDD

    Oh dear, I’m having unwholesome thoughts about a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD.


  2. twinkletoes
    D: Um…too much studying maybe?

    He’s fourteen. fourteen. fourteen

    LMAO. I’m having fun with my html codes :D

  3. LOL. MVP!
    here’s the gif of jonghyun? i think it’s him, sorry if it’s not! :(

    :D :D :D These boys sure are something. ^_^

  4. ahh, the gif didn’t come out. :( anyway….click here. Hopefully it works this time… :(

  5. coriohh
    YES THATS THE GIF…of Key ;)
    Thank you <333333 This one’s different to mine because it says ‘my MVP’ omg YAY HES SO CUTE XD

  6. Lol. ohh! key. okay *remembers. lol, i still get mixed up. :( especially between onew & key! ahhhh. hehe, i forgot to give credit? From someone at soompi. ^_^ okayy hehe.

  7. That’s a great list of songs lol <3. (I LOVE that V.O.S. song too ~ I love V.O.S in general; they’re so darn talented.) And yes, the boys are too cute. Criminally cute alskdjfksljfkls.

    Hopefully SHINee’s song can move up that list in future weeks <3.

  8. coriohh
    hahaa lol you’ll manage ^^ Yeah at first it was Key + Onew I couldn’t differentiate but Key has the special eyebrows lol…I think he might have a scar on his right one actually :S

    yeah, I gotta listen to more of V.O.S, I really like their voices ^^

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